18 December 2009

Make up or Break up..

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"In every marriage more than a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find, and continue to find, grounds for marriage."

While Love always is and will be the most important ground for a solid enduring marriage, Fidelity comes a close second...

According to a study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin “The first two years of marriage foreshadow the long term marital fate after 13 years…The researchers also discovered that the difference between the happily married and unhappily married groups were apparent right after they tied the knot ..”

In layman terms...what it means is that a couple must work on their marriage as soon as their “wedding” is over because your marriage is not a constant …it’s a variable , a dependent variable whose value depends on the presence or absence of other variables in the environment you create.. if that’s too much Maths which I think it is, it simply means that a Marriage is what you make of it and therefore it’s important that you spend the first few years of your relationship taking the time to discover each other, spending quality time with each other, learning to love each other, learning to appreciate the differences and similarities and making a few adjustments and compromises..

While I agree that the comfort derived from having married someone you’ve been in a relationship with might be greater than marrying someone who you don’t know (Love marriage Vs. Arranged Marriage) it does not in any way undermine the effort that needs to be put in either of the cases and therefore the initial adjustment can be sometimes a bit of a struggle too especially when things may not always work out the way you like them to be and then at that point of time in life giving up or running away from the situation seems like a lucrative option ..Infact the travails of bringing semblance of normality in your relationship can sometimes even sows seeds of doubt like ..if he or she is the kind of partner you had wanted to spend your life with and add to that the hectic lifestyles one leads in today’s life and it’s enough of a temptation to commit infidelity .When one refers to Infidelity , it does not always imply an extra marital affair because that’s just one part of it and I believe that Infidelity includes any and all such acts that one consciously commits fully understanding the repercussion or threat it poses to one’s already existing relationship ..It’s like Susanna Abse said "It's the thought that matters, not the sex" and therefore emotional infidelity is as devastating for a relationship as is physical infidelity because you’re draining your marriage of the love it needs to survive in turn debilitating it to the point of no return..

However like for all things, Infidelity has a flip side too because some are of the opinion that the revelation of a cheating partner does not always mean the relationship is finito...sometimes it can be a catalyst for change and renewal too...restoring life to a dead relationship...

However, having said that, It does not necessarily mean that one needs to commit infidelity to find the worth of your own relationship...In my opinion a dating couple might survive it but it can most certainly ruin an otherwise perfectly good marriage …the best example being Tiger Woods.. He may continue to apologize to his family and loved ones for his transgressions and seem apologetic too but I am sure he has realized this by now that it surely wasn’t worth it.

I end this post with a message to all couples on the meaning of Fidelity. It’s something I read and immediately connected with...I hope you like it too …

10 December 2009

Truly Madly Deeply.

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"The first time i saw him , my heart skipped a beat
The first time he saw me , he just wanted to be my friend..."

And thats how it all began for us ..From being friends to best friends to sweethearts to betrotheds to finally becoming husband and wife..its been quite a journey ..and on 5th of Dec we celebrated 12 years of togetherness and 3 years of wedded bliss ..

An anniversary of love is always a special occasion coz its a reminder of all the beautiful memories you've created together over the years and its a celebration of the happiness and joy you bring in each other's life everyday and most significantly its a time to renew the vows you made , a time to reiterate your promise to each other ..
a promise to continue loving each other unconditionally..
a promise to create many more precious memories together ...
a promise to discover and enjoy new things about each other ..
a promise to enrich your lives with more laughter and joy

And while you make the promise to strengthen your love and marriage for forever , its only fair to also take the time to thank your partner for those everyday little things you take for granted in a marriage .. So on our anniversary of love , id like to say thank you sweetheart..
Thank you,
for having the good sense to choose me even though it took you 12 whole days..
for always loving me , esp at times when i deserve it the least but need it the most..
for always giving me unsolicited advice hoping i might pay heed..
for taking care of me when im sick , literally and otherwise ..
for never letting me sleep over an argument because you want to argue more..
for cooking great meals regardless of the help you get from me ..
for doing the laundry even if it means washing only your clothes..
for your sense of humor despite knowing all your jokes are aimed at me..
for making sense out of all life's nonsense..
for being my better half but accepting ill always be the best..

Id like to thank you much more but then that would entail making fun of you and you know i dont like that :P
On a serious note ..Life surely wouldnt be half as fun or crazy if it was'nt for you ...Thank you for being you :)

Me Y You.

02 December 2009


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The truth is never appealing but the truth is sometimes the best of friends grow apart ..

You might have shared the best of times and the worst of times , you might have spent hours discussing serious stuff or whiled away time in plain inconsequential banter, you might have shared wise cracks and dumb jokes ,you might have laughed till u cried and then cried remembering times u laughed .You might have made a lot of memories together but it all suddenly seems a thing of the past now ..

Now you find it hard to have even a simple conversation , you feel awkward and uncomfortable , you feel there's nothing in common..

Infact you're in a state of disbelief and feel despondent especially if it happens with a friend you seem to have known almost all your life..It makes you reflect on all the years gone by and the credibility of your relationship...It makes you deliberate on what brought you together in the first place and what has changed ..It makes you ruminate on how you managed to grow apart in the process of growing up together..

Is this the point of no return or a crossroad ?
Is it natures way of saying it wasnt meant to be ?
Is it time to move on ?
None of the above options seem plausible or legitimate , you've invested so much in your friendship that you're not ready to let go and it compels you to contemplate on the meaning of friendship ..

So what is the meaning of Friendship ?
What does being Friends mean ?

Friendship is a relative term ..it means different things to different individuals ..
For me friendship involves a relationship ..
it means being there for each other when you'd rather be somewhere else ..
it means taking the time out for each other from your busy schedule ,sometimes to talk and sometimes just to listen ..
it means doubling your joys and dividing your sorrows ..
it means telling each other what they need to hear not what they like to hear ..
it means moving on together and not leaving the other behind..
it means making a positive difference in each other's lives ..
it means making life simpler and happier ..

Friendship means more than i can explain in a few sentences , after all it isnt just one big word , its a million little things you do for each other and like every other relationship being friends requires a bit of hard work too ..coz its not just taking ..its giving back too !

Someone once told me friends are best categorised into Best friends , Guest friends and Pest friends in order of their usefulness ;-)
In a lighter vein , whichever category i classify my friends into , here's a friendship oath i read on the internet that deserves a read and a good laugh :D

Friendship Oath

When you are sad,
I will get you drunk and help you plot revenge against the jerk who made you sad.

When you are scared,
I will laugh at you and tease you about it every chance I get.

When you are worried,
I will tell you how much worse it could be and to quit complaining.

When you are confused,
I will use little words to explain it to your dumb ass.

And when you are lost,
I will answer my cell phone and give you directions.

When you are sick,
I will hold your hair while you pay homage to the porcelain god.

When you fall,
I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass.

This is my oath, I pledge till the end.
Why you may ask?
Because you're my friend.

30 November 2009

A Grandparent's Love.

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Two very special people in my life celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary today ..
Two very special people in my life are my Grandparents and on their special day , i dedicate this poem to them that i came across on the internet ..

"I was thinking of Love,and you came to mind.....
I have many memories I would like to rewind.
Do you remember those days I would lie in your lap?....
As you doodled my ears,I would take a short nap.
I'm remembering the nights that we spent together.....
You would scratch my back gently,ever so tender.
As I rewind a bit more,I am seeing so much fun....
I'm remembering the cozy winters and sitting in the sun
Those are just a few of the many memories I have.....
Let's rewind a bit more to when I was bad.
I'm sorry for the times when I made you cry.....
Looking back at the past, I'm not sure I know why.
I know as a child I was stubborn, selfish, and strange.....
But look at me now, and how much I've changed.
I assume looking back, It's hard to understand.....
That today I'm quite normal, I think God lent a hand.
The ending is near, I think I've said enough
I could go on forever,but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
All joking aside,I would be up all night.....
If I continued this poem, and continued to write.
There's just not enough words to express all the love.....
Other that the words written above.
So I Thank You!....
From the bottom of my heart, For loving me no matter what. "
- By April Johnson

Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary !!

17 November 2009

A Way of Life .

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"If only someone had helped...if only i had done things differently...maybe he would be still alive.." and as i listened to her , a shiver ran down my spine and i was completely numb ..She was my friends mom and while my friend had lost his dad , she had lost her spouse ..

Ironically for me this was not the first time i had seen a friend lose a parent / sibling or loved one and each time it seems even worse than the last time...but then no one can be prepared for death.. its a reality.. a reality i wish i did not have to deal with ..

Admittedly so, i struggled with my self to make that phone call ..no doubt we knew each other since school but then that was a long time ago ..our lives had moved on and we had gone our own separate ways ..we had completely lost touch ..but life is strange and who knew our paths would cross again ..infact i never imagined it would be under such circumstances ..

I pondered on what could i possibly say to comfort someone who had lost a loved one ?? Saying i understood would be a blatant lie ..Infact i believe one cant possibly fathom how much it hurts to lose someone ..till u go through a situation like this ..
But maybe this is exactly the line of reasoning that led me to lose a friend i cudnt get to calling when he lost his mother and i wasnt ready to lose another old friend ...We may have not been the best of buddies but there is a sort of comfort that one shares with friends from school and picking up right from where you left off seems to come naturally ..Thank God for small mercies ..this same feeling of solace led me to make the call ..

His lugubrious voice conveyed it all , the devastation and pain of losing a parent , the angst of having to put up a brave facade, the queer feeling of having to grow up overnight ..and as we talked, he whispered a thank you and then it struck me it wasnt so much about what i was supposed to say , just a tacit expression conveying his friends were there for him should he need them more than sufficed .. I was at peace with myself ..

As i pray to the Lord for giving him and his family the strength to endure this , i also pray for fortitude for helping them build their life back again ..and while Death is an imminent reality of life ..it also teaches a lot about Life ..it teaches you to enjoy life while you still can ...So spread cheer and happiness wherever you go , laugh a lot , hug a lot , say i love u a lot , eat , drink , splurge , take chances , be goofy ..do whatever makes you happy and brings contentment in your life ..

Live life to the fullest !

02 November 2009

This is it .

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A bittersweet testament to the fact that MJ was and always will be the greatest entertainer of all times, "THIS IS IT" the documentary has been culled from more than 100 hours of footage of the King of Pop's rehearsals for his 50 shows in London ..and while the debate continues as to whether Michael would have liked his fans to watch this footage or this is simply a gimmick to regain the money invested ,i refuse to comment because all i know is that im thankful to Kenny Ortega , MJ's friend and director for sharing this with the world ..

Watching the documentary is no doubt like watching a work in progress and i wish i could have seen the finished product but what is truly remarkable about this documentary is that this is probably the closest one can get to seeing MJ as he was , the man in his element ..
It almost made me forget for a while that MJ was no more , it felt oddly surreal , like i was a part of his crew , watching him , cheering and applauding him and as it came to an end i felt angered and anguished , having to live with the reality of having found and lost him .. yet again.. all in a span of less than two hours ..

"This is it " is not just for MJ fans, its for everyone who's ever hummed a MJ song ..Quoting MJ "Its an adventure , a great adventure , wanna take them places they've never been before , wanna show them times they've never seen before." and in true spirit , you see the man and his vision.. a concert that was , would have been mindblowing and truly mindboggling !

"This is it" reveals Michael in a completely different light ..this is MJ unplugged ..The critics may have claimed that MJ had reached his nadir but all you see on stage is a man oozing confidence, a man in total control ,at all times, knowing exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it ..He was the singer , the dancer , the musician , the architect and more , he was everything and he seemed more real and human than he had seemed in the last decade or so.

MJ was always a precisionist and his insatiable quest for perfection lead him to outdo himself every time he came on stage and performed for his ardent admirers ..these shows would have been no different ..the sets were fantastic and the conceptualization reflects sheer brilliance and thats where the tragedy lies too , as you are constantly reminded of the fact that there is so much more to the man who was never fully understood , so much more the world could have seen ..

Best summarized in one of the articles i read online, it says "Watching the documentary brings the echoing presence of Jackson back into his body and back on stage..where we came to know and love the man as a gifted performer. "

I too found the documentary to be both visually appealing and sonically arresting but I think i am still in a state of suspended disbelief cause the movie in itself is such an incredibly, emotionally charged voyage ...its a tug on my heartstrings coz on one hand it makes me celebrate having seen this verbatim and unmediated rare behind the scenes footage of MJ as he was , on the other hand it makes me silently weep because he's gone too soon and i dont want to bid good bye ..not yet ..but in MJ's own words , words that proved prophetic ..
"This is it ..This is the final curtain call " ..

28 October 2009

Happy " to be together " Diwali .

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Well thats the spirit in which i celebrated Diwali this year ..well eventually so , not that it started this way especially since i was pretty bummed about spending it away from home sans family and friends ..

Infact that is pretty much the reason i havent got down to blogging despite the fact that i had a plethora of things on my mind..
Dussehra kind of sets the tone for the month long festivites with the Navratas , the Durga puja , Karvachauth ,Diwali and Bhai Dooj and here i was feeling all but festive ..

Diwali to me is a joyous reminder of things that matter most to us like family , friends.. its a harbinger of all things good , being with loved ones, shopping for new clothes, gorging on mouthwatering sumptious sweets , gaining a few xtra pounds ;), exchanging gifts and bursting firecrackers and so naturally i felt disgruntled and i sulked ..

As the D Day approached , i was even more convinced it was going to be a sad , lonely Diwali and i felt nostalgic looking back at last year's photographs reminiscing about all the fun we had.. infact i could easily say that last year's Diwali was definitely one of the best Diwali's ive had and kinda special too especially since it was my first Diwali at home after marriage ..

And then amidst all the sulking , i realized i wasnt appreciating what i had.. and i had my best friend , my partner with me .. I was miles away from home but life isnt always the way you plan it to be though how you do live it is completely your choice , i could be joyous for what i have or morose for what i didnt and so better sensibility prevailed .. thanks to my better half .. who as always came to my rescue lifting me from the depths of gloom and taking me to the heights of ecstasy..(maybe thats one of the reasons your spouse is also known as your better half coz in my case esp he almost always knows what to do , better than i do )..

On the day of Diwali hubby and me did everything associated with Diwali , shop for candles and diyas , gift each other new clothes and arranged to send loved ones back home sweets , cook a scrumptious dinner and dessert , pray and offer obeisance to the Lord Almighty and light up the house with all the glittering diyas and candles .. A seemingly ordinary Diwali had turned into something really special ..I was happy and content ..

I had celebrated a Happy to be together Diwali ..
I had decided to count my blessings :) ..

28 September 2009

Triumph .

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Over a leisurely cup of coffee yesterday , me and my hubby found ourselves going down memory lane and discussing what Dussehra meant to us as a child ..

So while my fondest memories were of sitting atop a car , my sibling in tow , watching the gigantic effigies of Ravana , Meghnath and Kumbhkaran being burnt one after the other ..

My creative better half , remembers it as toiling hard the whole day to build an effigy of Ravana just so he could immolate it and then celebrate seeing all his efforts go up in flames ...literally :-P

Life has surely changed a lot since those days , we've grown older , more mature so to say and our juvenile tantrums have been replaced by responsible behaviour.. but there has been absolutely no dearth of mirth ( pardon the pathetic rhyming of words :-P ) in the way Dussehra is celebrated .. Infact the festivities associated with it have grown bigger and better with each year ..what with rotating effigies , the ever so flamboyant costumes and the ostentatious display of fireworks ..

So what if i cant sit atop a car or have the time (or creativity) to build an effigy?? Growing old or being in a different country is no reason why i cant celebrate Dussehra ..

Dussehra as we all know, is rooted in the Hindu epic of Ramayana and is a combination of two words " Dus " meaning ten and " hara " implying annihilated .. its a day when the ten faced demon Ravana was defeated by Lord Rama signifying the victory of Good over Evil ..

So while Dussehra is being celebrated with joie de vivre back home , i am celebrating the spirit of goodness that Dussehra brings and vow to always destroy the Ravana within me and keep the Rama alive ..to always vanquish the evil within me with the goodness of my heart and deeds..

Here's Wishing everyone a Happy Dussehra ..may your evil twin always be too good to be evil ;-)

18 September 2009

When Dreams come True.

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Barbara Padilla Vs Kevin Skinner ..i was on tenterhooks ..these were the finalists of America's Got Talent ..who would be the winner ?
I waited with bated breath as Nick opened the envelope and read aloud "Kevin Skinner " ... i was thrilled .....yayyyyyyyyyy !!

If you were following AGT ( America's Got Talent ) as religiously as i was you would know that it was a close call , i mean who would have thought that Kevin Skinner would beat the odds and emerge a winner but he triumphed , he outshone all the other talented finalists and grabbed the top prize winning $ 1 million and a chance to headline in Las Vegas ..

Strangely , it was not long before that Kevin Skinner, the unemployed chicken farmer was almost made fun of by one of the judges David Hasselhoff during the auditions when he asked him " How many chickens did he manage to catch in a day?" in response to his admission that he was a chicken farmer by profession , bearing an uncanny resemblance to the way Susan Boyle was scoffed at, when she came onto the stage , however , much to the judges chagrin the result was pretty much the same in both the cases .. Once Kevin Skinner sang , the judges had no choice but to applaud his emotionally charged performance and acknowledge the fact that Kevin Skinner was here to stay ..

Now post his victory some people are hailing him as the American version of Susan Boyle while others are occupied with trashing him and giving him flak for being the winner saying he doesnt deserve it since he neither has the voice nor is he a " Vegas performer" ..what these people are forgetting is that, its their votes and appreciation that has crowned him the winner and that they need to grow up !!

Its been a long journey from singing on the porch to singing on the stage and i agree that Kevin Skinner may not be the strongest performer or have the most phenomenal voice but nonetheless he sang from his heart , he has the unique ability to connect with the audience and move them to tears ....He's a diamond in the rough and he was waiting to be discovered and i thought among his various attributes his humility , his Kentucky drawl and his style of singing were extremely charismatic .... He is what the show is all about , the essence of the show about having a talent , a dream despite his humble background , about having the strength and belief in his own dreams giving him the courage to perform and finally pulling it through :-) ..Font size

Kevin Skinner's emphatic win has reinforced my faith in the fact that "No dreamer is ever too small and no dream is ever too big " , you just have to believe in yourself ..

God bless u Kevin Skinner..May all your dreams come true !

13 September 2009

The Holiday .

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Lake Tahoe was our destination this Labour day weekend.. To describe the beauty of this majestic place is an arduous and formidable task , nevertheless i shall try ..

Geographically Lake tahoe is located between California and Nevada and is the largest alpine lake in North America ..Its the most popular destination in winter coz of the skiing activities but summer is an equally good bet ..Infact this split personality of being equally intriguing and captivating in both the seasons is what beckoned me to Lake Tahoe ..

Sat morning saw four friends huddled together in the car and heading off to Lake Tahoe finally at 9 am after much deliberation and good intentions of leaving at 4 am, 6 am and then 8 am respectively ..well no ones to blame here , it was after all a vacation ..right ??
It was a 5 to 6 hour drive taking in consideration the weekend rush and traffic but we were ecstatic and nothing could dampen our spirits, not even the traffic.. After all , its not everyday one gets the company of eclectic friends.. so we chatted and argued , cracked horrible PJ's , laughed and then laughed some more ,clicked lots of pics ,chomped on chicken burgers and french fries and eventually managed to reach around 3 pm ..

Lake tahoe adventure had finally begun ..we checked into our resort , the cabin was not so great but the location pretty much made up for it ..a quick change of clothes and we headed for Round hills Beach & Marina ..

This was our first up close look at the Lake tahoe , half a mile long sandy beach , crystal blue water surrounded by mountains on all sides ,the view was absolutely mesmerizing and the air was as crisp and fresh as it could get ...i just sat there sucking in , on the fresh air , soaking the afternoon rays of the sun and admiring the panoramic views ..The natural scenery was truly breathtaking and i thought this was the closest i could get to heaven but i was wrong ..My tryst with Lake tahoe had just begun ...

Day 2 we headed for Emerald Bay and enroute stopped at Inspiration Point Vista , the official viewpoint overlooking the bay ..and jaw dropping views of the lake was what we got from up here and it was almost surreal , I now knew why Mark Twain proclaimed the lake "to be the fairest picture the whole earth affords." It was as if the mountains came to life around this exquisite and pristine loch ..i tried in vain to capture the beauty of it all but the camera lens seemed almost too small and i just stood there gawking from one side to the other taking in the magnificient views . i was completely enraptured and awe-struck..Lake tahoe is truly a nature lover's paradise and i was in love .

A buffet lunch at an Indian restaurant brought me back to my senses and then we hit the Timber Cove Beach...This time of the year is just perfect for water activities but as luck would have it ,the wind was gusty and we had to be content with renting a paddle boat ..and it was soo much fun ..we spent most of the evening alternating between paddling hard and then just letting go feeling the waves rock the boat ever so gently and then every once in a while the waves would playfully splash on us from underneath as if beckoning us to get off the boat and play ..

Soon it was dusk and we headed to Nevada beach for the annual Fireworks extravaganza touted as one of the biggest firework displays in the west coast ...This year Pyro Spectaculars Inc. was putting on the show with Pyrodigital Consultants..It started a couple of mins later than its stipulated time at 8.30 pm but nevertheless it was an absolute feast for the eyes ..with one firework after the other illuminating the night sky in bright beautiful colors ...

The firework display ended half an hr later but the night was not over yet ,we were yet to enjoy the Nevada side of Tahoe ..indulge in some hedonistic revelry..Infact the lit up casinos are what welcome you on crossing the stateline ...Gambling is after all legal in Nevada and so we did our bit ;-) Content to have thrown some money down the slot machines , we left an hr later, albiet little poorer to catch some z's ...

Day 3, Time to head home but not before we took the Heavenly Gondola ride.. The cable car ride whisked us straight up the mountain to a height of some 9000 ft and surely this was the most stupefying view , the spectrum of colors all around seemed to play havoc with my senses .. everything that id seen in the last two days i was experiencing again , an indescribable rush , an indefinable euphoria.. truly this was the icing on the cake..a befitting culmination to our vacation .

But im not done , there's so much unexplored territory , so much to do and enjoy ..i only hope ill get the opportunity again..
Hubby ..are you listening ( ^ _ ^ )

04 September 2009

Happy Teachers Day.

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School life is reminiscent of so many memories , good memories like playing pranks , evening classes , making lifelong friends and not so good memories like heavy bags ,homework , punishment , its reminiscent of teachers who inspired me and teachers who brought out the wicked side in me ..and speaking of teachers particularly ignites memories of this one particular day called Teachers day ..

Historically it is the day we commemorate the birthday of the reverend academic philospher,the Great Teacher and scholar Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ..but Teachers day to me as a student meant no classes , no assembly , no homework , it was a day purely marked for fun ..it was a day to let the teachers be the children for a change and a day for us to pull their legs ..

Infact taking a dig at your most favorite teacher or most hated teacher is somehow an inevitable part of a students academic life...
Below i share with you , my school and college friends, fond remembrances of the good ol diggin times..

Ms Sen , who was my class teacher year after year after year till i prayed she quit school ..
Ms Tiwari , my Hindi teacher who never thought twice about beating me , being the Principal's daughter dint matter ..
Ms Ray , my History teacher whose class was a perpetual laughter lesson , now which teacher shows a hand and doesnt whack :P
Mr Siddique, my geography teacher whose punishments were simply unique , designed to purely embarass and humiliate, but not me , i was his pet :)
Ms Taneja , my biology teacher whose diminutive stature was a facade she used adeptly to handle the strongest of adversary meaning students here ..
Ms Chatterjee, my English teacher who was a strict disciplinarian and that meant standing outside her class even if i was just ONE second late ..
My accounts teacher whose class meant time to sneak lunch boxes across rows and under the tables to satiate hunger pangs :)

My Management teacher in college who taught us the subjects of life , sometimes more than her own subject :P
My Economics teacher who was more popular for what she wore and how she taught than what she taught ;)
My accounts teacher who always threatened to throw me out of the window even if i did answer her questions ..
and there was this one teacher who we thought needed a crash course in basic fashion and then this other one who bored us with her endless examples , all the while shakin her head ,reminding me of Amrish puri in the movie Damini ;-)

I could go on and on but i guess im kinda nostalgic now ..no matter how much fun i've made of my teachers ,i will be eternally grateful to them for making me who i am , for imparting the most valauble lessons of life , for being beacons of light and guiding me , for moulding me and shaping my future .
School and college would have not been the same without you !!

Thank you for everything and wish you a very Happy Teachers day :)

03 September 2009

The Preface .

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" The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. " said Mark Twain.

Well i have read a few chapters now, repercussions of being married to someone who works as an IT consultant ;-)

Jokes apart , to have someone who's so fond of travelling can be a real blessing and out of all his habits that have rubbed off on me , the keeeda ( bug ) to travel and explore new places is by far the best one ..

Travelling to me , brings a certain kind of joy ..
the joy of disrupting the routine and mundane life ,
the joy of being able to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.. like a leisurely walk in the morning or soaking up the afternoon rays at the beach ..
or just chatting late into the nite with friends over a game of carrom and sipping coffee ..

Travelling may not always mean exploring a new place... it might just be a weekend with friends ..whats important is the experience of travelling beyond the boundaries of the expected and coming back completely rejuvenated :-)

Saturday morning is when the rejuvenation experience or the Labour day weekend begins, when staying true to the spirit ,the labour that is 'me' gets a break from all the hard work she puts in everyday, when 'four' friends get together and drive down to Lake Tahoe often dubbed as the perfect year round vacation and wedding destination..
Cant do much about the wedding part ;-) but surely hope to have a perfect vacation ..

So adios amigos and wish me luck !!

29 August 2009

Happy Birthday MJ.

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Today is Michael Jackson's b'day ..had he been living he would have celebrated his 51st birthday today but in a cruel twist of fate , he instead moonwalked his way to his heavenly abode leaving his fans to mourn his loss forever.

MJ's life was no secret and the aftermath of his death was as anarchic and tragic as his eccentric life ..Its been two months since he breathed his last but he's yet to be laid to rest. Since the beginning ,he led a tumultous life and anything and everything he did made tabloid headlines..his failed marriages, his plastic surgery , his kids ..He was labelled a paedophile and ridiculed on talk shows ..He even figured in the worst celebrity makeover list not to mention in the worst guest to be put up in a hotel list . It must have been a constant nightmare for him with the papparazi like scavengers feeding on him and every inch of his flesh at the slightest of opportunity ..

MJ's life was no doubt a series of ups and downs but he's gone now and its only wise to bury the hatchet and remember him for all the good he did ..
Remembering him for being bestowed with the Humanitarian Award..
Remembering him for making it in the Guiness book of world records as the " Pop star supporting the most charity organizations "..
Remembering MJ as indisputably being the King of pop enjoying a level of superstardom like no other..
Remebering him for changing the world of music forever with his inimitable style and signature dance moves..
Remembering him for being a performer par excellence.

The saddest part was it took his death to make people realise what they had and what they can only remember now ..

I was no exception and ironically his death made me even more inquisitive about his life ..I read about him , listened to his songs over n over, sat glued to the television watching documentaries and tributes by people who knew him ..I even saw his home videos posted on you tube and it was surreal..
I specifically recall the video where MJ was having water balloon fights with Macaulay Culkin on his ranch , enjoying the company of family and friends , playing pranks and being a child again ..
I felt i lost someone i knew and i felt a lump in my throat , i sympathised with the child who had lost his childhood in the process of becoming an adult way before his time ..a price he paid for being so super talented and most people thought that MJ led a quintessential life.

So, today MJ on your special day , i celebrate the gift of " YOU " to the world, and pray that despite having lived a turbulent life , May you finally rest in peace now ..

Happy Birthday MJ !

27 August 2009

Love Actually.

4:46 PM 4 Comments

God bless her..the first words that came to my mind when i saw Gattu's engagement pics...theres nothin more gratifying than seeing two people who love each other as much as they do , finally beginning their journey of life together and as i finished looking at her album , i knew all this love was bound to be make me all mushy and mentisental ..and sure enough nostalgia crept in and i remembered the day we got engaged ..the day we began our journey ..

It was magical and it still seems like it happened just y'day , the rituals, the ceremonies , the exchange of rings ..most importantly us exchanging glances and smiles conveying silently a promise that dint need to be expressed in words , a promise of a happy-ever-after ..Five mnths later and the promise was now a reality ..we were married and then a bigger realisation dawned on me , that it was easy to marry the person you love , the real challenge was in loving the person you marry , every day in a thousand different ways.

The happiest of "in-love" couples would agree that Marriage is not always a cake walk and just HAPPY times.... there are BUSY times , TOUGH times , CRAZY times , INSANE times, STRUGGLE times , DECISION times , FIGHT times , HATE times and GIVING UP times but like the change in the status of your relationship , love changes too ..love grows , love has a whole new meaning and love is accepting that Marriage is a lot of hard work and responsibility and love is being ready to put in that effort daily to keep the romance alive ..

Barbara De Angelis said,

"Marriage is not a noun , it's a verb. It isn't something you get , it's something you do. Its the way you love your partner every day."

I guess im blessed to be married to someone who knows its as important to live life with each other as its making a life for each other.Life after all is pretty bland without love.

So this ones for you SUGAR , for making my life fo fweeeeeeeet !!

24 August 2009


10:45 AM 6 Comments

Gattu Singh is a friend i sort of got in Dahej ( Dowry ) meaning she was only a friend of my husband's till we got married and then as is deemed and a repercussion of marriage all our friends became 'common' friends. However having said that, i was initially curious to meet her since very few people do manage to impress my very hard to please husband and even fewer women so Gattu making it to the esteemed list kinda gave me reason enough to raise my eyebrows.

Well i dint have to wait long and i met her on Christmas eve in the year '06 and believe you me , the minute i met her , we hit it off like a ball on fire..She's the best kind of friend one could ask for and i wish i had met her earlier.

Its been three years since we became friends and we've had a great many conversations since then but i particularly remember one of our first conversations where we were talking about " Love " and she so naively asked me " How do you know if you've made the right choice ? How do you know he is the one for you ? " ...and i looked at her and smiled ..I guess almost every single person in a relationship goes through this phase of uncertainity when you doubt your own choice because you know not what the future holds for you and maybe its the unpredictability that makes it even more harder ...

I am no expert in love but i know that deep down in your heart you just seem to know when you've met your perfect match... becoz he fits in perfectly, you just know that for better or for worse he's your better half... becoz he completes u , and you know that he's someone who'll always be there standing by your side through all the trouble you would'nt have had if you had stayed single ;) ...

I guess " Love " is just a word until that special someone comes along and gives it meaning and i know now that just like i knew , she knows now too that shes found the one - her special someone.

So here's to Gattu and Sam Singh , as you two exchange your rings and solemnise your love , i wish that

"For all your lives may you find in each other the friend of your heart , the joy of your world and the love of your life "

All my love and blessings :)
Happy Birthday dear ..
P.S - Ditto from Hubby too :D

22 August 2009

The Journey.

4:15 PM 5 Comments

I hardly slept that night . News that Nikhils condition had worsened made me wonder if he would be able to make it through the night . Morning came and my worst fears were confirmed . Nikhil had passed away.

I dint know Nikhil personally nor had i met him but i knew him because he was going to be a part of the family soon and the news
of his sudden death had left me shaken.

It felt like i was watching a movie ..first the meeting , then falling in love and then the separation.

But this was no movie and i was finding it extremely hard to come to terms with this brutal reality . I moaned his loss and weeped for my cousin whose life he was to be a part of . I thought life would never move on but its been a week now and no matter how hard i try ive still not been able to muster enough courage to call her up coz i seem to be at a loss for words but i pray for her and i pray that the Lord gives her enough strength to cope with this.

Nikhil's untimely death to me was a reminder that Life indeed is fragile and one should not get so busy in making a life for oneself that one forgets to live it coz in the words of Abraham Lincoln

" In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

21 August 2009


2:21 PM 6 Comments

It may sound cliched but i never believed i would start writing ..not that i didnt want to ..Infact ive been reading quite a few of my friends blogs and going " WOW " ..they do write well ..and then my hubby suggested " Well why dont u give it a shot ? " and i thought to myself " Well , why dont I ? " and here i am writing my very first blog .

Like all other good things in my life , I dedicate my first blog to my partner in crime someone whos been my best friend and my worst critic , someone who i never managed to get rid of , someone whose charms i finally gave into and got married to knowing that i was going to be stuck " Forever " ..Well im sure glad i did coz just when i thought life was perfect and it couldnt get any better , i was wrong and i was happy to be proved so ...

Marriage has been a life changing phenomenon in more ways than one and we've had our share of good times and bad and through it all we have never thought of separation and divorce ..killing each other maybe but going our own separate ways never.. coz in the words of Rita Rudner
" I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. "
Thank you for being my special person and my inspiration.

Me Y You.

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