30 April 2010

Fill in the blanks ( Movie ) Friday

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Ive been MIA the last couple of Fridays but Lauren @ the little things we do is hosting a themed Fill in the blanks Friday and being the movie buff i am , i just had to participate ..join in too , if you like ...
1. My absolute favorite movie of all time in English is The Shawshank Redemption and in Hindi is Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar

2. My favorite movie as a child was Free Willy , infact till date i still can watch it anytime ..i loved the character Jesse and the big orca whale and the whole idea of an umimaginable friendship between a child and a whale !!

3. The best movie quote ever is from the movie Runaway bride ..Its my absolute favorite and it happens when Richard Gere shares with Julia Roberts his thoughts on a perfect proposal and it goes like this " Look, I guarantee there'll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing.But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you're the only one for me."

4. My favorite actress is ooh thats a tricky one ..i love Julia Roberts , Meryl streep , Shabana Azmi and my favorite actor is Morgan Freeman ,i even love Keannu Reaves and Naseeruddin Shah , Farooq Shaikh , Aamir khan ..i guess i should rephrase the question to my favorite's' .. :P

5. The movie I could watch over and over is well it might sound quirky but absolutely any movie that ive loved watchin the first time i can watch it any no. of times .

6. My favorite movie genre is romantic movies ..i enjoy comedies and thrillers too but sappy stuff , bring it on anytime !!

7. A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is The Back up Plan ..no matter what anybody says i kinda like JLo ..you can tune in for the review on Monday !!

Have a great weekend !!

29 April 2010

Thursday Thoughts # Got a little Attitude ??

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"I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day to day basis is my choice of attitude . It is more important than my past , my education , my bankroll , my successes or failures , fame or pain , what other people think of me or say about me, my circumstances or my position. Attitude keeps me going or cripples my progress. It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope. When my attitudes are right there is no barrier too high , no valley too deep , no dream too extreme , no challenge too great for me ."
- Charles R Swindoll

28 April 2010

Every Journey Begins with a Pair of Socks ...

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"Why do men hog the remote ? Refuse to stop and ask for directions ?Have such a hard time sharing their emotions ? Why can't they drop their socks in the laundry basket instead of near it ? What does a man mean when he says 'uh-huh' ? ( No, it doesn't always mean he's not listening ) "

And thats what this book - Husbandry written by Stephen Fried is all about ..It talks about Sex Love and dirty laundry - an insight into the minds of married men ..

Drawn from his own conversations with his wife and other fellow husbands aka married men , this makes for one hilarious read .. im only half way through at the moment but im having an incredible time reading it .. and having said that i must also mention that i havent gained any particularly incisive insight into my man's mind but the book does claim to tell a woman more about her man than she'll ever learn by asking him ..well ill just have to finish it to know that , won't i ?

Have you been reading or read any interesting book lately ?

26 April 2010

The Wedding Card

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One of the most significant things that happened over the weekend for me was receiving Gattu Singh's marriage invitation ..you might wanna read this before you read furthur .. but if you're already aware , you know her special day is right around the corner ... in less than 2 weeks time , she'll be married and while im immensely happy for her , im sad too ..coz i wish i were part of the most special phase of her life , i wish i were part of all the celebrations ...i wish i were there for her and having said that ..im also sure that my dearest friend knows that im thinking about her and missing her every single moment .. and here's a little something especially for her ..
Its a poem called Recipe for a Happy Marriage by Author Unknown .

A Good Wedding Cake.
1lb butter of youth.
4lbs of love.
1lb of good looks,
1lb of sweet temper.
3lb of self forgetfulness.
1lb of pounded wit.
1lb of blindness of faults.
1lb of good humour.
1 tablespoon of sweet argument.
1 pint of rippling laughter.
1 wine glass of common sense.
1oz of modesty.

21 April 2010

Postcrossing Love

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Phyllis Theroux said,
" To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart."

Ive always been fond of writing letters , infact i believe that there's absolutely nothing that substitutes the power of written word.. and while we do have the internet and the phone and all sorts of ways to stay in touch now-a-days yet a handwritten letter has the thought , the feeling, the effort and the love and therefore my vote always favors the handwritten letter .. and there was a time when i used to send lots of mail , i used to send cards , write letters to friends and love letters to my then bf ( now hubs :D) , but as I grew older , the frequency grew lesser and lesser and i had almost forgotten the joy of sending and receiving mail . up until now, when i joined Postcrossing ..

Postcrossing is a project which gives one an opportunity to connect with like minded people all over the world by sending and receiving postcards ..the main idea is that for every postcard you send , you receive a postcard back from any part of the world and isnt that amazing ?

Well , trust me it is, cause today i received my very first postcard all the way from Spain and i am absolutely elated ,so much so that even though its pretty late in the night ,i just couldnt go to sleep without bringing myself to first write about it and share my joy..
here's a picture of the postcard too.. isn't it beautiful..??
I think i am surely going to dream of Puerto De La Cruz tonight ..
here's sweet dreams and a good nite to you too :)

20 April 2010

And the Winner is ..

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I can't believe its been almost a full week i haven't had the time to write something in here or for that matter even read blogs ..and even though id love to be regular sometimes its kinda difficult and this is one of those times ...
I aint going to bug you much xcept that today is the day when one lucky winner wins a fabulous pair of vintage earrings from Alex keller ..and the lucky winner is ..# 6

Congratulations Joannie @ raisinganarmy ..im so happy for you .. !!
I hope you enjoy your fabulous gift ...and dont forget to send me an email with your address and also your favorite pair of earrings ..
Special thanks to Alex for all her support and for hosting this giveaway and thanks to everyone who participated too ..

And before i sign off , another giveaway is on the way ..so stay tuned ..
Cheers !!

15 April 2010

Just Dishing It :)

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Im having a party today :)
Where you ask ? well right here ..its being hosted by Amanda @ Serenity now ..So share something about yourself and then hop over and make some new bloggy friends ..

So here are my answers ..
How long have you been blogging and what prompted you ?
I have been blogging since Aug 2009 and I started blogging more as a result of being coerced into it by my hubs ..infact my very first post details my reasons for blogging and you can read all about it here ..
Why did you choose this particular title ?
I chose this particular title for my blog because i knew if id ever write it would come from my day to day life experiences and observations and therefore MY REFLECTIONS just seemed so apt..
What do you blog about ?
I blog about anything and everything under the sun.. my travels , movies i watch , any article ive read or wanna share, books , family , friends , feelings ..my writing is a reflection of my life .
What's your favorite part about blogging ?
My favorite thing about blogging apart from the fact that its a creative outlet ,is that distance is no longer a barrier in making new friends and sharing experiences ..its a whole new world in itself ..
Which famous person would you choose to become your blog's devoted reader ?
If i had to choose one famous person to read my blog everyday , id probably have to give it a lot of thought ..i don't think id be content with just 'one'..
What is the funniest comment you've received till date ?
Well id rather share with you one that moved me most and it wasn't a comment , it was conveyed in person ..It was Grandpa telling me that he really loved what i wrote and more so appreciated the sensitivity with which i wrote and believe you me , having him say that made me real proud coz he rarely praises and therefore such high praise coming from a man of his stature meant a tremendous lot ..

Now that you've had a peek into my life , you can join in the fun too , just link up here ..and don't forget to sign up for my giveaway and mail scramble ..it ends Apr 17th ..

13 April 2010

Fun Times ..A Giveaway and Mail Scramble

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I hope by now you've entered my fabulous Giveaway hosted by Alex for a pair of vintage earrings ..
If you're new here or have missed out on my posts earlier then you're in luck coz there's still time to enter the giveaway , but before you do , here's a small addition to the rules ..
  • If you purchase something from Alex's shop , you earn yourself 5 more chances to enter the giveaway .. just leave a comment telling me you bought something ..
  • If you do a post about the giveaway or share a link on your blog you earn yourself 5 more chances ..
Thats a total of 10 more chances to win !!

Also im also hosting a Mail Scramble too ..
the last date to enter now is Apr 17th ..so you have a chance to join in the fun here too ..
Just one more addition, since i have quite a few overseas participation, im adding postcards to the list too ..so you can now choose between sending magnets or a postcard or both .. i leave it to you ..

Now Click here to enter my Giveaway ..
and Click here to be part of the Mail Scramble

and don't forget to spread the word ..!!
Cheers .

12 April 2010

Date Night

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I haven't been feeling too well today but here's a quick update on the weekend ..While Saturday was pretty much at home , Sunday was 'Date Night' for us .. and a happening one at that :)

Hows the movie you ask ? Well, despite the theme being the usual run of the mill kinds , its still a charming movie ..
Its about this ' boring couple from New Jersey ' who put in sincere efforts to keep the spark alive in their stagnating marriage ..but they are so embroiled in their mundane lives that even their ' date night ' is pretty much a routine with them eating the same meal @ the same place ..and thats where the movie is strikingly honest cause its transparent in its dealing of how they choose to show their marriage ...and this transparency reflects through out the movie ..

The movie soon picks up pace, at the uptown seafood restaurant Claw where Phil and Claire decide to go to , with a case of mistaken identity and there on the screw ball comedy becomes even funnier and more ludicrous but amidst all the craziness is a scene in the car when Phil and Claire discuss their marriage and you ,like me will identify with it ..

You'll identify that marriage is not always a cake walk or a bed of roses , there's sweat , toil and hard work , there are fights , arguments and make up sessions ,there's the wringing his neck and loving him all at the same time ..but if you're content and happy , its all worth it ...like Phil tells Claire
" If i had to do it all over again the family , the marriage , the kids ..id still choose YOU "

Me too , Hon !!

P.S ..Have you entered the giveaway i am hosting with Alex for a fabulous pair of vintage earrings ? Click HERE to enter ..

11 April 2010

Getting to Know You

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Mannland 5 is a blog i've only recently discovered and i've had such a fun time reading Keely's posts that today i'm joining her in her weekly feature and participating in the Getting to Know You Sundays .. here are my answers to this week's questions ..

1. What color do you wear the most?
Pink , also quite a bit of blue ..two of my favorite colors .

2. Would you rather have $10,000 dollars or a dream vacation?
A dream vacation anyday ..there's nothing hubs and me enjoy more than travelling and exploring new places together ..

3. Do you have a weird, quirky or unusual habit?
Whenever im leaving the house , i always have a feeling im forgetting something even after ive checked everything twice sometimes thrice ..

4. I really need to start..........?
a new fitness regime ..join the gym nearby that offers hip hop and zumba classes ..what could be more fun than dancing to lose some pounds ;)

5. What was the first blog you ever read?
the ones featuring on timesofindia.indiatimes.com

6. Do you collect anything?
i love handbags ..i just cant have enough of them ..

7. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
sweet 16

8. Do you text/twitter while driving?
I hardly drive but even if i did id never text/twitter.. i guess im with Oprah on this one.. The car should always be a no-phone zone ..

You can also join in the fun by linking up here ..
But before you go , have you entered the giveaway i am hosting for a vintage pair of earrings from the very talented Alex Keller ..Click HERE to enter ..
Have a lovely Sunday ..

09 April 2010

Giveaway Love

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Just before i left for my easter weekend celebrations , i bought this beautiful golden leaf necklace.. made out of vintage and recycled jewelry ..

but more importantly , I also made a new friend ..She's the very talented and thoughtful Alex Keller who has two wonderful etsy shops and today Alex is sponsoring a fabulous giveaway for all my readers and she's offering the winner a choice at her favorite earrings ..yes i said that right..you can choose your favorite pair ..isnt that lovely ??
Here's a little peek at the earrings ..



and there's more from where that came from ..check out her etsy shop here ..

Now for the rules of the giveaway ..
1. Visit Alex's etsy shop and leave a comment telling me about your favorite item ..
2. Be a follower of this blog ..
Thats it !!

The winner will be decided on Apr 17th ..
So hurry and Good Luck .

08 April 2010

Easter Weekend @ Palm Springs ..ver 3.0

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No trip is complete without retail therapy ..wouldn't you agree ?
If you do , well you won't be disappointed cause thats what we pretty much did on Day 3 of our Easter weekend ..We checked out an hour earlier and headed to the Desert Hills Premium Outlet, a colossal outdoor shopping mall that houses all the brands your heart desires and more.. Its a 20 min drive from Palm Springs and one a half to two hour drive from LA which by the way is hardly a deterrant for those like me who're always ready to shop :) and so we shopped like the whole afternoon .. and found some great stuff .. like this top ..
isn't it gorgeous ??? it screams summer to me and the color def one of my favorites which my guess is you already know looking at my next purchase ..
but isn't this linen shirt the perfect summer wear ? there were other color choices too , like white and pale blue but green was the winner for me ..
But clothes wasn't just it , there were accessories bought , like this belt,which has been on my must buy list for quite a while..
and this wristlet ..
tsk tsk Coach had quite a sale going on ..20% off on your entire purchase apart from the discounts they were already offering :D :D and that was icing on the cake , so much so that even hubs ended up buying a wallet for himself ..

But that wasn't the end , the already quite happening weekend had one more thing in store for us ..the earthquake ..and with that the trip came a full circle ..
Nature had shown me all ..the good , the bad and the ugly !!

06 April 2010

Easter Weekend @ Palm Springs ..ver 2.0

11:39 PM 4 Comments
Our Day 2 began with an absolutely sumptuous breakfast at the hotel's restaurant ..it was cooked to order and included juice , scrambled eggs , freshly baked muffins , fresh fruit and coffee ..
I'd much rather have soaked up the sun after such a perfect start to the day ..Instead , we were off to our next destination .. The Joshua Tree National Park..
Straddling the San Bernandino County and Riverside county, the park covers a land area of approx 800,000 acres and includes parts of both the Mojave desert and the Colorado desert ..

If you look at the map below you'll see that the park has 3 entrances ...you can choose to enter through the Joshua tree or Twenty nine Palms entrance and exit through Cotton wood ..thats a distance of approx 60 miles and takes approx 4 hours , however we chose to drive from the Joshua tree visitor center to Twenty nine palms or Oasis visitor center , a distance of 34 miles with an extra 7 miles if you include a trip to Keys view ..
Image courtesy : Official website
The Joshua tree park is named after the Joshua tree found in abundance in this park ..and so naturally it was our first stop ..after all it meant a picture together right ?
The next stop on the list was Hidden Valley where i enjoyed climbing up all the way , then enjoyed feeling on top of the world though having said that i must admit ,the feeling lasted only till i was up there ..coz the real challenge was climbing down ..
so i did what i did best , enjoyed and captured the panoramic view for as much time as i could and then literally rolled down landing with a thud . i guess you could ignore that detail ..
Next on the list came Keys View, where on a clear day the view extends beyond Salton sea to Mexico and its well worth the additional 20 min drive ..however as luck would have it , it wasn't a clear day however we did manage sweeping views of the Coachella valley and Palm Springs even though it was hazy ..
Then came the huge and varied rock formations that dot the entire landscape at the park ..the very first being Cap Rock , named after the flat rock that is perched at its top like a cap ..
and Jumbo Rocks ..for their sheer size
and last but not the least on the list was Skull Rock which is probably one of the most photographed rock formations ..you can see why ..
The loop was almost complete and by now, i was in complete sync with the description below ..
" For all its harshness, the desert is a land of surprising variety and complexity, a land of extreme fragility. "
In other words , whether you have a few hours or few days , Joshua Tree has something for everyone ..
Needless to say , i thoroughly enjoyed my visit ..The park is a different world from the inside ..its nature at its very best and with that i headed back to the hotel ..

but don't you go anywhere and if you do be sure to come back tomorrow coz there's still a day before the weekend ends ..so stay tuned !!

05 April 2010

Easter Weekend @ Palm Springs

5:48 PM 10 Comments
I have a hangover and before you jump to any conclusions i must tell you its not from drinking ..i had yet another awesomest weekend ..and even though there was a lot of driving involved i can tell you we had quite an amazing time ..
well it was easter weekend and surprisingly hubs was off from work too , so off we went to Palm Springs , a 2 hour drive from LA that can stretch to 4-5 hrs if you're caught in traffic..Luckily for us ,we started early and made it well under 2.5 hrs around 11 am ..
If i had planned the itinerary , we would have had four hours to kill before check in but since it was Hubs at work , my Mr.organized had already booked tickets for our first stop , the Palm Springs Aerial tramway ..
If you haven't been on the tramway , then you should know that the Palm Springs aerial tramway is the largest rotating aerial tramway in the world and ferries 80 passengers at one go ..the elevation being from 2500 odd ft to 8500 odd ft with a temperature difference of almost 30 degrees ..all this in approx 10 minutes ..
The ride up was positively thrilling, the rotating tramcar gives you a panoramic 360 degree view but even more breathtaking was the view from up above ..it was non pareil ..
on one side lay the desert
on the other side the scenic mountains, trees and lots of snow ..
We spent around 2 hours up at the mountain station walking through the Mount San jacinto State Park , clicking pictures , eating at the ala carte restaurant and the food was quite delicious esp the spicy chicken soup ...mmmm..

All in all ..my rating - this is an absolute must visit attraction in Palm springs..

Then at 4pm we checked in at the Villa Royale Inn , recently named one of the " West's best small inn's " by Sunset magazine ..and the minute you step inside , you know why ..

This is the entrance
One of the two courtyards leading up to our room
and finally our room
Isn't it marvellous ?
I loved it and i sure hope, i get the opportunity to stay again :)
and that concludes Day 1 of our trip .. more on our road trip tomorrow ..
See ya :)

01 April 2010

I've Got Mail ..

3:34 PM 8 Comments
Yohoooooo ..i've got mail ... and it came all the way from Florida ..thanks a bunch Lauren for everything you send me - the letter , the cookie , the hand soap ..

If you're wondering what's this all about , well i had participated in a mail scramble hosted by Caroline of Coeur de la .. well mail scramble is where everyone who wished to participate had to email their addresses and then you were anonymously sent one particular person's details .. and to that person you had to send a special something by mail ..
here's a picture of what i got :)
So , thanks a bunch Caroline for hosting such a fun scramble ..Infact ive enjoyed it so much ive decided to host a mail scramble for myself ..
I have always been a sucker for magnets ..its one thing i always, always buy as my keepsake and souvenir for the place i've travelled .. So all you people , how about a mail scramble involving magnets .. I am calling this the " Mail me ma Magnet " scramble .. all you need to do is just send me the following details at priasingh82@gmail.com and ill pair you up with another follower ..
Your favorite type of magnets ?
what kind of swap would you love to participate in ?

The last date to participate is April 14th , 2010 ..post which i shall send you the details ..Not to mention everyone who participates receives a special something from me :)

So , spread the word and let the Magnet'o'mania begin ..

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