12 July 2010

Viva Las Vegas

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I havent even managed to share and write about my trip to Vegas and Grand canyon and there's already more in store , like our day trip to the San Diego Zoo this Saturday ..and even though I am torn ..its going to be first things first so here I go ..

The morning of 3rd July dawned at 4.30 am ..it was a groggy morning sure but not for long ..soon we were on our way to Sin City ..the 5-6 hr drive didn't seem to take that long despite the fuel stop for the stomach and the car and we made it just in time around 11.30 am ..
We had 4 hrs to check in and the only thing we could do to make optimal use of the time we had ,was to do some shopping :D :D ..Well even though im smiling now,by the end of the shopping extravaganza i had no reason to, coz I bought me nothing :( and believe you me thats a rare occassion ..one that hubs enjoyed celebrating by shopping to his heart's content :P ..jokes apart I enjoyed playing the role of the magnanimous ( content ) big sister whose job for the day was to pamper and spoil her younger sister and judging by the no. of bags we had in less than 4 hours , I could tell I did a good job :D

And then it was time to check it to our hotel ..
I've been to Vegas twice before and stayed at the Venetian and Wynn Resort ..so this time we tried Aria Resort & Casino located on the southern part of the strip between Bellagio and Monte Carlo ..Aria opened up in December last year and in the six odd months that its been running its already known to be redefining or setting a new benchmark in the standard of luxury ..and that had me curious coz for me the benchmark was the Venetian. Ever since I've stayed there , I've e
nded up drawing comparisons .. In fact having said that I'll confess I enjoyed staying at the Venetian more than Wynn too ..
And even though this post is seemingly coming across like a hotel review now.. certainly not intended , I cant help but share what I liked / disliked about the hotel..
The Room - On the 36th floor , tastefully decorated with lots of brown satin and leather and overlooked the strip ( a clincher ) ,
the bed was soft ( maybe too soft ? - even by plush standards ) ..
the one touch in room integrated technology that lets you customise everything ( Impressive and Bravo !! )
The Bathroom - the shower and bath tub share a single glass enclosure ( my favorite part :D )
the toiletries .. definitely an improvement area ( SUCKS !! )
I guess for anyone who's heading to Vegas and thinking about Aria resort , this should suffice as a heads up ..any more questions can be directed to my inbox and I'll be happy to answer them for you :)

Coming back to what happened after we checked in , well a quick shower ( an hour :) for me and 2 for my sister :P ) and an ensemble change and we were ready to set the town on fire .. dousing it intermittently with tequila and Mai Tai's :D

Lucky for me

The fun had just begun
and it was only the night of Day one ..

Lucky for you

There's no reason to be blue
'coz tomorrow's all about the events of Day two ..

07 July 2010

Shifting Sands of Time ..

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So I haven't written for a while ..a lot happenened in this past month ..one of the reasons also for not writing but not an excuse ..coz after a while there is really no excuse for not writing .. while I agree there are days when you're blank but if you, like me, end up not writing for a while then even on days you have plenty to write you dont seem to be heading anywhere ..
This whole time I haven't written I've begun to understand that writing/ blogging daily involves discipline and to really enjoy it every single day its imperative to devote time to it ..not to mention the fact that I sincerely do appreciate all those people who really can write day in and day out and keep their readers involved and entertained at the same time .. and that also means I've to work on it harder !!

Now for the question where have I been ? Well ..June kicked off with me and hubs moving to a new apartment ..and with that came plenty of work / chores to be done ..Packing , unpacking , decorating , buying new stuff , settling down and blah blah blah ..you get the idea but that's not it ..infact that was just the beginning of an exciting phase ..Hardly had i settled down when plans of my sister's impending visit came to fruition and its been almost two weeks since she's been with me and I'm having the time of my life ..we've been chatting , watching tv/ movies together , playing cards , going shoppin, hitting the beach , chattin some more , cooking , laughing , fighting.. And then there was the trip to Vegas and Grand Canyon over the long weekend :)) ..details for which will be in the next post .. and hopefully there'll be plenty more good times ahead coz lucky for me she's here all this month ..Yipeee !!
So since I'm feeling all so "sisterly" I'll sign off by sharing this quote about sisters by Clara Ortega and dedicate it to my sweet seeeeesters :P

"To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time."

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