06 November 2013

A year ago I had a lil boy

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Time has had wings this past year ..it does only seem like yesterday when he was born and yet it seems like forever .. The days have been long , the nights longer and still the year feels shorter .. Shortest than any year I've lived , but it's been the craziest and the happiest ..  It's been magic and madness , giggles and worries , firsts and lasts ..it's been beyond rewarding and yet sometimes annoying .. It's been a gamut of emotions  , a whole new world of possibilities and experiences .. It's becoming a mother , a parent ..knowing and feeling a love like no other !
I could go on an on but I want to share a poem I read awhile back , edited a bit and saved it for my baby's 'one'derful day ..echoes my sentiments completely !! 

My love , you are one today
And learning so very much ,
There's nothing in this house ,
That you don't want to touch ! 
Your fingerprints are evident , 
In every single place 
Along with that mischievous smile 
On your naughty lil face ! 
You've made our lives complete 
In each and every way 
You alone gladden my heart
And brighten every single day ! 
You are our special lil boy , 
We can't wait to watch your life unfold 
Have a happy birthday 
Today you're one year old !! 

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