29 August 2009

Happy Birthday MJ.

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Today is Michael Jackson's b'day ..had he been living he would have celebrated his 51st birthday today but in a cruel twist of fate , he instead moonwalked his way to his heavenly abode leaving his fans to mourn his loss forever.

MJ's life was no secret and the aftermath of his death was as anarchic and tragic as his eccentric life ..Its been two months since he breathed his last but he's yet to be laid to rest. Since the beginning ,he led a tumultous life and anything and everything he did made tabloid headlines..his failed marriages, his plastic surgery , his kids ..He was labelled a paedophile and ridiculed on talk shows ..He even figured in the worst celebrity makeover list not to mention in the worst guest to be put up in a hotel list . It must have been a constant nightmare for him with the papparazi like scavengers feeding on him and every inch of his flesh at the slightest of opportunity ..

MJ's life was no doubt a series of ups and downs but he's gone now and its only wise to bury the hatchet and remember him for all the good he did ..
Remembering him for being bestowed with the Humanitarian Award..
Remembering him for making it in the Guiness book of world records as the " Pop star supporting the most charity organizations "..
Remembering MJ as indisputably being the King of pop enjoying a level of superstardom like no other..
Remebering him for changing the world of music forever with his inimitable style and signature dance moves..
Remembering him for being a performer par excellence.

The saddest part was it took his death to make people realise what they had and what they can only remember now ..

I was no exception and ironically his death made me even more inquisitive about his life ..I read about him , listened to his songs over n over, sat glued to the television watching documentaries and tributes by people who knew him ..I even saw his home videos posted on you tube and it was surreal..
I specifically recall the video where MJ was having water balloon fights with Macaulay Culkin on his ranch , enjoying the company of family and friends , playing pranks and being a child again ..
I felt i lost someone i knew and i felt a lump in my throat , i sympathised with the child who had lost his childhood in the process of becoming an adult way before his time ..a price he paid for being so super talented and most people thought that MJ led a quintessential life.

So, today MJ on your special day , i celebrate the gift of " YOU " to the world, and pray that despite having lived a turbulent life , May you finally rest in peace now ..

Happy Birthday MJ !

27 August 2009

Love Actually.

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God bless her..the first words that came to my mind when i saw Gattu's engagement pics...theres nothin more gratifying than seeing two people who love each other as much as they do , finally beginning their journey of life together and as i finished looking at her album , i knew all this love was bound to be make me all mushy and mentisental ..and sure enough nostalgia crept in and i remembered the day we got engaged ..the day we began our journey ..

It was magical and it still seems like it happened just y'day , the rituals, the ceremonies , the exchange of rings ..most importantly us exchanging glances and smiles conveying silently a promise that dint need to be expressed in words , a promise of a happy-ever-after ..Five mnths later and the promise was now a reality ..we were married and then a bigger realisation dawned on me , that it was easy to marry the person you love , the real challenge was in loving the person you marry , every day in a thousand different ways.

The happiest of "in-love" couples would agree that Marriage is not always a cake walk and just HAPPY times.... there are BUSY times , TOUGH times , CRAZY times , INSANE times, STRUGGLE times , DECISION times , FIGHT times , HATE times and GIVING UP times but like the change in the status of your relationship , love changes too ..love grows , love has a whole new meaning and love is accepting that Marriage is a lot of hard work and responsibility and love is being ready to put in that effort daily to keep the romance alive ..

Barbara De Angelis said,

"Marriage is not a noun , it's a verb. It isn't something you get , it's something you do. Its the way you love your partner every day."

I guess im blessed to be married to someone who knows its as important to live life with each other as its making a life for each other.Life after all is pretty bland without love.

So this ones for you SUGAR , for making my life fo fweeeeeeeet !!

24 August 2009


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Gattu Singh is a friend i sort of got in Dahej ( Dowry ) meaning she was only a friend of my husband's till we got married and then as is deemed and a repercussion of marriage all our friends became 'common' friends. However having said that, i was initially curious to meet her since very few people do manage to impress my very hard to please husband and even fewer women so Gattu making it to the esteemed list kinda gave me reason enough to raise my eyebrows.

Well i dint have to wait long and i met her on Christmas eve in the year '06 and believe you me , the minute i met her , we hit it off like a ball on fire..She's the best kind of friend one could ask for and i wish i had met her earlier.

Its been three years since we became friends and we've had a great many conversations since then but i particularly remember one of our first conversations where we were talking about " Love " and she so naively asked me " How do you know if you've made the right choice ? How do you know he is the one for you ? " ...and i looked at her and smiled ..I guess almost every single person in a relationship goes through this phase of uncertainity when you doubt your own choice because you know not what the future holds for you and maybe its the unpredictability that makes it even more harder ...

I am no expert in love but i know that deep down in your heart you just seem to know when you've met your perfect match... becoz he fits in perfectly, you just know that for better or for worse he's your better half... becoz he completes u , and you know that he's someone who'll always be there standing by your side through all the trouble you would'nt have had if you had stayed single ;) ...

I guess " Love " is just a word until that special someone comes along and gives it meaning and i know now that just like i knew , she knows now too that shes found the one - her special someone.

So here's to Gattu and Sam Singh , as you two exchange your rings and solemnise your love , i wish that

"For all your lives may you find in each other the friend of your heart , the joy of your world and the love of your life "

All my love and blessings :)
Happy Birthday dear ..
P.S - Ditto from Hubby too :D

22 August 2009

The Journey.

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I hardly slept that night . News that Nikhils condition had worsened made me wonder if he would be able to make it through the night . Morning came and my worst fears were confirmed . Nikhil had passed away.

I dint know Nikhil personally nor had i met him but i knew him because he was going to be a part of the family soon and the news
of his sudden death had left me shaken.

It felt like i was watching a movie ..first the meeting , then falling in love and then the separation.

But this was no movie and i was finding it extremely hard to come to terms with this brutal reality . I moaned his loss and weeped for my cousin whose life he was to be a part of . I thought life would never move on but its been a week now and no matter how hard i try ive still not been able to muster enough courage to call her up coz i seem to be at a loss for words but i pray for her and i pray that the Lord gives her enough strength to cope with this.

Nikhil's untimely death to me was a reminder that Life indeed is fragile and one should not get so busy in making a life for oneself that one forgets to live it coz in the words of Abraham Lincoln

" In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

21 August 2009


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It may sound cliched but i never believed i would start writing ..not that i didnt want to ..Infact ive been reading quite a few of my friends blogs and going " WOW " ..they do write well ..and then my hubby suggested " Well why dont u give it a shot ? " and i thought to myself " Well , why dont I ? " and here i am writing my very first blog .

Like all other good things in my life , I dedicate my first blog to my partner in crime someone whos been my best friend and my worst critic , someone who i never managed to get rid of , someone whose charms i finally gave into and got married to knowing that i was going to be stuck " Forever " ..Well im sure glad i did coz just when i thought life was perfect and it couldnt get any better , i was wrong and i was happy to be proved so ...

Marriage has been a life changing phenomenon in more ways than one and we've had our share of good times and bad and through it all we have never thought of separation and divorce ..killing each other maybe but going our own separate ways never.. coz in the words of Rita Rudner
" I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. "
Thank you for being my special person and my inspiration.

Me Y You.

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