31 January 2013

26 January 2013

24 January 2013

Be MY Baby ;)

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I have half a mind to write coz the other half is busy yelling 'you're so going to pay for this ..' but then a new mom's gotta do what she's gotta do -sleep less and write more :P

Anyways so yesterday for the first time the little one preferred daddy's arms to sleep over his mommy's more than the usual once or twice and while I was relieved to see him sleep , I was also kinda jealous that it wasn't me who put him to sleep.. More so since I'm the one who spends maximum (24) hours with him , shouldn't that be enough of a reason for now , for my lil one to prefer mommy over daddy ?
Coincidentally this same thought is voiced by the mother in this episode of 'Til Death where their daughter is coming home to visit and as they reminisce about her childhood the mother tells the father (her husband) that 'I kept her for 9 months , labored ..I cook and I clean and all it takes for her to like daddy is a stupid arm fart'

It made me laugh , I knew if this is the only child we're having then we're going to be like that couple , always fighting over him and who he loves more ..
But no matter how much we pull each others leg and indulge and revel in this rivalry , it wouldn't matter coz like the husband aptly put it...
- There are some things only a mommy can provide and some things only a daddy can provide..Neither of us can be both mommy and daddy '

And as wise as that sounds I wish for once he could be both , so this mommy can go and guzzle/ glug a dozen few drinks ..lol !!

17 January 2013

I blog because ..

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There's so much I want to write , share everyday but taking care of a newborn is tough and as much as I'd like to , most days I just drop dead on the bed having little or no energy to read , write or even think while on other days (those few blissful days he decides on napping in the afternoon ) when I manage to be online ..

I am either busy scouring the internet for information on all sorts of relevant/irrelevant baby stuff .. When will my baby smile / laugh ? Why does my baby have green poop ? When can I travel/ fly with my baby ? Can my baby see clearly ? What should I read to my baby ? When can I take him in the pool ? When will he start eating ? --- oh the questions are endless !!
I'm looking at baby clothes ..Honestly I don't think I've ever been this interested in online shopping ..so much so I shamefully admit to buying sizes a year bigger than he is now , all in the name of clearance sales :O :O
and then a while back I had this conversation with a dear friend also mommy to a gorgeous 3 year old son who said there's so much happening every day with a child that it gets harder and harder to remember those little details you'd like to but unfortunately don't unless one is blogging or documenting and a bell rang in my head .
She was right , I already knew that ... Not to mention the feedback/ friendships and love that one gets from the blogging world are also big reasons ...reasons enough to continue blogging :)
What's your biggest motivation / reason to blog ?

09 January 2013

New year , new chapter !

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Little did I know when I was writing this first post last year , that I was having an epiphany ..
Little did I know that starting a new decade would quite literally become starting a new chapter ;) 

Yes, my blogger family it's with immense pleasure I share the news that our family grew over the past year and we welcomed our lil bundle of joy ..

and to all of you who've waited patiently, checked on me, hoping I'd write someday - thank you and I sincerely hope you're still there because I'm back , suited and booted to blog about this joyous , rewarding , fulfilling , sometimes annoying ,crazy and mostly sleepless/sleep deprived new chapter of motherhood :P

On that note , from our family to yours , I wish you the happiest of New Years .. 
May this year bring in your life all that your heart desires and more :)

Much Love !

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