21 October 2015

Hellooo , is anyone there ?

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Of late I've been told by a number of friends / fond readers of this blog that they miss my writing and to be brutally honest I've missed writing , not for lack of time though but lack of energy . 

Believe you me when I say I have tried a couple hundred times to sit down and write and I've barely made it past the first line , ok I admit brazenly that it was also coz I'd be lying down with my eyes glued to the idiot box, in stay at home mommy land this phenomenon is called conservation of energy thanks to the fact that the only muscles required for this activity are my eye muscles . The rest of them need / can/ must take a brief rest !

I remember categorically telling myself , back when I was a newbie that maybe its just this first year , once my boy starts sleeping through the night I'm done , the deal with the devil is done.. I'll be sleeping better , eating better , getting more / some / maybe a minute to myself but like they say the only thing that prepares you for motherhood is being a mother . Now , almost 3 years later , I'm not so naive , I'm only looking at being this tired maybe a few more years , maybe till he goes off to college or if insanity prevails and I add another kid to the mix then maybe I'll accept being tired forever . 
Bottom line being .. Yes , motherhood is tiring , its being exhausted to the very marrow of our bones but I know , you know ,we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat . 

But this post is not about that , its about blowing off the dust and clearing the cobwebs , grabbing a cup of coffee ,make that a pumpkin spice latte (cliches are allowed all year and esp during fall )  and penning down moments , moments that will soon be memories but first Coffeeeeee !!
Grab a chair , I've plenty to share !!

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