13 February 2011

Love Byte #13 "Reminiscence.." Guest Post by Sneha

Hey everyone, Happy Valentine's Day !!! one day in advance :)

Priya's Blog is driving me nuts. How do you do it so regularly sis? I had to write just one and i was stumped. How did you do it alone last year? I tried starting my own blog. Its been two years now and I've written just one. Blogging really isn't for the faint hearted.

My contribution to Priya's blog is a tribute to my sisters. Being me, i don't tell them very often, but i love you both, a lot. My life would be insipid without you.

Here goes...

Being one of three sisters seemed like such a pain when I was younger, especially with me being the middle one, I was left hanging – neither here nor there, the worst of both worlds (being elder and younger at the same time), or so it seemed then. I hated being teased mercilessly by Priya, aka your blogger (the eldest). Soumaya, the youngest, was, well, the youngest. Her favorite dialogue was, “I’ll tell Papa” and then she would go wailing “Papaaaaaaaa…”

I am sure both my sisters will have their own woes to tell from their perspective.

We had an excess of everything, an excess of love, hate, drama, joy, fun, the fights. I pity my mum when I look back now. How she managed to handle a full time job, a house and the three of us, no one will ever know.

Let me give you and insight of how we were as kids. Priya was outgoing, smart, good in studies and fun to be around (she still is). Soumaya talked nineteen to a dozen. She had to narrate the day’s events to mum every evening, and not just narrate it, she would be dramatic about it too. She loved dancing. I was a complete introvert, content in my dream world. I became better once I discovered books, they added fuel to my overactive imagination I guess.

Now you can imagine what a house full of such characters would have been like. Usually two of us would gang up on the third one (the poor kid). I reckon the treatment toughened us up. We would bicker about the T.V remote, where we wanted to sleep, what we wanted to do. Priya and I used to have wrestling bouts. At times Priya would sit on us. (She still does, but those were the good days, she was slim then ). We did have more than our share of fights, but in fun times we had thrice the amount. We never needed friends outside of us. We would dance, play around, act, pull each other’s leg, dance some more. The best part was that we got to share each other’s clothes and shoes, not always with mutual consent or knowledge ;)

“If a sister is in a tearing hurry to go out and won’t catch your eye, she’s wearing your best sweater.” When I read this quote, I burst out laughing. This was surely written for us.

Since I was the quiet one in the family I would, more often than not, end up being “the ear” to both my sisters. Oh! How many secrets I still have stored up (rubbing my hands in glee). These secrets come in handy when I need something. Hahahaaa hahahaha (diabolical laughter)

I remember Priya and I were given a separate room when we had our crucial high school exams. How tired we would get playing cards at night. One of us would always say, “One last game, just one last one”, and last it did for an hour more. Mum and Dad will read this and think, “This explains Sneha’s marks.” Well, no harm done in the long run.

Through the years there were times when we drifted apart and then there were these other times when we felt, no one knew us better. When Priya moved to another city for graduate studies, the house felt empty. I would always feel my heart sink when I waved her off at the railway station, wondering what I would do without her. One time I returned from school and walked into the bedroom to see Priya sitting there with mum. I stood at the door for a minute, shock written on my face, my mouth agape, wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me. She had decided to come home early. That’s what Priya was like.

Soumaya filled up the silence in my life. With her around, there was never a dull moment. Now she is gone too. I enjoy having a room to myself, but I’d much rather have my pestiferous younger sister than my room.

We’ve all grown up now (have we really ???). Priya’s there in the U.S., Soumaya’s in Delhi and I am here, working as a full time teacher.

I spent a wonderful summer with Priya last year. Soumaya keeps coming home, or I visit her in Delhi. I wish the three of us could take a holiday together. We haven’t been together in two years now. Hope the time comes soon.

So this was my take on what love means to me – my sisters and I.


  1. You made me laugh Sneha and brought alive lovely memories of your childhood as well.I didnt know you guys sat up playing cards during your examination days!Loved re-living all those wonderful moments....courtesy your write-up.

  2. So sweet, you guys sound like you had a wonderful childhood. I have a brother and a sister and we didn't need much besides each other growing up. I'm the oldest but my sister who is the middle really thinks she's the oldest and takes it upon herself to still boss us around.

  3. Beautiful memories...having a sister is a special blessing!

  4. Sisterly love is the best! I'm almost 13 years older than my sister so besides being her sister I was also her mom!!!

    I started having children when I was thirty and she started having hers when she was 18 so our kids are about the same age! Loved this post!

  5. Sneha - I have no sisters and your posts made me realize even more what I've missed. Thank you for sharing your wonderful bond of love!

  6. I have two sisters and as I read your words I could see myself shaking my head affirmatively many times. There's something so special about sisterly love. It's unconditional, it's forgiving, it's reassuring and most of all, it transcends across the miles. My sisters and I all live on different continents but there isn't a day when we don't talk or email. It's the best feeling to know you're loved that much. Great post!

  7. I am touched... it made me laugh and cry at the same time...wish those days could come back again...

  8. @mum- i am glad.. mission accomplished... i tried writing something else but i was out of my depths... the hand skims over the sheets when the mind is in accord with the heart :)
    @sammy- i am happy it touched u so.
    i might not talk everyday with u.. but i miss u

  9. @CurvyEveryday - thank you :)
    we did have a wonderful childhood, thanks to our parents. u are a wonderful sister to let ur middle sis boss u around ;)

    @JessicaM- i relived my beautiful memories while writing this.. u forget so much with time..

    @Claudia - thank you Claudia... i am glad u enjoyed the post

    @Corrine - U are most welcome :)

  10. @gypsyroxylee - thanks a lot... i totally agree with you... sisters, everywhere are the same :)

  11. This was a superb post. Filled with excellent references I could relate to - and that quote - oh yeah. Still to this day! Beautiful blog. Grerat post. Well done. Shah .X

  12. What sweet memories of your childhood.
    I love reading this kind of posts, and you just put a smile on my face.
    So thank you for that, Sneha.

    Happy VL's Day!

    B xx

  13. Awwww ..you ask me how I do it and there you go pulling the best love byte ever ..I'm biased ..I agree but its a wonderfully written post ..

    What came to me as a lil surprise was the fact that you missed me when I was away in college.. and I actually do remember the shock on your face when you came back home from school to find me there but you saying that now after all these years ..man you got me all teary eyed !!

    Also I have to hear Sam's secrets and the part where you mention she filled up the silence in your life ..you got it all wrong ..with Sam there was no silence in our lives ...hahahahhahaha :D

    Forgive the epic comment ..but I love you and thank you for writing this :)

  14. @shah wharton- mission accomplished :)

    @Betty Manousos - thank you and hapy valentines day to you too

  15. @ my big sis - :D
    keep on being biased, i love it...
    poor sammy we keep pulling her leg ;)

  16. I wish I had sisters too.. reading this made me realise as well.. although i grew up with a brother and i know about siblings and all.. with sisters i guess its a different kind of love :)


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