28 September 2010

# Relationships

What is a Man ?

Its not everyday I wake up early , Infact I ain't a morning person at all so today's been a particularly lethargic day for me and I desperately needed a dose of laughter so here's what I found on the net that cracked me up ....
Well every year Esquire does a feature called " What is a man ? " teaching those who wish to learn about the mystery called man and so Marie Claire put a little spin on it and and asked some of the funniest women in the country their thoughts on " What is a man ? "
So while you read the whole article here ..I'll share 3 favorite thoughts that literally had me LOL :D :D :D

A man is unapologetic, unless he knows you are mad at him, in which case he is busy.
A man is someone who, at some point, will sport a handlebar mustache or secretly wish he could.
A man goes through toilet paper at a surprisingly slow rate.

-Alison Rosen

A man thinks you are "crazy." If you call him more often than he likes, you are crazy.
If you don't return his phone calls as often as he'd like, you are crazy.
If you move on quickly after your breakup with him, you are crazy.
If you mourn for a while and stay single, you are crazy and clearly still obsessed with him.
A man is needy. He needs you to be a lady in the streets, a freak in the sheets, and a mommy/babysitter the rest of the time.

-Sara Benincasa

A man is someone who has five or fewer friends, and can only say five or fewer words to each friend at a time, resulting in a maximum of 5x5x4=100 words exchanged amongst a group of men in any given social situation.
A man thinks the ability to go on and on about different types of Scotch is a marketable skill set.

-Jen Kwok

Got some funny thoughts on " What is a Man ? " , I'm all ears :D


  1. A man is someone who when asked "What are you thinking?" the answer is always one of three things: "Sports, Food or Sex."

    Loved this post!

  2. Good one........but I am all ears for you to come up with "What is a Woman?' in next post and it would not fit in easily in 1 page..

  3. you are hilarious!! this was the perfect afternoon pick me up!

    thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. hahaha...
    Had me in splits :P
    The toilet paper observation is so so so true!!

  5. @ Joanie ..that def cracked me up and yeah you're damn right ;) :D

    @ Yogendra ..look who's reading :) and Thanks for commenting ... As for a What is a woman well you've got to figure one out yourself ;)

    @ Faiza ..Thanks for dropping in too girl :)

    @ Kristin :))

    @ Jess ..there's plenty more to come for you ;) :P

  6. new follower from fun follow friday :)

  7. What is a Man?

    A man is a mythical creature whose ability to multi-task involve showering, washing his hair and thinking about sex and food at the same time.

    Foreplay for a man is walking up the stairs in anticipation that his "lady in the streets/freak in the sheets/babysitter" may be awake to jiggy jiggy after playing Cinderella to the kids and him all day long.

    I will say one thing to the contrary of what the article spins

    a man is the one person in the entire universe that makes me weak in my knees, have butterflies in my stomach. My man is the only one in the world that will captivate my heart with just one look...

    Great post!!!

  8. A man is:
    someone who knows the players and game stats for college and pro football, hockey, basketball and baseball-
    but cannot remember what time you get home each day (3:45 for the last 3 years!!!) and has to text you at 2pm to ask.

  9. pria this one was a cracker..hehehe..got to send the link to the husband


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