24 March 2010

# Awards

And the Award goes to ...

Yesterday was a memorable day ..not only was it hubby's birthday but I also got an award from my bloggy friend FJ ..Yayyyyyyyy !! Yup , its my first ever award and I am absolutely thrilled . Thanks FJ and if you haven't checked out her blog , its time to do so ..
So , here are the rules :
Thank the person who nominated you for this award .
Copy the award and place it on your blog
Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself
Nominate 15 bloggers .
Contact and let them know about the award ..

So thank you FJ once again for this award ...
now for 7 interesting things about me ... hmmm .. isn't 7 too less a number :P ? Anyways here it goes ..

1. My hubby and I dated for almost a decade before we got married , we've been married 3 years and I am still crazy about him !!
2. I never thought I'd start writing a blog , I just dint think I had it in me to write or maintain a blog and I am now addicted ..
3. I have a fetish for bags, shoes , jewelry and I just cant have enough of them ..
4. I think I am a hoarder of sorts ...its hard for me to get rid of stuff ..
5. I neither forgive nor forget easily ..that makes me the best kinda friend and the worst kind of enemy ..beware :P
6. Even though I love early mornings , I ain't a morning person at all ..
7. This is more of a wish .. but then its still interesting ..coz its the wish to travel around the world with hubs , see as many interesting places , beautiful people and different cultures !! I have begun my journey but its still a looooong road ahead ..

And now I am going to pass on this award to ( not 15) but some beautiful bloggers

Micaela @ Dolce vita
Snafu @ snafu living
Corinne @ Everyday Gyaan
Caroline @ Coeur de la

and also a big shout out to all my friends, family who read my scribblings and yet encourage me to write :P
Thank you for bearing with me !!
Cheers and Much love ..


  1. Thank you! What a honor :)


  2. Thank you!! So happy you received your simple something... I thought it was quite fitting for Spring. XO

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I just had to stop by and return some blogger love as well. It's interesting to note that you dated for so long before tying the knot. I am going to stick around here for a while catching up on your journey!

  4. Thanks for this..really!
    Such an honour although how deserving is questionable :P
    Love you :)

  5. Congratulations and thank you! I can't wait to give this out.

  6. im proud of u
    ismiled at the hoarding bit.I think some quirks are inherited
    love ya

  7. you are LOVELY to award me with such a FABULOUS award, fabulous girl! :) i loved learning more about you, esp. that we have #5 in common ;)

    Oooh you asked about "remember me"- did you swoon over how BEAUTIFUL he is?! oh my goodness... and what a great performance by Mr. Bond himself ;) the end was not what i expected... took my breath away and i wondered how soon we forget what a HUGE impact that had on every day people... it was such a still moment when you realized what was going on.

    I can't wait to see beautiful-it-hurts R Patz in more films, and i'll GLADLY take "eclipse" which is BY FAR my favorite book in the series ;)

    again thank you so much for the award!!!


  8. how wonderful to have a birthday and an award at the same time! thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  9. @ Ken ..thnks a bunch !!

    @ Caroline ..its perfect .. xoxo

    @ Jackie ..the pleasure is all mine and i hope you like wat u read :)

    @ Jess ..you've been by biggest supporter and i love you for reading and encouraging when i needed it the most !!!

    @ Selma ..my pleasure :)

    @ Christie ..you're welcm and i cant wait to read who ur tagging !!

    @ Mommy ..i guess so :P LU too :)

    @ JDaniel4's Mom ..thanks a lot !!

    @ Micaela ..you deserve it girl ..i abs <3 your blog and now you make me wanna so desp watch the hotttt hottt Rob Patz and the movie .. hopefully this Sat or Sunday ..im gonna drag hubs for this one if i have to :P :P
    have a gr8 day !! xoxo

    @ Elizabeth ..thank you for dropping in too !!

  10. Congrats on your award!!
    And thank you for your comments on my SITS DAY!
    Have a great day!
    Lovely site!!:)

  11. Congrats & I totally understand about the not forgiving/forgetting thing!I'll be following you.:)

  12. congrats on your award :)

    following u from FF! Feel free to visit me here:
    Life Can't Wait and Up Now and What's Next

  13. @ jess ..ditto !!

    @ Betty ..thanks for dropping by and you're welcom ..hope ur SITS day was awesome !

    @ ajgallion ..thanks for stopping by ..ill drop in soon

    @ Marice ..thanks ..ill drop in soon :)

  14. Congrats and great blog :)



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