01 June 2011

# Gratitude # Life

An Attitude of Gratitude ..

In this past month of little writing and reading on le blog and blogosphere ..
I've been doing a lot of thinking , infact introspection might just be the more appropriate word here ..

Coz remember when we were young and life had a plan , as idealistic as it may have been ..
there still was a plan ..and mine was you'd say pretty conventional - to study , get a degree , get a job , get married , continue working , buy a house , a car , a dog , have kids ..

and then as life went by , I realised I was slowly accomplishing these goals I had set for myself , though not necessarily in the order above but life was happening and things moving ..and then somewhere in the middle of it all , crept a doubt ..

All and any attempts at ignoring it failed , and it forced me to deliberate , if this is how I wanted my life to turn out ?It wasn't like I was miserable but admit it aren't there times when it feels like everyone has it good except you ? that somehow your struggles are greater than anyone and everyone else ?

But its just normal human tendency or should I say normal woman tendency to sulk because sulking always makes everything better - doesn't it :D :D

Jokes apart , what does amaze me though is how a single have-not can make us more miserable than a dozen have's .. and how the have-nots always seem to yield more power than the have's ..

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side , but maybe its time to CROSS OVER and look at where you're standing .. because in most cases while we're busy ruminating over how he or she has it all, we forget to consider the possibility that he or she might be feeling the exact same way.
So ,
does it really matter if the timelines I set for myself need more time ?
does it really matter if my plan din't materialise the way I wanted to ??

I guess not because this life - the one I am living right now would never have happened ..
Joseph Campbell aptly said ,

"You must give up the life you've planned in order to live the life that is waiting for you ."

So like I said before , bring it on life - I'm game for you , I may not have it all but I have plenty and life is good , much better than I could have ever imagined and for that I am more than THANKFUL :)


  1. great post! i often wonder why it is so easy to think about what we don't have and not about what we DO have ... life would be a lot happier if we did the latter! :)

  2. I couldn't agree more Faith .. but its never too late to start , right ?
    and thanks for your lovely comment :))

  3. As Faith said this is a great post. I think I need to look on the other side of the fence at the great things I have in my life.

  4. @ E ..Its so easy to take all that we do have for granted and we all do but sometimes when you step away from it all - you see it all - you see what you do have and that believe me friend, really helps ..

  5. You go girl! You only live once!! Make the best of it!

    1. changing the order of the factors does not alter the product

    you can always extend timelines!

    2. you do have to count your blessings!

    I learned it the hard way when I desperately was trying for another baby, these past years, we tried everything we were able to afford even In Vitro. I fell into a depression last year but finally accepted the fact that another baby was not meant for me. I wasn't counting my blessings, what was I thinking I have three already!

    3. I want to let you know that I have been thinking of you, and just yesterday I put a hello card in the mail :)

    4. I wish I can give you a real hug right now!


  6. Awww , you're the best*est* Clau ..your comment just brightened up my whole day :D
    and I am happy to know that even in sharing something as personal as this that I am not alone , that friends like you know , understand , care and are always there to sulk together ;)
    * hugs * to you too mi dulce amiga :)

  7. Welcome back, Pri! So glad you're well and grateful....Was planning to mail you to enquire how you were doing. Zumbaing your way through life?

  8. i loved the post... very well written... :)

  9. I love this Campbell quote! Life never goes as we plan it in our mind. It is just important for us to find happiness with what life has brought us. ~Val

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  11. Strangely, my husband and I were just having a similar conversation. Someone said to him that they were not worried about us paying our bill, because we have plenty of money. Yet, there are people that live more extravagantly than us, and probably think we are just getting by, when in reality many of those people are living hand to mouth. :) We are not rich by any means, but we are comfortable and try not to live beyond our means. I do understand how the have-nots tend to make us dissatisfied, but as I told my husband today, I am getting better with discerning what is a need and what is a want.
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  15. Thanks for coming back after a long time...I am once again grateful to be able to benefit from the wisdom you so so aptly place amongst us in the shape of this blog.
    I pray God keep's those hands of your's always writing/typing *hugs*

  16. @ Corinne ..Thank you for thinking of me ..you're the sweetest :)

    @ Sneha ..Danke sister :))

    @ Miss Val ..ditto !

    @ Amber ,Holly , Summer , Lisa ..thank you for stopping by and the follow .. will drop in soon to return the favor ..

    @ Becky ...wisely said ! and great to meet you too :))

  17. @ Jess ..thanks babe ..I hope to continue sharing sense and nonsense both with you :D

  18. I love your blog and I need to comme visit you more often!!!

  19. Aww ..thank you and I'd be more than happy to have you over .. *hugs*


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