27 February 2011

Love Byte # 27 - "A happy family is but an earlier heaven" - Guest Post by Karina

Hi loves - It is such an honor to be posting on Pria's blog for you her dear readers :)
My name is Karina and I'm popping over from "Ramblings Of A Simple Girl".
It's been great reading the Love Byte's segment and it feels great to be a part of this segment along with 
all of the lovely girls that have contributed.
It will be a year in April that I came across darling Pria's blog, and what a blessing she has been.
Pria has come to be like family, just a phone call away. Full of encouraging and soothing words during
some of the hardest moments in my life. I love my darling Pria and can not wait to meet her in person when she does get to come to New York City :) 
And give her a big Kary Hug!!

Love, Hmmmmm... What does love mean to me?
Love means everything to me, it is my world and my life.
I am after all the girl who is in love with love :) 
I owe it all to my beautiful parents, who made sure I grew up surrounded by love.
We might have been poor material wise, but love wise I was and still am the richest girl ever!

Me & my beautiful Mamma
Me & my beautiful Pappa

I am SO thankful and blessed to have the parents that I have.
They immigrated from Mexico leaving behind everything and everyone they knew, with out thinking
twice about themselves, but about us their future children.
So that we could have the opportunities that they didn't have.
They suffered and struggled hard to give us a good life, sometimes suffering because we
couldn't have certain material things.
But to my beautiful parents I say:
Thank you for putting a roof over my head.
Thank you for keeping me away from harm.
Thank you for always holding my hand when we crossed the street.
Thank you for staying up late and by my side when I was sick.
Thank you for holding up my hair while I threw up.
Thank you for threatening to beat up whoever bothered me at school :)
Thank you for soothing me when my heart was broken.
Thank you for always believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself.
Thank you for all the values and lessons that you have thought me.
Thank you for everything!!
Thank you Mamma & Pappa for bringing me into this world and for teaching me that the most important thing in life is family and love!

So you see in the end we were swimming in nuggets of love.
It is a blessing to live so close to my parents, and have my Miguelito so close to his Grandparents.
And I wouldn't have it any other way, I love being able to see my parents everyday, to hug them, and listen to their voices. It is like music to my ears.
To some I might sound like a little girl and even though I'm not,
to my parents I will always be their little girl.
And they will always be my everything, my love's, and my life! 

Kary xoxo
There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings
- Hodding Carter


  1. Oh the things that parents do for their children...the purest of all love! Great post!

  2. Such a beautiful and heart warming post!! One of the things I love most about you Kary is your deep love for your family and the close relationship you share with your parents. I too am close to my family and it's such a blessing to have what we have :) I love, love, love seeing photos of little adorable you :) SO cute!!! You are the kindest, sweetest girl with a big heart - your parents absolutely raised you right :) And just like them, you're doing the same great job with Miguelito :) Love you and your sweet family xo

  3. What a beautiful post Karina :)
    Parental love .. Truly something we often lose sight of .. Thank you for placing them.. Exactly where they should be .. Right at the centre ..

  4. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL POST that touched my heart and made me teary-eyed but SO thankful to have parents just as amazing.

    i love seeing little you! ;)

  5. Touching post! Parental love is the first love we are introduced to and if we're lucky, it is our parents who model how love is an essential part of life. Sounds like you have a loving family!

  6. This is such an awesome post .. A befitting end to the guest posts .. Thank you my friend for being a part of this love byte series and for showing us all that love is indeed all about family :))
    Muchos abrazos mi amiga.


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