08 February 2011

Love Byte#8—Love is my life

Guest Post by Alinka Johnson of Linka Living

I am really excited to guest post for My Reflections. I love the sincerity of this blog, because most blogs lack heart and Priya’s got it. I consider it an honor to be a part of the love byte series.

When I was asked to write about what love is to me…. I drew a complete blank. I mean to think I write every day for my site Linka Living and I couldn’t think of one word for what love is to me. Then I began to think about what I love the most. And it came to me…


Love is waking up to my son peaking out of his crib
Love is the three of us lying in bed on Sunday mornings
Love is honesty
Love is after dinner washing dishes and the husband cleaning the counters
Love is sharing the best inside jokes
Love is putting him first even when I feel selfish
Love is being strong enough to fight
Love is being weak enough to be protected
Love is reaching the point where you don’t argue but discuss
Love is saying I love you just because
Love is saying what I don’t want to hear because I need to hear it
Love is leaving the house with Gerber squash and peas in my hair
Love is learning from the past and growing in the future
Love is tricking the husband into changing all the stinky pampers
Love is reading Psalm 118 every morning for family worship
Love is leaning on each other through hard times instead of pushing away
Love is putting the little one to sleep only to miss him all night

Love is everything, every day, every moment with the loves of my life.

I never knew what real love was until they showed me. I never knew the sacrifice, the joy, the complete peace of unconditional love until God blessed my soul with my husband and son.

Love is a lesson, a journey, a life—my life


  1. I come to work and every morning, the first thing I do is read what all these lovely minds have to say on Priya's blog -- Thank you Priya and Thank you all you beautiful minds for writing such oft-felt and seldom-spoken thoughts.
    @Linka --everyday i read Priya's blog and feel..no further can be said about love, and there you go stump me again about what a beautiful feeling love truly is. Love is life. Yes.

  2. Sometimes love is so simple ..and this post reminded me of just that ..the little things that tend to go unnoticed but filled with so much love ..everyday love ..
    Thanks Alinka for being a part of this feature..Love is life indeed !

  3. Beautiful, inspirational post! If only we could cling on to notions like the ones you mention, how easy it would be to understand how love enriches our lives!


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