31 January 2011

Share the L♥VE..

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I've put you in the mood for gifts , haven't I ?
Well I am just doing a lil shopping on Etsy and getting ready for my " All you need is Love " swap..
6 more days to join in people ..all the rules here but
In a nutshell ..
  • you have to sign up by 6th Feb and I'll pair you up by 7th ..
  • you have to send a Valentine's day card to your partner plus three things you love ( it could be a movie, book,baked goodies , jewelry , artwork , absolutely anything that you associate love with )
  • handmade or store bought , it should be wrapped in love .

So feel free to share the button , spread the love and join in ..
and don't forget to be back for all the fun thats starting tomorrow ..

30 January 2011

Let the Odyssey of Love begin..

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Just one day to go before Feb begins and Valentine month celebrations kick off..
Just one more day before I fill your lives with the color of love coz Love Bytes is back people!! Yohooooooooooo ...

I'm nervous but super excited..for those of you who're new here , let me just fill you in quickly..
Last year for Valentine's I had started this tradition of writing a love byte everyday for the entire month of Feb.. you can check them out here ...
and since it was so popular, I'm bringing it back and this time I'm being joined by my blogger and non blogger friends from all over the world to give you your daily dose of love..and you don't wanna miss all the fun that's happening..right ?

So just bookmark this page and be back everyday for your daily dose of love or love byte ..
and all I ask you in return is to reciprocate the same love that you receive as so many friends share their hearts , love stories , learnings ..
as so many friends share LOVE ... !!

26 January 2011

Magical Moments ..contd..

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The title was only apt because just when I thought my birthday was over ..here's what I receive in the mail from back home..
Thank you , you guys for sending so much love ..
My sis ,I love you for taking the time to make me a card ..Its precious despite the hints at healthy eating ;-) :-P
and mommy , I love you for choosing the kind of card that made me both smile and cry at the same time ..

and since we're talking about birthdays , I have to also thank my lovely friend and neighbor Teresa, coz look at what she did ..
Yes , she baked me a cake ..It was the most thoughtful gift ever and I just want to say again ..thank you T ..and did I tell you it was the yummiest ever ??
I have a feeling that this might just be my year , presumptuous as this may sound since the year has just begun but I have a good feeling, coz apart from all the loveliness I've received for my birthday ..I've also got this ...
Yup, I am the proud recipient of
from FJ @ Theta Cube
and amidst all the hoopla of the award season, this sure seems like winning the Academy because its indeed an overwhelming feeling to be appreciated and acknowledged, so with all my heart, thank you ladies for thinking of me,keeping up with me and reading all that I write ..

I am blessed ..
and truly its life's lil blessings that are the most magical..

24 January 2011

Movie Mondays - No Strings Attached ..

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This love story is about Emma and Adam ..
Adam played by Ashton Kutcher is his usual puppy self , the ever charming , adorable and considerate guy who's looking for love and commitment while Emma played by Natalie Portman is a medical resident who works emergency shifts , has 80 hour weeks and no time for a serious relationship ..

They decide to tread the unfamiliar path of having a physical relationship without an emotional one and simply be sex friends, mutually consenting to pull the plug if either of them gets any serious 'feelings' ..

But sex without love ..yeah right ..like it ever happens ..
So, ironically and soon enough they find that there are strings attached, pulling them closer ..
and from there on the movie ambles along journeying the all too proverbial route of denial , break up , loss and eventually the realization of being in love ..

It is no doubt your usual run of the mill romcom's, but it is surprisingly witty and entertaining.. The funny one liners and the oodles of chemistry keep you glued to your seat ..
and Natalie Portman ...I think I've fallen in love with her ..

in her own words from the movie ..
she gives me 'premature ventricular contraction '

she makes my heart skip a beat ;-)

21 January 2011

Magical Moments ..

11:37 PM 10 Comments
Beautiful isn't it ..
and the best birthday gift wouldn't you agree ...??

So, last Saturday as I turned a year older this is what hubs and me did..We drove down to Sunset Cliffs Blvd in San Diego to witness this, the miracle of nature we so take for granted in our day to day lives ...
It was amazing how as the Sun began its descent, scores of people turned up , some with coffee, others with soft drinks , some with their beach chairs and others with their beach mats ..like there was a party thrown by Nature and everyone invited ..
For once it didn't seem to matter who you were , where you came from , what you did ..no one cared ..everyone was there for the simple reason ..
to watch the glorious performance of Nature ..
to watch the fiery orange slowly soften and embrace the indigo of the night ..

and me , well I watched too , sitting beside the man who I so love ,
and I marvelled ..

Someone rightly said,
"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream."

I am still dreaming ..
I know the best is yet to be ..

20 January 2011

Thursday Thoughts # Happiness is a choice..

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There are times when it is hard to believe in the future,
when we are temporarily just not brave enough.
When this happens, concentrate on the present.
Cultivate le petit bonheur (the little happiness) until courage returns.
Look forward to the beauty of the next moment, the next hour,
the promise of a good meal, sleep, a book, a movie,
the likelihood that tonight the stars will shine
and tomorrow the sun will shine.
Sink roots into the present until the strength grows to think about tomorrow.

~Ardis Whitman~

There is so much going on right now, so much that I am planning for this blog, changing the layout, organizing a swap, co-ordinating the love byte feature for next month and as much as I am hoping and praying that its a success, I have a gnawing feeling at the back of my mind I'll fail..
I can be such a pessimist at times :O
and hence the quote , I needed it so much ..
Have a wonderful Thursday , you all :)

18 January 2011

All you need is L♥VE swap

3:18 PM 6 Comments
Even as Blue valentine , the movie I watched yesterday , tore my heart .. I still believe in love ,in making it work ..and I guess I always will ..
Love to me is everything , its the soul of life ..its what keeps the fire burning !!
And therefore I kick off the Valentine day celebrations today with this - " All you need is Love Swap " ..yayyyy .. am so stoked ..
but wait , there's more in store ..
Remember this - my Love bytes feature ..well its back too .. and this time with a lil twist ..You've got to wait to see what I've planned this year but for those of you who're new here ,its the time of the year when every day for the month of Feb , a love byte is featured or simply put Love is celebrated ..I've a lot to do, lot to plan but I'll keep you posted and you ..you stay tuned :)

and meanwhile join me for the swap
  • email me at priasingh82@gmail.com with the subject as " All you need is Love swap "
  • mention both your postal address and blog link and if you're willing to send overseas ..
  • you must sign up by 31st Jan and send your package by 5th Feb so everyone receives it well in time .
  • there's no limit to what you'd like to spend but $15 bucks is a nice number .
  • don't forget to include a Valentine's day card with your favorite love quote ..it just makes it so much more endearing ..not to mention personal
  • Also Valentine is all about the reds and pinks so put in a lil color and send three things you love ( it could be a movie, book,baked goodies , jewelry , artwork , absolutely anything that you associate love with ) ..be creative and send as much love as you can ..

Off you go now ,
♥Spread the word, share the link and join me in spreading some Valentine cheer!♥

17 January 2011

Movie Mondays - Blue Valentine ♥ ♥

11:50 PM 3 Comments
Essentially a love story but with a tragic twist, this is a simple story about a crumbling marriage..
Told in flash back style the movie teeters back and forth, taking us deeper into the lives of a couple Dean and Cindy falling in love only to find themselves falling out of love.. Their angst evident as they both go through the motions of marriage, Dean trying hard to salvage his marriage , save his family and Cindy having given up hope , yet fighting visibly expressing her anger and anguish at what could have been ..

The storyline is not new but the approach fascinatingly different , not to mention extremely poignant and powerful performances by Gosling and Williams ..

Two of my favorite moments in the movie are ..
The first - a scene during flashback when they go out together for the first time , when Dean renders his version of the " You always hurt the one you love " and Cindy does the impromptu tap dance ..

and the second - a scene towards the end of the movie , where Dean makes a desperate plea to save his marriage reminding Cindy of the vows she made to him on the day of their marriage..of promising to love him for better or for worse..also telling her that " I'm at my worst now but I'll get better.."
The emotion so raw ,the fear so palpable , its gut wrenching ..
and its not surprising to find yourself relating to it .. because the questions it raises are even more important .

What happened ? What went wrong ?
Is it beyond repair ? Can nothing be done to salvage it ?
Was it the right decision , right person , right time , right relationship ?

Everyone, including me,at one point in life or other has had one or all these questions looming large..
I believe in love
I believe in romance ..
but ...
Maybe all romances are not fairy tale romances.. maybe they are..
Maybe all fairy tale romances have a happy ending ..maybe they don't ..
Who decides .. ??

Cindy's grandma in the movie shares this piece of advise with her ..she says,"When you love someone , make sure he's worth it ...To YOU !! "

Maybe herein lies the answer ..
When you love someone , make sure he's/ she's worth it ...To YOU !!

My rating - 4/5

P.S.. Don't forget to watch as the film ends , the most awesome and totally emotional credit sequences ever put to film ..
yes , its a tug at your heartstrings... again ..sighhhh !!

13 January 2011

10 January 2011

Movie Mondays - The King's Speech ..

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Remember this post when I had started the weekly meme Movie Mondays ..which apparently lasted just about a week :O ..So not intended ..
So anyways with all the enthusiasm I can muster, I am infusing fresh life into this meme and doing it all over again.. and meanwhile counting on your support..

I had the pleasure of watching today's movie with my friend Teresa also a blogger who blogs @ checalamovie.net.. She writes in Spanish but don't forget to show her some love too ..
So the movie I watched is "The Kings speech" -a conventional Brit period drama about the royal family at a critical moment in history but conventional it is not ..
Infact to tell you the truth I had lil or absolutely no clue what to expect going in, from this movie except that it revolved around the speech impediment that plagued the King.. and the fact that hubs categorically said I wouldn't like it coz its not the genre of movie I usually go for and that made me a tad bit nervous too .. but I bet you its one of those poignant and powerful movies that have you admitting soon enough that you're going to love this ..and I did absolutely !!!!
and more so, for once I was more than just glad to prove hubs wrong ..I was relieved :P :D
The opening scene of the movie finds you in Wembley stadium , waiting for the Duke of York's address but what follows is acute embarassment for him as his words get stuck in his throat and every stammer and stutter seems to resonate louder than the previous, and this embarrassment and anguish deeply shared by his wife ..
and that sets the tone for the entire movie with Colin Firth , the shy, repressive, bullied by his father and overshadowed by his brother, Duke making this colossal effort to overcome his speech impediment with unrelenting support from his wife Helena Carter and an unlikely friend he finds in Geoffrey Rush - his speech therapist..

Superbly crafted and excellently written , this film boasts of brilliant scenes peppered with great comedic dialogue between Firth and Rush that keep you on the edge of your seat laughing out loud and thoroughly entertained ..

The movie builds up, incrementally leading to " The King's speech " which I guarantee will leave you speechless !

I would love to tell you more but if you appreciate good cinema you've got to watch this one and even if you don't go watch it to prove yourself wrong ;) ..Truly Oscar-worthy performances ..I hope Firth , no more " A Single Man " clenches this one !

06 January 2011

Here's to life and the best laid plans ;-)

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I am sorry I didnt mean to yell :P but I am still so happy ..the holidays were good and the New year's begun on just the kind of positive note I wanted.. Also, if Day 1 is any indicator of how this year is going to turn out , boy oh boy am I in for a crazy year ...

So day one of the New year kicked off with us heading to Morro bay , a 3 and a half hr drive from where we live ..
or maybe not ..
Actually it started with complains of how I never wake up on time, almost never get ready on time and therefore there was no point in driving the 200 odd mile coz it was way too late.. which by the way if you're married, you just know that the madder he gets, the more you love him ;) ( sometimes the loving takes a while though :P) and more importantly that the destination is not quite as important as the ride even if it comes with its share of pee breaks :P

So with all the excitement, we drove on but guess what, we never made it to Morro Bay coz by the time we reached Pismo beach ,the bright sunny morning turned into this chilly rainy afternoon.. Our destination was another 25 miles but it seemed like we had reached ..The beach beckoned ..and a magical sight it was , watching the rain dancing on the ocean waves ..feeling it fall on my face and kiss my lips as I walked hand in hand..

Thats how life is too , isn't it ?
You make plans for life and sometimes along the way life has plans for you ..
and to truly enjoy the life that is waiting for you, sometimes, its best to let go of the life you've planned, to take a risk, play along who knows what lies beyond..

and Mark Twain rightly said,

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover. "

and I am going to do just that ..What are you exploring , dreaming and discovering this year ?

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