12 February 2011

Love Byte #12 "Our Parent's Example" Guest Post by Micaela of Dolce Vita

hello all of Priya's darling readers! It's Micaela from my little corner of the internet Dolce Vita, so happy and honored to be part of Priya's wonderful series.

there's so many reasons i adore Priya. We share the same love of films and quotes. But most of all, i love how she shares a piece of herself (her life) with each post.

I'm honored to get to share a bit of my heart with you today.

As a newly wed, i wanted to be the wife that audrey hepburn was talking about when she said, "If I get married, I want to be very married."

I love being very married. On our big day, we had photographs of our parents framed from their magical day--

my parents

his parents
we come from good stock... both our parents celebrated 40 years of marriage this year. My example is both of them. Because love to me is family. When family is your center (not work or money) it's you two against the rest of the world isn't it?

I don't know the secret of marriage just yet but I love knowing we're in it together. We're a family now. That it's a vow you make with all your heart. For better or for worse because marriage is hard work (even when you're a newly wed). 

so dance together in your small kitchen. tell them when you're hurting and try never to say things you can't take back when you're fighting. write little love notes (because it's always the little things). 

be their biggest cheerleader and laugh a lot. love to me is his laugh... my husband has one of those great laughs that fill the room. 

I'm looking forward to that laugh for 40 years because he truly is my life's greatest blessing. 

Thank-you Priya and lovies for letting me be a part of your day today. And just because I'm curious by nature... if you're married how long have you been married and what's one of life's little things that make your marriage a happy one? 


  1. i adore all these posts!!! not just micaela's... but each and every one of the love byte's!

  2. You do know the secret of marriage Mickey ..you just said it girl ..
    'Its being in it together ' ..
    the belief that together you will either find a way or make one ..
    We've been married 4 years and thats what we've always lived by ..

    Thank you again for being part of my Love byte feature :)

  3. I love seeing weddings pictures!! All very beautiful! We've been married for 11 years and counting!!

  4. Lovely to have your parents' wedding photographs at your own wedding! My goodness, talk about excellent role models! I like how you pointed out how your husband's laugh fills the room. Eight years... Whew! It seems like forever and most days, the glue holding us together is the fact that he makes a great pot of coffee! :)

  5. great post....am glad to hear ur parents have been married for 40 years.We've been married for 30 years now and whats important is sticking together through thick and thin...being with each other in happy moments and not so happy ones too...but I think what has also kept it going all these years is our three lovely girls..I'm a proud mum and together we are very lucky parents

  6. Micaela - I like how you talk of your parents' example...mine just celebrated 60 years together. My husband's parents sadly didn't make it past their 25th anniversary - as his father died quite young. But to both of us family is the key - like you said. Your post is filled with love for your husband and that's a great example to us. In a world that sometimes scorns long term relationships long marriages are a great reminder of what love and faithfulness is all about. Thank you for sharing.
    And as always thanks to our dear Pri for getting us all together. This is truly a great celebration of love!

  7. awww

    your comments have brightened my day. THANK YOU so much for sharing your stories... i hope to someday have a marriage just like all of yours xo

  8. Your post left a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.. My parents are in the 33 rd year of their marriage, and are a living example to me every day that patience, communication and understanding are the three pillars on which love rests.
    thank you for writing something so touching and true. I hope to be "very married" too someday!


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