26 February 2011

Love Byte #26 - Love is Imperfect - Guest post by Lauren


My name is Lauren and I am the blogger over at The Little Things We Do.... and I am thrilled that Priya asked me to guest blog, especially about the topic of love and what it means to me.

Some people might think that this is what love looks like:

Sitting in a field of flowers, utterly and blissfully in love without a care in the world.  Well....I think it's true....sometimes love does look like that.  The example in the above photo is of my husband Craig and I, and while it's true that we are sitting in a field of flowers making googly eyes at each other, things are not always as they seem.  This photo was from our engagement photo session and the field of flowers you see is actually a small patch of grass off the side of a city street and we're sitting on a towel because the ground was covered in mud and prickly thorns.  We also seem to be smiling in the photo, but we're really just joking about how awkward it is getting photos taken.  I think this is kind of like an analogy about love.  It's not always perfect and doesn't always happen the way you thought it would. 

BUT...while love isn't perfect, it's what makes life worth living.  It may not be a fairy tale every single day, but it's real and it can be so beautiful if you put in the work.  I think love isn't so much a feeling as it is an action.

Love to me is:

*Getting up early to make lunch for him
*When he warms up my side of the bed before I get there.
*Staying in, curled up with pizza and Netflix on a Friday night.
*Saying what needs to be said even when it's hard.
*Noticing a new freckle....even when it's just a little one.
*Complete trust.
*Silly inside jokes.
*Remembering my favorite flowers
*Coffee dates.
*Hard times that can be worked through together
*Fighting (fair) and then making up.
*Putting the other person's needs/feelings first.

Love looks different for everyone and there is no "perfect" love story.  Just people who choose to show love to one another a day at a time.  Hope you choose love today!



  1. Beautiful post! love may not be a fairy tale but it's real indeed!

  2. This is such a wonderful post, Lauren! I truly enjoyed reading about the "reality" of your "field of flowers" photograph. It's true what you say, love can take on many shades, some real, some fairy tale in the same way it can fill us with joy or frustration. And yet it does have the power to give us a glimpse of what life is like when in the company of someone we care about.


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