09 February 2011

# Love Bytes

Love Byte # 9: It wasn't love at first sight.

Guest post by CurvyEveryday

I instantly fell in love Priya’s blog simply because of the pure genuineness of her writing. Her posts are filled with kindness and love so it couldn’t be more fitting that she hosts a month on Love. I on the other hand write a frivolous blog about trying to find some style that I misplaced a few years back. I wasn’t sure what I would write about, and decided to write about what love wasn’t for me. And hence the title.

I can honestly say I never knew love at first sight, there were no instant fireworks.

We met on the first day of college in our very first class. I can remember exactly what he was wearing and how cool I thought he looked. I remember being instantly drawn to him but it wasn’t love at first sight.

When I would walk into a room he would be the first person I would look for and we would always leave together at the end of the night. When we would walk home he’d sing “I would for you” and I would poorly chime in. It wasn’t love at first sight because it didn’t feel like time stood still; it felt like it flew by.

We were competitive design students who thought they knew it all but had very fragile egos to back it up. I would doubt myself and he would push me through. The only opinion that mattered to me was his. He made me want to do better. But it wasn’t love at first sight; I didn’t feel as if my legs were going to go from under me. Instead he gave me the strength to stand on my own.

He was the first person I would want to start my day with and the last person I would want to talk to at the end of the night. But it wasn’t love at first sight since he didn’t take my breath away. It was as if he breathed life into me.

We were “ just friends” at first, and everyone but us seemed to know it was love at first sight. I will still argue it wasn’t love at first sight. It was so much more. It was and is the great love of my life and I almost missed it. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank god for having him. And just when I think I couldn’t possibly love him anymore than I already do, I do. It grows more and more every day.

I write this because I think sometimes we have such expectations of what we think love is and how it should feel that we could miss the gift of true love even when placed right under our noses.

And I lied, we experienced all the symptoms of love at first sight 16 years later when our daughter was born and then again when our son was born.

Thank You Priya for your generosity of letting me be a part of your blog and this feature.

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Fireworks cc licensed flickr photo by dodsworld
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  1. This was absolutely delicious! Thank you for a wonderful Love Byte!

  2. Curvy!! I learnt things about you that I didn't know before ... like the design student bit but here is my favourite from Love Byte:

    "But it wasn’t love at first sight; I didn’t feel as if my legs were going to go from under me. Instead he gave me the strength to stand on my own."

    I just felt my heart turn marshmallowy. I honestly love Love Byte and I hope you write more! Thanks to Priya too for making her do it!

  3. Una, your post rocked my world, lady! I love how you build up the suspense of how it wasn't love at first sight only to reveal how much more it really is. Sigh. Great, great writing! I like this side of you!

  4. Curvy, this is so eloquent and heartfelt. I love it, it makes me smile. And no way is your blog frivolous. It is awesome. Just like you.

  5. Thank you so much all for commenting, I was so nervous about this post and it meant a lot to me to see your comments.

  6. That was so heart-warming..and I specially loved the bit about him being the first person you wanted to start your day with and also the last one to talk to at the end of the night..

  7. Someone said ..the greatest love story is your own and you my friend have just proven it ..
    Hearing your story made me feel closer to you and I <3 it ..
    I also love how you said it was love at first sight all over when your daughter was born ..got me all teary eyed ..
    Beautiful and touching ..
    Thanks Una for being a part of my Love byte feature !

  8. that was one of the sweetest things i have read in a long long time...

  9. Oh wow. I can relate to so many things that you wrote. Lovely love story Una.

    I love the fact that all us ladies..from so many many different parts of the world..collide together on this beautiful blog..relate to each other ..and like how!..and what's that one thing that binds us..?


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