03 February 2011

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Love Byte # 3 - Open Your Eyes to Love

Guest post by Katie at Love is Everywhere

I first would like to take a moment to thank the ever so lovely Priya. She has a beautiful and genuine soul. This feature on Love has to be one of my favorites that I’ve come across since I began blogging. Love is the greatest feeling that anyone could experience and to be asked to define this in my own way is an honor. I appreciate being given this opportunity.

I love love, the whole concept of it. I feel that Love has no limits. You can’t even spread your arms far enough to even physically describe it. There's so many different types of 'love'. There's the L word that people are scared to say to someone they may be falling for. There's the love we feel for our pets, our friends, people who made a difference in our lives, a stranger that made your day. A moment, a shirt or pair of jeans, flowers, a book that changes your life. We love air condition when it's hot. There's the love that we can't explain and just feel. All of these people, moments, things around us that play a part of our life we love when we stop to think about it.

With all that I have.. I truly believe that love is everywhere. I can see it where ever I go and that's why I began writing to hopefully show everyone that they too can see it. In a nutshell, every positive movement we make in our lives, a sweet thought, gifts, a hug when we're sad, a phone call to check up, dancing in the kitchen with your significant other, picking flowers.. this is Love to me.

I spent some time last summer and made a list of things that I felt Love were to me. It was very therapeutic and was a sweet reminder that helped me appreciate so much more of my life. I wanted to share a few of those items on my list. I hope you have time some day to make one for yourself!

Love is...
.... waking up, walking outside to a rose bush that happened to bloom over night. Never owning a house and here I am picking my first rose, putting it in a shotglass on my counter.
.... the excitement of our puppy, Peanut wagging his stubby tail the moment I come home.
.... watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' every yr before Christmas time and thinking what a wonderful life I have being able to share with my family and friends.
.... someone asking 'How are you today' when I'm having an awful day and even though I always say 'I'm doing great'. I love that you asked.
.... silence when my mind and heart need it.

I wish you all a fabulous journey!
With all my love - Katie


  1. Hi - I'm here to read Katies guest post and it was as I thought it would be - beautiful!

    While I was here however, I decided to follow this lovely blog too.

    I'll put you up on my blog roll so I can keep in touch. Would you pop by and link up buttons/blog hops you may hoste on my Blog Directories page, too. For everyone to access your details.

    Many thanks - Shah from wordsinsync.blogspot.com

  2. @katie - the rose in the shot glass, what a lovely image for love ;)
    I loved your post, and I'm so thankful to my 'ever so lovely' Priya that she has engaged such beautiful minds to write in her blog.
    Truly what a feast of Love.

  3. Well written Katie...It actually is love that makes life worth living and its the small things and moments that define love

  4. Inspiring post, Katie! I like your concept of how love is "dancing in the kitchen with your significant other." I'm guilty as charged. You have no idea just how many times a song has come on that has prompted us to break out in dances all the way from salsa to the funky chicken! :)

  5. This is so sweet! Great words!

  6. "A hug when you're sad , a phone call to check up , dancing in the kitchen " ..I so agree with you Katie ..Love is more than just one big word ..its these little but meaningful things one does for each other ..
    Thank you Katie for such a lovely post ..This feature is turning out to be even more wonderful than I imagined and its only three days ..
    Indeed , Love is everywhere :)

  7. @ Shah ..Thank you for dropping in and for your sweet comment ..I will most definitely link up my blog ..

    @ Jassu / Mom / Bella / Alinka ..It makes me so happy to bring everyone together and celebrate ..It truly is a feast of love :)

  8. Stopping by from the Hops to say hello.
    Please visit if you can- http://poshonabudget.com/2011/01/thursday-friends.html

    Have a great day!

  9. What a wonderful and beautifully written post. It sums up the whole feeling of love ;)

  10. Thank you so much Priya for letting me be apart of this. All of the posts so far are just beautiful and inspiring. Love is truly a wonderful thing :)


  11. Beautiful post Katie. Very well said!

  12. I have always adored, Katie, but reading things like this make me love her even more...she is a true light in life!

    Lovely blog you have too and thank you for allowing her to guest post! :)

    Liesl :)


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