27 May 2010

25 May 2010

All is well that ends well :D

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Most of Saturday this weekend was in bed for me ..it was one of those days when you wake up with a headache and nothing sucks more than falling sick on a weekend !!
But Sunday saw us heading to the movie theatre to watch one of the most ' ridonkulous ' and awaited movies ..
and it wasnt in the least bit a ' cat-astrophe ' ..If you've watched the movie you surely know what I mean and didn't you just love it ?I thought that it couldnt be a more happy ever after ending and goodbye than this ..but I do wish this wasnt the last chapter ..

And then came Monday ..when I received my accessory swaps package from the lovely Karina @Peace,love and cupcakes and my ..oh my did she send me some wonderful stuff ..Im going to dedicate a whole post to it ..so you'll have to wait for that but here's a little thank you note for Kary in the meanwhile :P
hahahahaha ..no sooner I saw this one I knew I had to share it :D :D ..
But this next one says it perfectly ..
all pictures via we ♥ it
So Thank you , my friend and I have something to give too coz I believe one good deed always begets another..

21 May 2010

I Wanna Grow Old With You

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A friend shared this video on Facebook today and i liked it so much that all i could think of was sharing it with you ... even if you've seen it , its worth a dekko ..

My favorite part was ," So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink , put you to bed when you've had too much to drink " , now who wouldn't love a man like that ??

Have a lovely weekend ..

20 May 2010

18 May 2010

Ain't No Mountain High Enough ..

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"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend." said William Blake ..
and its happened to everyone of us , at one point in time or another ..when we've fought with our best friends ..and dealt with the issue of to forgive or not to forgive ..

What troubles me most is the word ' friends ' here coz when i say friends , shouldnt it mean that fights should be easier to deal with and probably get over with quicker than when you fought / argued with a stranger ??

Atleast i thought so ..
Sadly , the reality differs..and the reality is that when a friend hurts you, your primal instinct is to shield and protect yourself and this instinct makes communicating difficult thereby making it harder to patch up problems and skewering the closest of friendships..

Whoever said friendship was not complicated was highly mistaken coz I think im finally beginning to comprehend the difference between friends and friendship ...Its the making friends part that is easy, Friendship is hard and keeping that connection strong and resilient during the natural ups and downs that affect almost all relationships can sometimes take more than you were willing to partake with , resulting more often than not in disappointment..

And while id like to believe im equipped and capable of handling disappointment , i sometimes am not ...but as quoted by Eileen Kennedy Moore in the book ' The Unwritten Rules of Friendship '
"Rigid beliefs make disappointments seem unbearable, whereas realistic beliefs help us to accept disappointment and go on from there."

and i have moved on ..

13 May 2010

Thursday Thoughts # KISS Principle

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I hate it when im unable to write regularly but there's so much happening around me that i just wanted to take a break and if you've been visiting regularly only to find no new posts..my sincere apologies..and more importantly thank you for bearing with me :)

One thing that i positively hate in my life is uncertainity, unstability , not knowing what future has in store for me ..it makes me uncomfortable ..but sometimes its all you have in life ..and what do you then ?
"Live simply so that others may simply live. It's a nice idea, but our lives are more complicated and complex than ever.What can you simplify today - your desk, perhaps your thoughts, a meeting? Simple means easy. Simple means asking, Is this really necessary? Simple means keeping it short but sweet.Simple means keeping the focus of your attention on what you need to do now."
Today's mantra is, lets keep it simple.

02 May 2010

Six Senses Sunday ..errr ..Saturday

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Julie @ The world is my oyster is hosting a new meme called Six Senses Saturday which means that todays post was actually supposed to be done yesterday but since i never got around to doing it yesterday , hence i am doing it today ..its better late than never ..right ??
If you enjoy it , go ahead give it a try and link up here ..
Right Now I'm...

A cuppa tea and Iced Lemon shortbread :)

Breakfast being cooked by Hubs ..its the most wonderful part of my weekend ..

2 movies at the same time ..

neither of the movies , instead am listening to Heartbreak warfare by John Mayer

The keys on my lappie ..

even more lazy than i did yesterday :P :D

Happy Sunday !!

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