10 February 2011

Love Byte #10 - Traces Left Behind

Guest post by Ken of sketchbookstuff.com

I have an art blog and I post drawings of people and things I see in my daily life. Most of the blogs I follow are not art related however and the type of blogs I enjoy the most have personal stories.

Priya's blog appeals to me because it is a delightful peek into her life and viewpoint.

What is that thing whose whose absence frustrates us, whose arrival excites us, whose presence we cherish and whose loss we mourn? What is the feeling we chase after, hold tightly to, grow bored of and forever want more of?

A love story is remembered by the traces it leaves. The faint shadows and imprints. Tiny details in the background which in reminiscence become prized relics. In memory, the traces of what love leaves behind are polished to a high sheen. They are guarded, revisited and preserved, even as they fade and blur.

Memories she left me with:

- The Japanese comfort food that she served in tiny ceramic dishes.

- Bathing together by candlelight.

- Walking through the snow in Montreal while holding hands and wearing thick warm gloves.

- Sushi and green tea on Ninth Street in the East Village.

- Making love in the afternoon.

- Watching her innocent, expressionless eyes watching me, as the metro stops are announced in French.

- Waiting while she cooks, as Bossa nova plays in the background.

- The small black suitcase on wheels trailing after her as she walks away.



  1. Love, love this post! Can you hear my sighs miles away? I want to think somewhere out there some guy is writing up a list of what memories I've left him with! :) I so enjoyed reading this!

  2. I couldn't agree more with Bella :)
    Thanks Ken for being part of the love byte feature and for such a wonderful post ..
    Love hurts sometimes but its better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all ..
    I am sure the right woman would come along sooner or later ..

  3. oh that last line killed me. This so such a thoughtful post. I almost wish she could read it. So special. Priya is right.

  4. gypsyroxylee: Thanks for reading! I'm sure there are many guys who are reminiscing about you in this way.

    Simply Me: I'm enjoying the series Priya, thanks again for having me participate. We'll see what the future has in store.

    CurvyEveryday: Thanks! I enjoyed reading your post in Love Byte #9.

  5. Oh Ken, what a lovely post..you're an artist alright - you paint great word pictures too!

  6. What a lucky woman ..whose remembered this way. gave me the chills.. so beautifully put Ken.

  7. Corinne: Thanks for reading and for the nice words.

    Jasmeet: Thanks, part of me hopes she will read the post too.


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