02 February 2011

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Love Byte # 2 - What's love got to do with it?

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Guest post by Bella of One Sister's Rant

When Priya contacted me to do a guest blog post that defined what love is, I have to admit I was both elated and a little trepadacious.

After all, this was the first time I was being asked to do a guest post and on top of that, on a subject that had yet to be proven empirically.

I mean, no one's really been able to provide a concrete definition of what love is and I wasn't arrogant enough to think I'd be able to.

So how to write something worthy of Priya's inspirational and informative blog and not stray too much from my own writing style?

By providing you with guidelines of what love is, from a humorous perspective.

Okay, so you know how there's this kind of love where you live and breathe simply for the sake of your loved one?

How you're so in love with your spouse or significant other that you're willing to give up a kidney in a heartbeat?

How you'd be utterly incapable of going on with life if something were to happen to your lover?

This is NOT the kind of love I want to talk about.

Instead, I give you what I feel love is from my "funny" side of the street.

Love is telling your lover that he's sexy bald like Jason Statham from The Transporter, even though nothing could be further from the truth.

Love is not paying attention to how he makes noises when he chews, how he slurps his drink, or licks his fingers instead of using a napkin.

Love is making him believe he's stronger than you are even though you know you can back flip him in .2 seconds flat.

Love is pretending to be interested in his conversations about cars, dinosaurs, or King Tut's tomb.

Love is not laughing at him when he tucks his shirt in his pants and pulls them all the way up to his armpits like Sponge Bob, just because he's cold.

Love is grabbing a non-existing bicep and asking, "Honey, have you been working out?"

Love is not becoming irritated at how he drools every time he sees images of Angelina Jolie.

Love is not telling your lover that he has skunky breath even though you're certain his breath is bad enough to singe your hair off.

Love is smiling when he says, "I"ll take out the trash tomorrow," and there's five bags of it on your kitchen floor.

Love is pretending you didn't see him kick his dirty socks under the bed.

Love is laughing at his not so funny jokes when all you want to do is kick him under the table so he'll stop.

Love is recognizing that your life would be a little less funny if he weren't in it.

There you have it, ladies. My own twist on what love is.

Won't you add to the list? Just remember, make it funny!


  1. Love is really wanting to sometimes love him and wring his neck at the same time ..hahahaa .wouldn't you agree Bella ;) ..
    and thanks for such a wonderful post Bella ..like always I loved reading every bit :D

  2. I'm honored you would have me, Priya! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  3. I think you pretty much summed it up, Bella! Love is definitely all of those things in my book.

  4. Aw your blog has been so fun to read! Loved this post especially! Everyone can relate to these for sure! :)

  5. I love your list and I have one of my own! I'll be sharing some of them tomorrow. This is a beautiful post.


  6. This is a great list! Good job Bella!

  7. @Bella - What's Love without the fun and irony in it...
    Well put Bella, especially the - Love is grabbing a non-existing bicep and asking, "Honey, have you been working out?"
    hahaha.. hope to read more of you here :)

  8. I just loved what you wrote.brought a smile to my lips and I definitely could add some of my own...

  9. love is kissing him in the morning, bad breath and all.

    ure the best bella!

  10. ha!! i loveee these!!!

    love is giggling every time he slurps his coffee :) really!

    love is his messy hair when he wakes up.

    love is def. picking up his clothes he leaves everywhere.

    i LOVE this funny side of love ;) such a fun series priya! xoxo

  11. Love is knowing he probably has just as long a list and loves you just as much in spite of it all.

    thank you Bella for the list.

  12. Trust Bella to come up with something as delightful as this. She's one of the funniest bloggers I know and I do love reading her blog!

  13. This is a great Love byte!!

    Hm, Love is....
    telling him that wearing earplugs at night is not really uncomfortable (compared to hearing his all night honking!).


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