06 February 2011

Love Byte # 6 - Love is the Devil ..

Now what would love be without a man's perspective ..right ?
So this post is from my buddy Aneesh .. someone who was a great colleague to work with and who is and will always be a wonderful friend ..
Enjoyyy :))

First off, a big thank you to Priya for being crazy enough to publish my thoughts on love! She manages by far the most interesting blog around, and it’s always been a pleasure following her introspections on a variety of matters.

The previous love bytes encompass love almost in its entirety, and are virtually an impossible act to follow! I believe that ‘when it’s already been said, say something else’, so here are a few random, albeit melancholic views on the subject:

  • No human being on Earth is incapable of love – it is inherent in us all. Despite all mankind’s faults (and there are plenty), it is our ability to selflessly love another human being that makes us a species worthy of redemption.
  • Love is virtually invulnerable. It endures even the death or distance of a loved one. Its only real adversary unfortunately – is man.
  • Man is capable of love, but often has no idea about what it means. Relationships formed in a hotbed of passion rivalling that of a famous Shakespearean play increasingly meet with a tragic end, simply because the so-called ‘love’ that once existed has now ‘disappeared’ or ‘faded away’. Several couples now fall ‘in and out of love’ within a matter of years, months or even days (tabloid romances bear testament to these unfortunate stats). It is clear now that love is no longer a powerful word that it is meant to be, and it is often misused by people who cannot comprehend the feelings and actions that accompany it.
  • Love is indeed a beautiful phenomenon; however the love exchanged between two people is rarely identical. Love between two people is not necessarily expressed in the same manner, nor does a person always meet a loved one’s expectations as to how his / her love should be expressed. Love is not always felt towards one other at the same time either. These disparities along with many more culminate in the sad truth that people in general are more often than not hurt the most by the ones they love rather than the ones who wish them ill, regardless of the motives behind their loved one’s actions.
  • We all without exception love the key players in our own little universe – our spouses, our parents, our children, our pets, and so on. There is thus more than a tinge of irony in the fact that much of the world’s problems today are borne out of the absence of love amongst our fellowmen. Nations to this day wage war with each other, innumerable atrocities are committed against one another on a daily basis, and it is acts of hate and not love that are streamed to us each day via a plethora of media. Needless to say, that if man loved his fellow man (and not materialism); the world could be a very different place.
We know of love. We are capable of love. We have even experienced love. But can we replicate love beyond a single bond between two individuals or beings which is so revered over the bigger picture to this day? The answer to that question will dictate where the human race goes from here.

Given that blogs shouldn’t end on such a pensive note, I would like to share something I think about immediately when the word ‘love’ comes to my mind – it’s an excerpt of dialogue from the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ involving a conversation between Bruce and God. What was said truly describes what love means to me.

God: Grace. You want her back?

Bruce: ……..no. I want her to be happy, no matter what that means. I want her to find someone

who will treat her with all the love she deserved from me. I want her to meet someone who will

see her always as I do now……through Your eyes.

God: Now THAT'S a prayer!”


  1. sad truth people are more often hurt by the ones they love...rightly said! by the way me and my kids love 'Bruce Almighty'

  2. Great post! What most stood out for me was when you wrote "Its only real adversary unfortunately – is man." How true that oftentimes we are responsible of destroying that which we claim to love! Powerful words. Thank you for sharing!

  3. these are such great thoughts on love, I really enjoyed reading them!

  4. @Aneesh --amongst all the candy, feathers and clouds, there comes a sudden crackle of lightning :)
    True words spoken and I totally agree with the 'worthy of redemption' and 'invulnerability' aspect of love.

  5. I am so proud of you for doing this buddy ..thank you for being a part of the love byte feature and you've really rocked it ! Its a really poignant but wonderful post!

  6. you got me with that Bruce Almighty comment... my heart breaks when he opens up Grace's prayers and comments that there's a lot and then he sees her crying ... SO GOOD!!! so perfect.


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