30 August 2011

Minnesota Chronicles - Getting here ..

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Its been a crazy few days packing for my two week trip to MN ..its crazy if you take two weeks to pack for a two week trip , right ? :O

but the good news is I finally made it here yesterday afternoon :D ( that I forgot to still pack a couple of things is a different story but I am here,with family and that feels SERIOUSLY awesome !!! )

and since I've slacked on the Hawaiian chronicles, so much so that I still haven't got down to penning them , I promise to do a better job with this , the Minnesota Chronicles ..

You would agree if I said - the craziest part of travelling anywhere is getting there.. but for me, its also the funnest especially when you're travelling alone because it gives you the opportunity to observe people and their antics and top on the list yesterday was this man sitting next to me , who slept like that was all life was about ..he slept nonstop ..from the minute we boarded till the time the row infront of us cleared .. he even slept while having his beverage ..like a sip of Coke and he conked out - I mean 'snoring' conked out ...like it was horse tranquilizer and not Coke ... Jesus .. you would really have to see it to believe it .. and his only saviour was my book ( I was reading ' Shopgirl ' by Steve Martin ) that kept me occupied for the most part ..occupied enough to not elbow him or knee him or even stab him .. if the need arose .. infact if you haven't learnt the most important truth about flying yet ..its this ..

A good book in hand is every bit worth the pee attack you don't have ;) :P

21 August 2011

Happy 2nd birthday :)

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Yup ..I can't believe it but my blog officially turned 2 today ..needless to say its been quite the journey ..a journey I am proud of !!
I still remember when I wrote my first post ..elated as I was ..I wondered what next and so remained the question for many months - and then it slowly began to get easier...
However, having said that I must still admit that writing is and will not always be a piece of cake but whats important is I revel in it , and over the last two years I've particularly enjoyed writing about movies , travel and relationships ( like the new layout din't already spell it out for you ;) .. ) but it wouldn't be half as much fun if it weren't for all the comments, feedback that all you lovies keep sending my way ..
So thank you for being my friend on this journey and for being there ..it means a lot :)

15 August 2011

Movie Mondays - Summer favorites !!

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I haven't done this in a while ..come to think of it the last movie I wrote about was Midnight in Paris back in June.. but by now you must know that hubs and me watch as many movies as we can ..so here's a couple of them I really loved , laughed and adored ( even cried ) these past months or so ..
First on that list Horrible Bosses - All I want to say about this one is that its freakin HILARIOUS , hands down the best comedy caper of the year and that if you haven't seen it yet , you've got to see it like NOW .. like asap !

ZNMD is truly the best Hindi movie I've seen like in a long long time and I loved every bit , every frame of it ..the fact that its shot in Spain is an added incentive but even otherwise there's a certain relatability associated with the kind of films Farhan Akhtar makes ..the kind that makes it all too realistic and believable and yet inspires you to dream ..

and speaking of dream , Crazy, Stupid , Love reminded me of how love has the power to make you go crazy and feel stupid all at the same time .. I don't mean for this to be a spoiler but one of the most poignant scenes in the film is the conversation the protagonists share on a bench outside the classroom that got me .. and then I saw Ryan Gosling's booty ..is he hot or is HE HOT ..and as I still swoon over him , I also remember him in Blue Valentine ..wasn't that one sad-happy-sad movie ?

The next two movies I wouldn't have watched if it weren't for hubs but I'm glad I did ..
Conviction is the inspirational true story of Betty Anne Waters , a sister whose unflinching belief in her brother leads her to finish law school , fight the system and overturn her brother's unjust wrongful conviction .. The movie took 9 years to make and was almost shelved due to lack of funds but its one of those movies that take you beyond just film making , it takes you on the extra ordinary journey of how far one is willing to sacrifice for the sake of family ..

And if the above gets you all in knots , here's one to help you unwind ..and while some may contend that this crazy goofy social satire belongs to Jim Carrey all the way , I'll tell you that Ewan Mcgregor is quite the revelation , bringing in just the right amount of sweetness to make you love him too .. Admittedly the movie is quite brazen , inappropriate and ridiculous but therein lies the movie's USP ..
This is not even half the list but I was worried you'd run away :P
So assuming you're still with me , tell me , have you seen the above movies ? What did you think of them ? and do you have any recommendations ?

10 August 2011

Changing hearts ..

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Sunday the 7th of Aug was Friendship day , which is when this post was supposed to be up but then sometimes in my case well begun is literally ' half ' done :P .. anyways here it is ..
My FB page is inundated with friendship day messages yet most of them seem perfunctory ..perhaps one of the reasons why I wish to refrain from posting any ' friendship ' messages today..
I still believe in the institution of friendship but I'd much rather celebrate and rejoice in the company of good friends all year round than wish each other this one day and forget they existed the remaining days..and as rhetorical as it sounds , its what I've come to believe in ..
blame it on all the exciting episodes I've had with people I thought were my friends or
blame it all on just growing up ..
either ways the meaning of ' friendship ' has changed ..
and every time I wrote a post about friendship that change was even more apparant whether it was about friends growing apart or about moving on or even about reuniting with a lost friend ..

And who knows it might change to mean something else in the future but for now I want to remember it as this ..

It might hurt to let go

sometimes a little , sometimes more ..

but let not despair in your heart grow

for every friend that turns a foe ,

there's always a good one in store

to rekindle the flames of friendship aglow..

Happy Friendship day to you and your best friends :)

01 August 2011

Crazy , Stupid , LIFE !!

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July has disappeared without so much as me blinking ..it seems to me the lesser I write the faster time flies ..
now is that how its supposed to be ?
Who knows , all I know is July was not such a blur either .. atleast not the first half ..when me and hubs took time off and went for a real vacation not a work cum pleasure vacation but a real one ... Weekend breaks are good and I'm glad to make good use of them as and when the time and money allows but after a while they just don't seem to cut it out for me ... my heart desires for a getaway that's longer than just the weekend
Infact isnt that what a getaway means ..
when you really get away ,
when you feel you've gotten away ..
Pardon me if I seem a bit carried away with all this getting away but you do get me right ?

Call me a romantic if you may but nothing beats the crap of everyday life than spending quality time together and doing what you enjoy most together be it travelling , watching a movie , going to a park , exercising ..hell even shopping counts .. the idea is to take out the time every once in a while , to stop and smell the roses .. and I mean it in the literal sense of the word too ...
coz the whole purpose is to slacken the pace of an otherwise crazy life and get away and we did just that on our trip to Hawaii .. and believe me when I tell you that we've been to quite a few places together but this trip , visiting Hawaii was an out of this world experience..
because Hawaii is a place with something for everyone , from the nature lover to the beach goer to the savvy shopper ...
a place with a little bit of all, from tropical rainforests to stunning waterfalls , from tranquil mountains and lush valleys to one very active volcano and even snow on the highest peaks ..not to mention the never ending stretch of gorgeous beaches ..
maybe its just the traveler in me falling in love with every new place I visit ..wanting to savour every moment , every sight , smell and every experience but its the truth .. and as a Jewish proverb goes ,
"No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell."

and so even with all its rockers and some shockers ..HAWAII is still every bit magical ..

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