18 April 2011

Belgian Chronicles # Tidbits and treasures ..

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The weekend just zipped past but for a change it was full of excitement ..does gorgeous weather and spending a day on the beach have anything to do with it .. TOTALLY !!

But this post is not about the beach ( maybe later .. ) its about a certain kind of thrill you experience while exploring new things and places like when I was in Brussels ..

Assuming that you still remember all those places I showed you ,today I'm going to give you a lil behind the scenes action like Oprah..because all those pics you see were taken the second time around when we visited the attractions together ..
The first time ... well it just happened that I went alone ..coz with hubs working the whole day and having only a couple of hours in the evening it made sense for me to check out the places ,
ponder on the logistics where , how , what ..
and believe me when I say , its not something I get to do everyday , show hubs the way or order him around and therefore I admit to ' sadistically ' enjoying being in charge hehehe :D

Being and feeling at ease is not what you'd consider my forte ..but much to my surprise I was ... and so armed with a map in one hand and my handwritten lists in another I took to the city as if I belonged there ..
not that I didnt commit the odd mistake - like you'd expect any tourist to ..

take for example the transport system in Brussels ..Its well connected but its extensive ..
There's STIB/MIVB , there's TEC and DE LIJN and there's SNCB/NMBS

and there's Greek and Latin-which is what the above is,till you get a first hand experience...

and my first hand experience went like this ..
In an attempt to be the boss who knew it all ..I assumed I knew the diff transport systems and that I had hit the jackpot when I found I could purchase a 3 day pass that would give me the freedom to travel freely and not worry about paying every time I boarded a tram , bus or train ..
Smart , eh ?

Yeah if I was living in Brussels ..
apparently I wasn't ..
I was told later , I was living in Flanders where the jackpot wasn't acceptable coz it was a different provider .. so 9.20 euros * 2 go straight down the drain ..

I read somewhere “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.Then take half the clothes and twice the money”.

and now you too , know one of the reasons ..
why you need ' twice the money ' :P

The other reason is ofcourse the love for good food and drink.. only that my love for good food even while travelling is limited to what I like ..I just don't have the excitement to try out something new except this time I sorta found myself in ' Osaka ' a Japanese restaurant and had to admit I had the yummiest dinner .. the ambience was quite good too ..

But if you're in beer heaven , food should come second .. right ? and top on our list was this place called ' Delirium Cafe ' ..
Did you know Delirium cafe is known to house as many varieties of beer as the year we're in ..so 2011 for 2011 ??
but did you also know that there's a Delirium cafe right next to the Delirium pub ..??

So guess what happened ...
we went , we drank and we SAW ..
we saw that all this time we were supposed to be in the cafe ,we were actually in the pub ..

Looks like what usually happens with people post binging happened to us in anticipation of binging .. hehe :D
A classic case of mix up..but compensated by the bartender who gave me this..

Delirium in Delirium Cafe ..
you bet ;)

15 April 2011

I get knocked down , but I get up again ...

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So today was Day 2 of Zumba ..and guess who didn't turn up for class ...
Guess , guess .. Thinking Yellow Smiley Face Smile Images

Yeah you're right , it was the old lady ..
So much for cheers of ' more , more ' and not that she was my competition
but hehehehe .. guess who's having the last laugh ..
if laughing for a nanosecond counts .. that is ..
coz the other surprise was I was the only one for class today ..

Ideally you'd love the one on one session having paid for a group session but in Zumbaaa ..no way, Jose ..

Either ways I was high on confidence , my mind misleading my body to think I was better equipped to handle Day 2 ..
... yeah for about 10 mins .. and then the realisation dawned..
By the end of the class it felt like I was all over the place ..my arms flailing in all directions , my legs din't know left step from right or vice versa and need I say co-ordination sucked ...
The trainer must have gauged my predicament from my shameful sheepish grins and said for a beginner I was doing really well -
but as frustrated I was , the bitchy me almost replied - Geeee thanks - am I not suffering enough ?
but better sense prevailed and the pleasant me smiled for the much needed encouragement ..

What also encouraged me were Erika Harris's words ..she aptly said,"I frequently-regularly-often trip while reaching for my high ideals. Then I giggle, or cry, and get back up."

So I'm going to giggle and cry about it here on my blog ..
and maybe , just maybe in a couple of years months have the courage to brag and post pics , like Corinne asked ..

and pics reminds me of the Brussels post , I was supposed to do ..
Surprised Smiley Smile Images
After dinner tonight ...
Promise !!

13 April 2011

Killing me softly with a song ;-)

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Its been a while since I felt this happy .. and guilty as charged - Zumba hogs the credit for it..

though that wasn't quite the sentiment barely 10 mins into the class when I found myself huffing and puffing like an old woman whilst the ' literally ' old woman next to me cheered for more ..

or the thought last night when the joints in my body decided to pull a coup d’etat, yelling ' Torture '

coz it really , really hurts the first day ..
and if truth be spoken it does the next day too ...
* wincing in pain *

but in my case - deservingly so coz I've been a lazy ass for a long time now ..

If only I knew Zumba had the power to kill me and uplift me at the same time , you betcha I would have done it sooner ..coz as much as I hate exercising or going to the gym , I love eating ..
and even more , I love dancing ..

So my dear Calories ..screw you ..
I've found your nemesis..
and together we're taking you down .. Samurai Smiley Gifs Images

P.S ..tomorrow comes part 2 of Bustling Brussels - about time you'd say ?
Yeah yeah - whatever :P :D

03 April 2011

Its a dream come BLUE India ..

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To many around the World , yesterday still seems surreal ..after all its not everyday you win the coveted WORLD CUP ..
but Team INDIA has done it ,
Team INDIA has done us proud ..
and they are well deservingly the new WORLD CUP Champions ..
Woooohoooooooooooooo :D :D

I can tell you its been a long and arduous wait - 28 years and for most , like me ,having little or no recollection of that historic day in 1983 when it all first happened , this is what we've craved and prayed for -
to see India rewrite history once in our lifetime ..
and the dreams of a billion Indians for whom cricket is religion , for whom cricket is life have FINALLY been fulfilled ..

It really doesn't get any bigger or better than this and I am certain that every Indian , however ardent a fan of cricket he may or may not be , is still a very proud Indian today..

My favorite moment of the day most definitely was when Sachin Tendulkar said " It’s the proudest moment of my life. It’s never too late... "

For someone whose been around 21 long years and whose unflinching dedication to the sport and nation is and will be an inspiration for generations to come ...
Indeed , its never too late ..

This one's for you Sachin , from your team and from every Indian - an early , but surely the best'est' birthday gift ..
Happy Birthday ..

Image Courtesy : EspnCricinfo.com

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