15 February 2011

Love Byte # 15 - " Love is Sharing...even your popcorn "

guest post by Claudia from moncy3

photo courtesy by just popping

Hi there, my name is Claudia from moncy3 I'd like to thank Priya for the opportunity of being a part  of these wonderful love bytes. Every time I visit Priya's blog  'My reflections' I feel at home and welcomed.

I'm being honest I am not one to write much, besides everything about love as been said in an impeccable way already. As I was browsing the web to find the perfect love quote, get some inspiration and elaborate on it I came across this one... clever and transparent...  

'Love is sharing your popcorn' by Charles Schultz. 

So I thought of doing a little...lets' call it 'research' just like my daughter tells me when she's about to log in and engulf into Club Penguin.   Let's go ahead and read shall we: 

Social Etiquette and Good Manners/Sharing Popcorn  

Expert: Amanda Gamble - 2/21/2005

I recently went to the movies with my wife and a new friend from work. I bought popcorn and snacks. Without asking, my new friend reaches over and grabs a big handful of popcorn, and does this about 4 or 5 times without mentioning a word, except for little comments about the movie. He's a friend, but the act made me uncomfortable! I thought he should have bought his own, and at the very least asked before reaching into my popcorn...
What do you think about this "Popcorn Etiquette" situation?

Any help would be appreciated! It's driving me crazy thinking about it!

-Mike (Seattle)

Dear Mike,
Wow! Not only rude,but disgusting,too. Why he would
think that it as okay to get grabby with your popcorn
is beyond me. Perhaps he was raised by wolves. In any
case,there isn't anything that you can do about it now.
The moment has passed. Next time,let your wife hold the
popcorn with you between him and the food!
                                          Best regards,
                                             Amanda Gamble

Fascinating, and so real!  We never think twice or hesitate not a bit to share our personal hopes and wishes, our intimate dreams, our most inner desires, our emotional feelings,
our pains, frustrations and fears.  The good, the bad and the ugly,
uphill or downhill, 
rain or shine we all share it with our
loved ones without reservations...even the simplest things like popcorn.

...and if I may add to this funny quote Love is also drinking
from the same straw!

Have a blessed life my friends and many hugs your way!



  1. BY FAR, my favorite one. Claudia said it so well--- you don't even think about little things that really show how intimate you can be with the person you share your life with...

    makes me smile i found my person to gladly and freely share my popcorn (AND STRAW!) with.

    priya this series is brilliant and wonderful. Thanks for hosting them on your blog!

  2. the popcorn thing is funny....i am not sure what i would think actually! depends on how close the friend is =)

  3. This is one of my favorites so far! Love the popcorn photo touch to go along :)


  4. Love isn't one big thing ..its a million little things and when you decide to share your life with someone , you share these million little things .. the popcorn , the straw ;)
    So true Clau and such a lovely thought ..Thank you for being part of this feature ..

    Also what touched me most was when you said you feel at home here ..its the best compliment ever :)

  5. had me laughing at the whole image of having to share your popcorn... ad so true on the sharing bit, because love is that one thing which only grows when shared :)

  6. Claudia - What wisdom and how well you've put...I absolutely ♥ it!


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