20 June 2011

Movie Mondays - Midnight in Paris !

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Arguably one of the best movies I've seen this year , Midnight in Paris had me nudging the husband and smiling ear to ear in as much as the first two mins .. coz the movie opens with a montage of Paris's tourist landmarks and having visted Paris barely 3 months back , 2 mins were all it took to wish I could go back ..

and ironically enough this feeling of ' nostalgia ' is wherein lies the heart of this story , coercing one to ruminate on the endless possibilities if we could only just go back in time ..
presuming naturally that a life different from their present would be much better ..
like I wrote earlier this month , that a life different from their own would be much better ..

But as universal , powerful and relatable is Woody Allen's message of 'appreciating and living life in the present' , even more charming is the fact that its so beautifully woven in the movie that one doesn't even realize it ..

For me , before I saw the movie ' Midnight ' was only about Paris but Owen Wilson (sigh !!!!) kudos to him for playing his part to the hilt ..
and for making the 'un'reality of it believable , fun , goofy and yet sincere ..

Hands down a must watch this summer and I'll rate it a 4.5/5 :))

Have you seen any movie lately you really liked
and what's on your must watch list for this summer ?

16 June 2011

06 June 2011

The Royal Wedding Invitation arrives *_*

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Yipeeeeeeee , Wowieeeeee .....
While I catch my breath , lets just watch it once more ...

I haven't stopped swoonin since this came out yesterday ..
but as bad as I feel for Jacob , Edward still has my heart <3

and this is already my favorite movie love quote of the year ..

"No measure of time with you will be long enough..

but we'll start with Forever."

01 June 2011

An Attitude of Gratitude ..

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In this past month of little writing and reading on le blog and blogosphere ..
I've been doing a lot of thinking , infact introspection might just be the more appropriate word here ..

Coz remember when we were young and life had a plan , as idealistic as it may have been ..
there still was a plan ..and mine was you'd say pretty conventional - to study , get a degree , get a job , get married , continue working , buy a house , a car , a dog , have kids ..

and then as life went by , I realised I was slowly accomplishing these goals I had set for myself , though not necessarily in the order above but life was happening and things moving ..and then somewhere in the middle of it all , crept a doubt ..

All and any attempts at ignoring it failed , and it forced me to deliberate , if this is how I wanted my life to turn out ?It wasn't like I was miserable but admit it aren't there times when it feels like everyone has it good except you ? that somehow your struggles are greater than anyone and everyone else ?

But its just normal human tendency or should I say normal woman tendency to sulk because sulking always makes everything better - doesn't it :D :D

Jokes apart , what does amaze me though is how a single have-not can make us more miserable than a dozen have's .. and how the have-nots always seem to yield more power than the have's ..

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side , but maybe its time to CROSS OVER and look at where you're standing .. because in most cases while we're busy ruminating over how he or she has it all, we forget to consider the possibility that he or she might be feeling the exact same way.
So ,
does it really matter if the timelines I set for myself need more time ?
does it really matter if my plan din't materialise the way I wanted to ??

I guess not because this life - the one I am living right now would never have happened ..
Joseph Campbell aptly said ,

"You must give up the life you've planned in order to live the life that is waiting for you ."

So like I said before , bring it on life - I'm game for you , I may not have it all but I have plenty and life is good , much better than I could have ever imagined and for that I am more than THANKFUL :)

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