31 January 2012

The tradition continues..

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Its that time of the year again when love is in the air and love is in every post ..

Yup , Love Bytes is back lovies .. woooooot wooooooooot :)

And as elated as I am right now , would you believe it if I said I was every bit uncertain about doing it this year ..infact I was mulling over it up until this morning .. and to be honest with the kind of schedule I have right now , I was ( still am ) doubtful if I can do love bytes for all 29 days but then I decided why not ? I mean I started the tradition , I made up the rules and I can always bend them right .. so I promise you your daily dose of love up until Valentine's day and then we'll take it one day at a time ..

So don't forget and be back .. the excitement starts tomorrow !

29 January 2012

Houston Chronicles - Tex in the City

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And then there are weekends like these , spent in the company of good friends and great food .. 
but that's precisely what you should be doing if you ever find yourself in Houston .. 

I remember the first time I visited here , this ad for a restaurant ( don't remember which one ) caught my fancy..it read  ' You got yourself to Houston , now get yourself to a great restaurant..' 
Up until then all I knew about this city was that it was in Texas and that it was the fourth largest city in the States , and then a day here and I knew I was in foodie paradise ..
and then a week here and I realised I was no gourmand , I was a glutton  !!!

This second visit is no different ..except there's even more food and gluttonous behaviour all round and the single redeeming , albeit slightly sadistic factor being that I'm not alone ;)
and also that my weight gain is your knowledge gain - a small price to pay , is it not ..

So here are my favorites so far ..

1. Indika - Unusual , creative and distinctly flavorful would be the best words to describe this award winning Indian restaurant which has been creating quite the wave for a little over a decade now .. and all the hype that surrounds it - totally deserving.. It's a little extravagant on your pocket if you consider that even the Sunday brunch is priced at $25 per person but then dining here is more than just about the food , its an experience , one that you're quite likely to remember for years !

2. Anvil Bar and Refuge - Creativity seems to be the buzz word here too , whether it be the decor , the drinks , the food .. but what took this bar to a whole different level for me was their use of local and house made ingredients ..I mean the cult favorite on the menu Pimms Cup was undoubtedly the most refreshing and original cocktail I've had in a long time.. The only downer was the service , a tad bit too slow ..

3. Bombay Pizza Co. - I drool even as write about this but Bombay pizza was an amazing find , and oddly even though it was pizza with an Indian twist that led me there ( I tried Mitul's masala and Bombay ranch ) but it was the Chicken kathi roll that was a slice of heaven and utterly delectable .. I mean the pizza was good , so were the desserts but the roll was my favorite ..

As much as I love food , I'm glad Houston happens once in a while cause there are way too many amazing places and way too little time - Thank GOD !
But still I'm curious and I'd love to know if you know a place I must try ? 
and whats your favorit'est' cuisine ?

Restaurant photos courtesy - Indika 29-95 , Anvil -My life in cocktails , Bombay Pizza - Bombay Pizza co.

21 January 2012

The Salt of Life ..

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Some of my favorite weekends with the husband are the ones we spend watching movies and this new Italian movie The Salt of Life by Gianni Di Gregorio looks every bit as charming and funny as the award winning Mid August Lunch of which this is , a follow up .. 
It has a limited release here in the US but I am really looking forward to watching it when it releases on March 9th here in LA ..

Are you looking forward to any particular movie ? and what's your favorite kind of weekend ?
Much Love and have a relaxing weekend !

17 January 2012

Then and now ..

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Been away for way too long ..so much so that I've almost forgotten how good it feels to write ..but I don't want to complain or apologize for my absence coz this holiday season has been way too amazing and not only that but as I go through my last years post I realise I've skipped months together .. but then 2011 has been a year like no other ... who would have thought that a road trip taken on the first day of the year would result in , quite literally and unbelievably , being on the road the whole year through .. but then some years are exceptional and 2011 was truly that and am immensely blessed and grateful for experiencing the magic I did ..
And on that note Happy 2012 to you .. 
hope you and yours have/are having the best year ever :)

I just celebrated a milestone birthday this week , starting a new decade is like starting a whole new chapter , right ? so my year is already looking good .. so far .. except of course on the blogging front :( which I promise to put more than the usual sincere effort into and write 2-3 times a week .. but thank you for thinking of me , checking on me and writing to me when I'm away - it's the only thing that keeps me coming back !

Much Love ..

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