07 February 2011

# Love Bytes # Marriage

Love Byte # 7 - Something to talk about..

Its been a fantastic week having blogger friends like Bella , Katie , Joanie and non-blogger friends like my mom and Aneesh rock the love byte series .. and I hope you're enjoying reading as much as me coz all I can say is that the excitement has only begun, as has week 2 ..so keep reading , sharing , spreading this daily dose of love ..

Here's todays love byte from moi :)

{ Image courtesy : weheartit }

"Marriage is hard... Just two people slogging through the shit, year after year, getting older, changing.

It's a fucking marathon, okay? So, sometimes, you know, you're together for so long, that you just...

You stop seeing the other person.

You just see weird projections of your own junk.

Instead of talking to each other, you go off the rails and act grubby and make stupid choices...

A poignant scene from the movie “The Kids are all right "

A movie we watched a couple of days back, raison d’etre - Annette Bening won the Golden Globes.. and maybe just coz we love watching movies , anyhow ;)

True that movies are the great escape to life but also true that movies sometimes mirror / replicate life .. coz haven't you on more than one occasion found yourself identifying with the movie , the character or the situation ?

I know I have and this was one of those, because even after the movie ended, these powerful words stayed with me..

I know I have because I've been through this ...and its true not just for marriage but every relationship ..

When you've shared and bared a whole lot of yourself in any relationship, you begin to take the other person for granted and vice versa and sometimes that leads to things you know you shouldn't have done, words that were better left unsaid..

Love is about communication and while I've written about this before, I believe in it more than ever.. because it truly alters your relationship..

If you're able to speak your mind , your heart,if you're willing to talk things through with each other , if you’re willing to put in the effort , even if it’s hard to begin with .. believe you me , you'll emerge through even hell unscathed ..

because you've found something that has the magic to pull you through , to make your relationship work..

Let the fact that hubs has nothing to share with me , when he's back home after a day @ work coz ,well, all days @ work for men are just work , nothing extra-ordinary ..

Let this fact not blind you at all ,

coz when it comes to talking..real stuff..not even I can shut him up ;) :D


  1. Hi Sweetie! I simply LOVE your feature. Its so lovely and comforting that others feel the same way as I do about love.

    I have an award for you!


  2. Thanks Katie ..I am having so much fun doing this too ..and thanks for the award too :)

  3. --slogging through the shit year after year--
    even though im not married and don't see a possibility for another few years, I in some strange way, can understand if not relate to this thought. Maybe coz of the many couples and marriages I have seen around me.
    Change is constant --we all should know...but then so is Love --that too we all should know.

  4. love is about communication... I absolutely agree coz that is to my mind the single most important ingredient not just in marriage but in all relationships..

  5. love your love bytes and that movie! it's so easy to get caught up in humdrum of the everyday and forget about why you are with the person you're with.

    p.s. yes, it's still freezing here [10F now] but it's going up to a *balmy* 33F on sunday...


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