19 February 2011

Love Byte # 19 - " Unconditional " - Guest post by " Sara- One Long Road "

I got the email from Priya amidst a very important time in my country. I am Sara from One Long Road, I am Egyptian, and I love my country. I always have. I am 23, and all my life, we've had only one president. I just had to mention that on here because well, my generation and I have just made history!!

I am so happy to be part of this series, and part of a blog that is so very personal that you can't help but relate to :)

It has taken me a lot of trials and losses to finally reach the conclusion or the definition of what love is to me. I have had my heart broken in so many different ways..

My brother and cousin- unconditional.

I have grown to believe that love is in aura that surrounds you; and you only get as much love as you radiate. Having an open heart, always, an open heart that is filled with warmth and is willing to share that warmth with the world guarantees that you will be loved- no matter what. (I know that isn't the easiest thing to do, sometimes a temper gets in the way, or reality- since this is a very idealistic notion.)

Yes, I love the sun, I love the trees, I love my brother (and my family) and (as of recent- oh so very much) my boyfriend, I have always loved Egypt (even at times when it gave me no reason to) I love my blog and development economics. I love the universe, and the sea, I love the full moon and oranges....the colour blue and shoes..I love wind in my hair, I love beautiful things, and mind you- everything is beautiful. (And everyone is. too)

It's what makes me smile.

Love is unconditional. I don't love anyone because of how they make me feel, or what they do to me, or how they look or what they do in general...I don't love anything because of the "utility" I derive from it (I am sorry, the economist in my had to use the term)...

I love just because...

And "just because", to me, is the most noble of reasons to love.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


  1. This is a lovely and rich LOVE post! Now I am going to go visit your blog. BTW my friends and I are praying for your country.

  2. Beautifully written Sara, as always :)

  3. I totally agree Sara.. Love just is !!! I hope things get better in Egypt really soon

  4. The phrase, "Just because" is one of my favorites and you've used it beautifully in this post. Wonderful. This post was a joy to read!

  5. agree 100% with you, I Love..just because..
    Although sometimes one does love something/someone for the "utility" derived from them/it. i know im one of those people too.. but reading what you write, made me feel what a silly thing that really is..
    Thanks Sara

  6. As always Sara , your posts are such a joy to read and I love how you word your emotions .. ' just because ' ..loved it :)
    and Thank you for being a part of my Love byte feature :))


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