01 February 2011

# Love Bytes # Valentines

Love Byte # 1 - A Question of Love

Happy Valentine's lovies ..and welcome to the 2011 edition of Love Bytes ..
Jan has flown by at an amazing speed but Feb is here and I've plenty a surprises up my sleeve.. So grab a seat, a cuppa coffee and stay awhile as my most awesom'est' blogger and non blogger friends come together to give you your daily dose of LOVE ..

W. Somerset Maugham said,
"We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love.
It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person."

To me , the most important lesson I've learnt over the years as I've dated , been engaged to and now married to the man I love is this ..
Love changes and the veritable truth that Love grows only when it changes ..

Every once in a while , I go down memory lane and remember the reasons why I first fell in love with him . .you'd say not much has changed ..well to some extent yes, but at 16 life has a limited perspective ..everything's simpler , easier and everything revolves around love ..
As life changes , circumstances change , status changes and you change ..you find yourself loving your partner for whole lotta different reasons than the ones you just started with ...
why ?
because you've grown together ..
'coz you've been through the highs and lows enjoying the good times and enduring the storms ,
'coz you've taken the time to understand and respect the differences ,
'coz you've nurtured each other through sickness and in health ,
'coz you've had the sense of humor to laugh at the lemons life gave you ..adding tequila and salt to it ..
'coz you've grown and experienced life together..

I know so ..
because I've grown so much in these past years , both individually and as a part of him .. and even as I write this I know there is so much more that life will toss our way because change is the only constant and love the only variable that makes it all worth it :)


  1. Love, love, love my favorite word, action, adjective... everything under the sun. It's the greatest gift that we all possess. I'm so happy that you are doing this feature! :)


  2. i truly agree with you on this one:

    "Love changes and the veritable truth that Love grows only when it changes.."

    i have been with the hubby for a total of 8 years (turning 9 this september) and throughout this time, we have also had our shares of up and down, left and right but God knows that we have fought hard to make this work. throughout all this, i find that though we constantly have to work on our relationship, the love we have felt when we were first together at 19 and 21 has grown so much more now that we are sitting at 27 and 29.

    thank you for sharing! i will definitely be keeping tabs on "love byte's"


  3. How beautiful and true! Happy February!

  4. @ Katie ..I agree its indeed the greatest gift and I'm happy to be doing this too :))

    @ Elaine ..I so hear you babes nd which is perhaps our biggest learning..that if you love each other you're willing to make it work despite all the changes ..
    for better or for worse ..right ?
    I am so happy you liked it and this is just the beginning ..27 more to go :))

    @ Claud ..Happy February to you too sweets :))

  5. Oh I love your definition of love. Change and love do go hang in hand, dont they? Never thought about that before.

    <3, New Follower

  6. Change is the only constant and the Love the only variable that makes it worthwhile.

    Once again ..Please start having a book published about what you write. No, seriously.
    Your words fill me with such warmth together with the gnawing fear of someday writing a guest post for your blog, after reading what you write (phew!)..its not an easy thing!
    Thanks for putting the so much of your heart in all this. It's beautiful.

  7. what a wonderful way to kickstart this new edition of love bytes Priya!and so aptly and maturely described what true love is all about.
    Great going!..Here's wishing you success and I look forward to reading all the posts each day.

  8. @ Tanya ..Thank you so much for dropping in and your sweet comment :)

    @ Jess ..Awww ..thats a lovely comment and wow a book , yes that did make me laugh but who knows ..maybe I will someday
    and you will do a good job..trust me :)) * hugs*

    @ Mommy ..thank you sooooo mch and this edition is looking good so far ..hoping fr the best ...Love ya :)

  9. Oh I've been so looking forward to this series. I'm a little behind on things but catching up now. You sound like you guys are truly blessed.


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