12 December 2015

Hallo-best-ween ever !

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So, its only taken a lil more than a month to come back to write another post,Progress,shall we say?

The last quarter of the year is always busy, what I look forward to though and love about it most is the merriment and festivity ,the madness starts obviously with Halloween , finding the perfect costume for your kid although I admit it must be much easier to dress up your kid when they're not really hanging down your neck hankering for any particular one . 

The above picture is so on point coz I remember his first Halloween he was a bear , I wanted to go with the quintessential, overused pumpkin costume but a cuddly bear he was and it just made sense . Year 2 he was a monkey , an apt description of what he was the whole time . This year too it was easy peasy , with his obsession for trucks , cars and trains I knew it could be either of those and I'd have a happy ecstatic toddler. and he was beyond excited too, to be Thomas the train engine, delayed excited I mean coz he didn't really want to dress up at all at first and then the kids arrived, in hordes and he liked the whole I'm in charge of handing out candy till it wasn't as much fun and and he wanted to go trick or treating too, and then we did .

It was the best Halloween to date ,watching him stride fearlessly yet finding my hand when the ghoulishness scared him, wishing everyone in his teeny tiny voice and sighing after he barely covered like ten houses, I just had to write about it , even with Christmas around the corner , just as I want to write about his 3rd birthday and our anniversary , because these are the moments I want to remember from this year , these are the moments and memories I want to cherish ! 

21 October 2015

Hellooo , is anyone there ?

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Of late I've been told by a number of friends / fond readers of this blog that they miss my writing and to be brutally honest I've missed writing , not for lack of time though but lack of energy . 

Believe you me when I say I have tried a couple hundred times to sit down and write and I've barely made it past the first line , ok I admit brazenly that it was also coz I'd be lying down with my eyes glued to the idiot box, in stay at home mommy land this phenomenon is called conservation of energy thanks to the fact that the only muscles required for this activity are my eye muscles . The rest of them need / can/ must take a brief rest !

I remember categorically telling myself , back when I was a newbie that maybe its just this first year , once my boy starts sleeping through the night I'm done , the deal with the devil is done.. I'll be sleeping better , eating better , getting more / some / maybe a minute to myself but like they say the only thing that prepares you for motherhood is being a mother . Now , almost 3 years later , I'm not so naive , I'm only looking at being this tired maybe a few more years , maybe till he goes off to college or if insanity prevails and I add another kid to the mix then maybe I'll accept being tired forever . 
Bottom line being .. Yes , motherhood is tiring , its being exhausted to the very marrow of our bones but I know , you know ,we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat . 

But this post is not about that , its about blowing off the dust and clearing the cobwebs , grabbing a cup of coffee ,make that a pumpkin spice latte (cliches are allowed all year and esp during fall )  and penning down moments , moments that will soon be memories but first Coffeeeeee !!
Grab a chair , I've plenty to share !!

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