26 February 2011

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Love Byte # 25 - " Love is Everything " - Guest post by "Jasmeet "

Hi, I am Jasmeet, the stalker of Priya's lovely blog and in the true spirit of my own blog "its never too late", I go on to post Byte # 25 after # 26. That's me, I guess (sheepish). Heartfelt apologies to disrupt the chronology of this absolutely fantastic blog. I have been with Priya when this blog was only a baby, and my love for it has only grown. Like most of the readers would agree with me, this blog has heart. Priya's heart. And nothing is more endearing and courageous as to be able to invite the world to be audience to your thoughts, specially when its truly from the heart.

I have known Priya for almost five years now, and as the cliche goes, it seems like Ive known her forever. Friends by chance and sisters by choice, if not blood, is how we term our relationship. And I am more than honoured to be asked to write for her blog. To be a guest author for a blog on which eyes are set from so many parts of the world is not an easy task. And especially towards the end of the series, where such thought provoking posts have already been written. But try I will.

What does Love mean to me? A million things, i'd say.

* Love is the concern a parent has when you're out late and haven't called.
* Love is the warmth you feel in your heart when you hug your mum when you see her after two months.
* Love is when a guy sends you a 100 roses, even though he cannot figure out the fuss over Valentine's Day.
* Love is when a brother chooses to travel 80 kms every day to work and back, only so that he can live with his little sister, lest she feels alone in the big city.
* Love is the reassuring hug a father gives his child, despite her failure at school, saying "its not the end of the world baby".
* Love is the smile with which a friend greets you, after having to wait for you at a cafe for over an hour.
* Love is when a friend chooses you and your company to watch a movie marathon, instead of a boring day at work.
* Love is the feeling you get when some one expresses concern about you not eating well or getting proper rest.
* Love is the sensible advice an elder sister lends, even though you did not ask for any :)
* Love is the forgiveness that easily comes even though you have erred gravely against a friend.
* Love is when mum crumples up some money into your hand, when she hugs you good bye, knowing fully well you probably have enough.
* Love is when you're told to focus on your career instead of the relationship of your dreams, because just in case it doesn't work, at least you never compromised on your future.
* Love is when dad kisses mom's hands when she makes his favourite dish, every single time, even after 30 years.
* Love is the anger mum shows when you scrape your knee after slipping from the see-saw in the park (if only she could uproot that see-saw).
* Love is the appreciation in your father's eyes, when you bag your first job.
* Love is when a friend travels 48 hours so that she could get to spend four with you.
* Love is when your flat mates take turns to make your favourite cuppa when you're sick and cranky.
* Love is the faith that cements friendship.
* Love is the trust that keeps two hearts together despite 10201.97 kms between them.
* Love is when you get back from a tiring day, only to have your room mates finish up cooking the dinner and doing the dishes.
* Love is in the text your sibling sends the next day after a huge fight, saying "still angry?"
* Love is what makes you strong enough to stay apart, not weak enough to never let go.
* Love is what you have for your parents and what you share with your sibling.
* Love is what friendship teaches you and lovers further the learning.
* Love is everything.

Well, a million things I could not write, but I am sure you get the drift. Love to me means all these things and a lot lot more. Hope you'd agree.
Thanks for this opportunity Priya. Love you lots :*


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  2. Love is everything...and its also great!

  3. This is such a lovely post! Truly worth waiting for. You've captured the essense of this wonderful emotion that while inexplicable, has the ability to transform us. Great job!

  4. Thank you all for liking it... It means a lot to me :)

  5. love you jassu.. :)
    i know how struggled against writing this.. u do write well.. i believe it.. its time u believed it too

  6. Thank you Sneha... thank God for a friend like you..and her unshakable faith in my talent *hugs*


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