25 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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For me , Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for the simple everyday things and people that we sometimes take for granted yet they make our life special every day of the year ..
It's about family , friends and loved ones and there is no greater joy than sharing this and every festival with them - and that's precisely what I am doing - celebrating with family and friends on a trip to Zion national park .. but it would be incomplete if I did not thank you -my lil family here , for being there always to laugh , listen , share and care.. You make the blogging world a better place :)
I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving :)

12 November 2011

Have a funfilled weekend :)

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Back home and feeling a bit under the weather , but if only that was reason enough to keep me home :P ...I've a midnight birthday party to attend to and before that I intend catching the latest Bollywood movie ' Rockstar ' - so off I go to get ready ..
What are your plans this weekend ..well whatever you do , have a wonderful weekend and stay warm ..

08 November 2011

Love in the Lone State ..

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I've had a lot of time this past week - one of the perks of accompanying the husband on work trips ..others being relaxing , eating out , shopping , catching up on sleep and conversations , also bringing myself upto speed on all the writing and reading I've been missing in this bloggy world and speaking of which I read this great article on love and marriage last night .. part of the Modern Love column series published in the NY times.
While you can read the entire article here , I'll just share the part which reverberated most with me ...

"My husband and I don’t have a great “meeting” story. We met in a conventional way and had a conventional wedding. And in some sense, we lead a conventional life.
But my husband has seen me at my worst, at my most vile. And he has seen me at my best. He knows the things I don’t tell anyone, and the lies that I tell everyone but him. I have made sacrifices for him and been angry about it. Sometimes his flaws are so egregious, so blatant, they are all I see. And sometimes his kindness is so stunning that I am humbled.

And that’s love. Big, epic, fairy-tale love. The kind of love people write about. The kind of love that could inspire a poem."

The kind of love that for me could inspire the next blog post maybe :P
-a blog post on my one week's epicurean lifestyle in this city of Texas called Houston ..which btw lasts another 2 days so if you've been here , share some wisdom on the best of the best , will you :)

05 November 2011

Its been so long since I've seen your face ..

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Where does one begin and what does one say when someone's been as bad as me and not penned down a single word , thought , happening these past 2 months .. I guess even sorry doesn't cut it :( .. 
The worst was when my own flesh and blood , my mom ( et tu Brutus ) commented on if I planned to resuscitate the blog in February with love bytes .. come to think of it - it wouldn't have been half as bad if this were the month of February instead of November ..after all love conquers all , right ?

So where have I been and what have I been upto .. lets just say ...

Couldn't resist sharing this forwarded message I received the other day , it really made me laugh out loud , but the truth be told ( with all the awesomeness ;) I can muster ) is that I've literally been all over the place with both good stuff and not so good stuff happening in plenty but I'm alive and kicking and grateful for everything .. infact couldn't sum it up better than this status message I posted on my wall the other day ..

" Sometimes things have a funny way of falling in place , like when you least expect them to , but then , just maybe , that's how its supposed to be .. "
and if they don't , bring out the lemons , the salt and that shot of tequila ;)

Have a great weekend.. Much love :)

30 August 2011

Minnesota Chronicles - Getting here ..

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Its been a crazy few days packing for my two week trip to MN ..its crazy if you take two weeks to pack for a two week trip , right ? :O

but the good news is I finally made it here yesterday afternoon :D ( that I forgot to still pack a couple of things is a different story but I am here,with family and that feels SERIOUSLY awesome !!! )

and since I've slacked on the Hawaiian chronicles, so much so that I still haven't got down to penning them , I promise to do a better job with this , the Minnesota Chronicles ..

You would agree if I said - the craziest part of travelling anywhere is getting there.. but for me, its also the funnest especially when you're travelling alone because it gives you the opportunity to observe people and their antics and top on the list yesterday was this man sitting next to me , who slept like that was all life was about ..he slept nonstop ..from the minute we boarded till the time the row infront of us cleared .. he even slept while having his beverage ..like a sip of Coke and he conked out - I mean 'snoring' conked out ...like it was horse tranquilizer and not Coke ... Jesus .. you would really have to see it to believe it .. and his only saviour was my book ( I was reading ' Shopgirl ' by Steve Martin ) that kept me occupied for the most part ..occupied enough to not elbow him or knee him or even stab him .. if the need arose .. infact if you haven't learnt the most important truth about flying yet ..its this ..

A good book in hand is every bit worth the pee attack you don't have ;) :P

21 August 2011

Happy 2nd birthday :)

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Yup ..I can't believe it but my blog officially turned 2 today ..needless to say its been quite the journey ..a journey I am proud of !!
I still remember when I wrote my first post ..elated as I was ..I wondered what next and so remained the question for many months - and then it slowly began to get easier...
However, having said that I must still admit that writing is and will not always be a piece of cake but whats important is I revel in it , and over the last two years I've particularly enjoyed writing about movies , travel and relationships ( like the new layout din't already spell it out for you ;) .. ) but it wouldn't be half as much fun if it weren't for all the comments, feedback that all you lovies keep sending my way ..
So thank you for being my friend on this journey and for being there ..it means a lot :)

15 August 2011

Movie Mondays - Summer favorites !!

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I haven't done this in a while ..come to think of it the last movie I wrote about was Midnight in Paris back in June.. but by now you must know that hubs and me watch as many movies as we can ..so here's a couple of them I really loved , laughed and adored ( even cried ) these past months or so ..
First on that list Horrible Bosses - All I want to say about this one is that its freakin HILARIOUS , hands down the best comedy caper of the year and that if you haven't seen it yet , you've got to see it like NOW .. like asap !

ZNMD is truly the best Hindi movie I've seen like in a long long time and I loved every bit , every frame of it ..the fact that its shot in Spain is an added incentive but even otherwise there's a certain relatability associated with the kind of films Farhan Akhtar makes ..the kind that makes it all too realistic and believable and yet inspires you to dream ..

and speaking of dream , Crazy, Stupid , Love reminded me of how love has the power to make you go crazy and feel stupid all at the same time .. I don't mean for this to be a spoiler but one of the most poignant scenes in the film is the conversation the protagonists share on a bench outside the classroom that got me .. and then I saw Ryan Gosling's booty ..is he hot or is HE HOT ..and as I still swoon over him , I also remember him in Blue Valentine ..wasn't that one sad-happy-sad movie ?

The next two movies I wouldn't have watched if it weren't for hubs but I'm glad I did ..
Conviction is the inspirational true story of Betty Anne Waters , a sister whose unflinching belief in her brother leads her to finish law school , fight the system and overturn her brother's unjust wrongful conviction .. The movie took 9 years to make and was almost shelved due to lack of funds but its one of those movies that take you beyond just film making , it takes you on the extra ordinary journey of how far one is willing to sacrifice for the sake of family ..

And if the above gets you all in knots , here's one to help you unwind ..and while some may contend that this crazy goofy social satire belongs to Jim Carrey all the way , I'll tell you that Ewan Mcgregor is quite the revelation , bringing in just the right amount of sweetness to make you love him too .. Admittedly the movie is quite brazen , inappropriate and ridiculous but therein lies the movie's USP ..
This is not even half the list but I was worried you'd run away :P
So assuming you're still with me , tell me , have you seen the above movies ? What did you think of them ? and do you have any recommendations ?

10 August 2011

Changing hearts ..

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Sunday the 7th of Aug was Friendship day , which is when this post was supposed to be up but then sometimes in my case well begun is literally ' half ' done :P .. anyways here it is ..
My FB page is inundated with friendship day messages yet most of them seem perfunctory ..perhaps one of the reasons why I wish to refrain from posting any ' friendship ' messages today..
I still believe in the institution of friendship but I'd much rather celebrate and rejoice in the company of good friends all year round than wish each other this one day and forget they existed the remaining days..and as rhetorical as it sounds , its what I've come to believe in ..
blame it on all the exciting episodes I've had with people I thought were my friends or
blame it all on just growing up ..
either ways the meaning of ' friendship ' has changed ..
and every time I wrote a post about friendship that change was even more apparant whether it was about friends growing apart or about moving on or even about reuniting with a lost friend ..

And who knows it might change to mean something else in the future but for now I want to remember it as this ..

It might hurt to let go

sometimes a little , sometimes more ..

but let not despair in your heart grow

for every friend that turns a foe ,

there's always a good one in store

to rekindle the flames of friendship aglow..

Happy Friendship day to you and your best friends :)

01 August 2011

Crazy , Stupid , LIFE !!

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July has disappeared without so much as me blinking ..it seems to me the lesser I write the faster time flies ..
now is that how its supposed to be ?
Who knows , all I know is July was not such a blur either .. atleast not the first half ..when me and hubs took time off and went for a real vacation not a work cum pleasure vacation but a real one ... Weekend breaks are good and I'm glad to make good use of them as and when the time and money allows but after a while they just don't seem to cut it out for me ... my heart desires for a getaway that's longer than just the weekend
Infact isnt that what a getaway means ..
when you really get away ,
when you feel you've gotten away ..
Pardon me if I seem a bit carried away with all this getting away but you do get me right ?

Call me a romantic if you may but nothing beats the crap of everyday life than spending quality time together and doing what you enjoy most together be it travelling , watching a movie , going to a park , exercising ..hell even shopping counts .. the idea is to take out the time every once in a while , to stop and smell the roses .. and I mean it in the literal sense of the word too ...
coz the whole purpose is to slacken the pace of an otherwise crazy life and get away and we did just that on our trip to Hawaii .. and believe me when I tell you that we've been to quite a few places together but this trip , visiting Hawaii was an out of this world experience..
because Hawaii is a place with something for everyone , from the nature lover to the beach goer to the savvy shopper ...
a place with a little bit of all, from tropical rainforests to stunning waterfalls , from tranquil mountains and lush valleys to one very active volcano and even snow on the highest peaks ..not to mention the never ending stretch of gorgeous beaches ..
maybe its just the traveler in me falling in love with every new place I visit ..wanting to savour every moment , every sight , smell and every experience but its the truth .. and as a Jewish proverb goes ,
"No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell."

and so even with all its rockers and some shockers ..HAWAII is still every bit magical ..

20 June 2011

Movie Mondays - Midnight in Paris !

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Arguably one of the best movies I've seen this year , Midnight in Paris had me nudging the husband and smiling ear to ear in as much as the first two mins .. coz the movie opens with a montage of Paris's tourist landmarks and having visted Paris barely 3 months back , 2 mins were all it took to wish I could go back ..

and ironically enough this feeling of ' nostalgia ' is wherein lies the heart of this story , coercing one to ruminate on the endless possibilities if we could only just go back in time ..
presuming naturally that a life different from their present would be much better ..
like I wrote earlier this month , that a life different from their own would be much better ..

But as universal , powerful and relatable is Woody Allen's message of 'appreciating and living life in the present' , even more charming is the fact that its so beautifully woven in the movie that one doesn't even realize it ..

For me , before I saw the movie ' Midnight ' was only about Paris but Owen Wilson (sigh !!!!) kudos to him for playing his part to the hilt ..
and for making the 'un'reality of it believable , fun , goofy and yet sincere ..

Hands down a must watch this summer and I'll rate it a 4.5/5 :))

Have you seen any movie lately you really liked
and what's on your must watch list for this summer ?

16 June 2011

06 June 2011

The Royal Wedding Invitation arrives *_*

10:59 PM 6 Comments
Yipeeeeeeee , Wowieeeeee .....
While I catch my breath , lets just watch it once more ...

I haven't stopped swoonin since this came out yesterday ..
but as bad as I feel for Jacob , Edward still has my heart <3

and this is already my favorite movie love quote of the year ..

"No measure of time with you will be long enough..

but we'll start with Forever."

01 June 2011

An Attitude of Gratitude ..

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In this past month of little writing and reading on le blog and blogosphere ..
I've been doing a lot of thinking , infact introspection might just be the more appropriate word here ..

Coz remember when we were young and life had a plan , as idealistic as it may have been ..
there still was a plan ..and mine was you'd say pretty conventional - to study , get a degree , get a job , get married , continue working , buy a house , a car , a dog , have kids ..

and then as life went by , I realised I was slowly accomplishing these goals I had set for myself , though not necessarily in the order above but life was happening and things moving ..and then somewhere in the middle of it all , crept a doubt ..

All and any attempts at ignoring it failed , and it forced me to deliberate , if this is how I wanted my life to turn out ?It wasn't like I was miserable but admit it aren't there times when it feels like everyone has it good except you ? that somehow your struggles are greater than anyone and everyone else ?

But its just normal human tendency or should I say normal woman tendency to sulk because sulking always makes everything better - doesn't it :D :D

Jokes apart , what does amaze me though is how a single have-not can make us more miserable than a dozen have's .. and how the have-nots always seem to yield more power than the have's ..

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side , but maybe its time to CROSS OVER and look at where you're standing .. because in most cases while we're busy ruminating over how he or she has it all, we forget to consider the possibility that he or she might be feeling the exact same way.
So ,
does it really matter if the timelines I set for myself need more time ?
does it really matter if my plan din't materialise the way I wanted to ??

I guess not because this life - the one I am living right now would never have happened ..
Joseph Campbell aptly said ,

"You must give up the life you've planned in order to live the life that is waiting for you ."

So like I said before , bring it on life - I'm game for you , I may not have it all but I have plenty and life is good , much better than I could have ever imagined and for that I am more than THANKFUL :)

18 May 2011

For you , Joanie =)

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I've been a bad , bad blogger but the sweetest thing happened to me like a week ago ..
well having a blogpost written especially for you qualifies as the sweetest thing , doesn't it ??

and moreover it also reminded me that friendships created over the course of writing a blog and sharing your life / experiences are very real and special .. and I'm lucky to have come to know some of these very wonderful people ..

and one of these is Joanie.. She's no stranger to my blog having guest posted earlier this year
sharing what 'Love' means to her and I tell you just with that one post she won so many hearts ..
I ain't a mommy yet but its almost like I can feel her love in her words for her children , for her family and I love that about her ..the most precious moment being - seeing her dream of having a lil girl after 3 boys come true ..

and you would agree if I said I just had to , had to be part of such awesomeness..
So here's what I did , I sent her a lil pressie for her princess ..and here she is wearing it ..
Its taken her almost a year to grow into it but its been worth the wait and those big beautiful eyes ..I'm in love ..
Thanks Jo for such a heartfelt post and the mini photo shoot, you made my day, my friend :))
<3 <3 <3 to you and your beautiful family ..

18 April 2011

Belgian Chronicles # Tidbits and treasures ..

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The weekend just zipped past but for a change it was full of excitement ..does gorgeous weather and spending a day on the beach have anything to do with it .. TOTALLY !!

But this post is not about the beach ( maybe later .. ) its about a certain kind of thrill you experience while exploring new things and places like when I was in Brussels ..

Assuming that you still remember all those places I showed you ,today I'm going to give you a lil behind the scenes action like Oprah..because all those pics you see were taken the second time around when we visited the attractions together ..
The first time ... well it just happened that I went alone ..coz with hubs working the whole day and having only a couple of hours in the evening it made sense for me to check out the places ,
ponder on the logistics where , how , what ..
and believe me when I say , its not something I get to do everyday , show hubs the way or order him around and therefore I admit to ' sadistically ' enjoying being in charge hehehe :D

Being and feeling at ease is not what you'd consider my forte ..but much to my surprise I was ... and so armed with a map in one hand and my handwritten lists in another I took to the city as if I belonged there ..
not that I didnt commit the odd mistake - like you'd expect any tourist to ..

take for example the transport system in Brussels ..Its well connected but its extensive ..
There's STIB/MIVB , there's TEC and DE LIJN and there's SNCB/NMBS

and there's Greek and Latin-which is what the above is,till you get a first hand experience...

and my first hand experience went like this ..
In an attempt to be the boss who knew it all ..I assumed I knew the diff transport systems and that I had hit the jackpot when I found I could purchase a 3 day pass that would give me the freedom to travel freely and not worry about paying every time I boarded a tram , bus or train ..
Smart , eh ?

Yeah if I was living in Brussels ..
apparently I wasn't ..
I was told later , I was living in Flanders where the jackpot wasn't acceptable coz it was a different provider .. so 9.20 euros * 2 go straight down the drain ..

I read somewhere “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.Then take half the clothes and twice the money”.

and now you too , know one of the reasons ..
why you need ' twice the money ' :P

The other reason is ofcourse the love for good food and drink.. only that my love for good food even while travelling is limited to what I like ..I just don't have the excitement to try out something new except this time I sorta found myself in ' Osaka ' a Japanese restaurant and had to admit I had the yummiest dinner .. the ambience was quite good too ..

But if you're in beer heaven , food should come second .. right ? and top on our list was this place called ' Delirium Cafe ' ..
Did you know Delirium cafe is known to house as many varieties of beer as the year we're in ..so 2011 for 2011 ??
but did you also know that there's a Delirium cafe right next to the Delirium pub ..??

So guess what happened ...
we went , we drank and we SAW ..
we saw that all this time we were supposed to be in the cafe ,we were actually in the pub ..

Looks like what usually happens with people post binging happened to us in anticipation of binging .. hehe :D
A classic case of mix up..but compensated by the bartender who gave me this..

Delirium in Delirium Cafe ..
you bet ;)

15 April 2011

I get knocked down , but I get up again ...

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So today was Day 2 of Zumba ..and guess who didn't turn up for class ...
Guess , guess .. Thinking Yellow Smiley Face Smile Images

Yeah you're right , it was the old lady ..
So much for cheers of ' more , more ' and not that she was my competition
but hehehehe .. guess who's having the last laugh ..
if laughing for a nanosecond counts .. that is ..
coz the other surprise was I was the only one for class today ..

Ideally you'd love the one on one session having paid for a group session but in Zumbaaa ..no way, Jose ..

Either ways I was high on confidence , my mind misleading my body to think I was better equipped to handle Day 2 ..
... yeah for about 10 mins .. and then the realisation dawned..
By the end of the class it felt like I was all over the place ..my arms flailing in all directions , my legs din't know left step from right or vice versa and need I say co-ordination sucked ...
The trainer must have gauged my predicament from my shameful sheepish grins and said for a beginner I was doing really well -
but as frustrated I was , the bitchy me almost replied - Geeee thanks - am I not suffering enough ?
but better sense prevailed and the pleasant me smiled for the much needed encouragement ..

What also encouraged me were Erika Harris's words ..she aptly said,"I frequently-regularly-often trip while reaching for my high ideals. Then I giggle, or cry, and get back up."

So I'm going to giggle and cry about it here on my blog ..
and maybe , just maybe in a couple of years months have the courage to brag and post pics , like Corinne asked ..

and pics reminds me of the Brussels post , I was supposed to do ..
Surprised Smiley Smile Images
After dinner tonight ...
Promise !!

13 April 2011

Killing me softly with a song ;-)

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Its been a while since I felt this happy .. and guilty as charged - Zumba hogs the credit for it..

though that wasn't quite the sentiment barely 10 mins into the class when I found myself huffing and puffing like an old woman whilst the ' literally ' old woman next to me cheered for more ..

or the thought last night when the joints in my body decided to pull a coup d’etat, yelling ' Torture '

coz it really , really hurts the first day ..
and if truth be spoken it does the next day too ...
* wincing in pain *

but in my case - deservingly so coz I've been a lazy ass for a long time now ..

If only I knew Zumba had the power to kill me and uplift me at the same time , you betcha I would have done it sooner ..coz as much as I hate exercising or going to the gym , I love eating ..
and even more , I love dancing ..

So my dear Calories ..screw you ..
I've found your nemesis..
and together we're taking you down .. Samurai Smiley Gifs Images

P.S ..tomorrow comes part 2 of Bustling Brussels - about time you'd say ?
Yeah yeah - whatever :P :D

03 April 2011

Its a dream come BLUE India ..

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To many around the World , yesterday still seems surreal ..after all its not everyday you win the coveted WORLD CUP ..
but Team INDIA has done it ,
Team INDIA has done us proud ..
and they are well deservingly the new WORLD CUP Champions ..
Woooohoooooooooooooo :D :D

I can tell you its been a long and arduous wait - 28 years and for most , like me ,having little or no recollection of that historic day in 1983 when it all first happened , this is what we've craved and prayed for -
to see India rewrite history once in our lifetime ..
and the dreams of a billion Indians for whom cricket is religion , for whom cricket is life have FINALLY been fulfilled ..

It really doesn't get any bigger or better than this and I am certain that every Indian , however ardent a fan of cricket he may or may not be , is still a very proud Indian today..

My favorite moment of the day most definitely was when Sachin Tendulkar said " It’s the proudest moment of my life. It’s never too late... "

For someone whose been around 21 long years and whose unflinching dedication to the sport and nation is and will be an inspiration for generations to come ...
Indeed , its never too late ..

This one's for you Sachin , from your team and from every Indian - an early , but surely the best'est' birthday gift ..
Happy Birthday ..

Image Courtesy : EspnCricinfo.com

29 March 2011

Belgian Chronicles # Bustling Brussels ..

5:56 PM 7 Comments
I cant believe March is almost over ..here I was all eager to pen down my experiences , managed the first one too ..
but then the 'unexpected' happens..Infact more and more I am inclined to believe that 'Unexpected ' is going to be the trend for me , this year ..
No reason to complain , you argue ?
I guess .. coz if nothing much it sure makes life interesting , right ?

But easier said than done I guess ..so much has been happening in my life right now or maybe just in my head ..I still ain't quite sure but whatever the case , you would agree if I said once in a while , it does good to just step back and breathe ..

More interestingly , I read somewhere that the time to enjoy a European vacation is three weeks after unpacking ;)
So let the enjoyment begin .. ** glasses clinking **

This first picture , as blurred as it is , is one of my favorites , coz no sooner does the camera makes it's way out ..the glare follows , the glare that reads , " Whaaat ..a picture , really ?? at the airport ..this is embarrassing "

No hubs darling , this is not embarrassing , this is marriage ..I love doing it coz you hate it soooo ..
hahhahahaha ...mwaaahahahhahaha :D
This next picture is where we stayed ..and it gets the award for being the worst hotel ever ...
Did I tell you that even air conditioning is on request and chargeable ..duhhhhhhhhh !!

To the good part now ..city sightseeing ...
Described by Victor Hugo as "the most beautiful square in Europe," , the next two pics are of the Grand Place ..
This memorable landmark is located in the very heart of Brussels yet its surprisingly hidden, accessible only through the narrow alleys that lead up to the cobblestone square ..but be prepared to be charmed instantly as you gaze in awe at the baroque guildhalls and the gothic architecture ..
The courtyard also houses the Town hall or the Hôtel de Ville another Gothic masterpiece dating back to 1402 ..

3 blocks from the Grand Place square , located on the corner of Stoofstraat lies another famous attraction the Mannekin Pis .. a little boy peeing into a fountain. Plenty of folkore surrounds the existence of this bronze statue but he's definitely the most photographed and has quite the fan following ..
Infact , few know that there are two more statues the Jeanneke Pis - a statue of a girl relieving herself erected in 1987 and the Zinnekin Pis - the statue of a dog peeing erected in 1998. Jeanneke Pis is tucked away behind some bars just outside Delerium cafe on Rue de Bouchers ..

Just writing about all this is making me hungry coz after all the sightseeing we did , we had the most awesome waffles or " des gaufres " ..the best part , you can top it with ..strawberries ,bananas, whipped cream , chocolate syrup , caramel syrup , icecream ..anything you like , you name it and you get it ..We just stuck to a topping of Nutella and it was so delicious ...my mouth waters for it still ..

If only it dint have like a hundred thousand calories , maybe I would have had the heart to have another one .. Do you think about what you're eating when travelling or do you give into such sinful temptation?

12 March 2011

09 March 2011

Belgian Chronicles # Rocker Vs Shocker

6:38 PM 10 Comments
Remember this , my first post of the year ?
Well life certainly seems to be making plans for me ..how else can I explain the most unexpected / unplanned trips of all ..all I can say is whichever way it happened , I am certainly thankful .. ( to you too my hubs ) ..
We might be short on time but I still managed to visit not only Brussels , but Bruges ( thanks Bella for the advice ) and best'est' of all PARIS and the only way I can relive this fantabulous vacation is penning down my experiences on this sojourn and so with immense pleasure I bring to you the " Belgian Chronicles " edition ..

They say “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and first impressions are almost always the truest ..so here are some of mine ..

  • * A 'No Smoking' room meant getting a room that apparently reeked of smoke ...Before you come to conclusions perhaps it would be fair to tell you that the hotel we put up in def ranks as the worst hotel we've stayed in ever ..I mean lifetime ever .. but since it was prearranged for us, being an official trip, we had to grin and bear it ..
* Shocker *

  • * Bus drivers ( both male and female ) are the most ingenious people I came across - the dexterity with which they drive the biggest of the buses on the smallest of roads .. hats off !!
Definitely a ** Rocker **
(and just for this I am willing to ignore the annoying fact that buses never stop at a bus stop , always 10 to 15 ft ahead of the bus stop Confused Yellow Smiley Face Smile Images ..)
  • Moving staircases better known as escalators are meant for running / walking up ..If you're standing comfortably and not running up ( Lord forbid if you are ..) you're most definitely a tourist.. I would understand running / walking up the escalator once in a while if you're missing a bus/ tram/train but always , everyone ??
* Shocker *
  • If you know the right place , you're definitely in for the most amazing frites or fries , chocolates and beer .. I have fallen in love with the chocolates from Galler ..if you've not had them , you must and when you do , think of me and ship some my way too ..you'll forever be my best friend !!
Double ** Rocker **
  • You have to pay for everything ..and I mean literally everything ..
  1. Tourist maps are free ..right ?? Wrong ..they're available for .50 euros ...and that makes it the only place where I've paid for a tourist map.. * Shocker *
  2. General Shopping - be sure to carry a bag coz plastic bags aren't free ...I support eco friendly so I do agree that the only way to cut down on plastic bag consumption is to ask ppl to pay ..This one gets my support - ** Rocker **
  3. Going to have a burger , be prepared to pay for burger and ketchup ( .60 euros )..Maybe being in America has spoiled me but even back home in India ketchup in restaurants is free ..* Shocker *
  4. If the above doesn't rattle you this will , every time you use a public restroom you have to pay .30 to .50 euros ( even restaurant restrooms are not free ) ..and judging by the number of times I need to use the restroom ..well.. there's where all my money for shopping went So Sad Crying Yellow Smiley Face Gifs Images ..I'm telling you someone should have prepared me for this ...coz seriously for me , when I'm travelling , looking up a restroom within running distance is perhaps as important as researching the tourist attraction .. **Whammy Shocker ****

I'm not saying I din't enjoy myself but one invariably compares it to what you have back home ..I always do , do you ?
and have you been somewhere you found a rocker/shocker you'd like to share ?

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