31 January 2011

# Happy Mail # Swaps

Share the L♥VE..

I've put you in the mood for gifts , haven't I ?
Well I am just doing a lil shopping on Etsy and getting ready for my " All you need is Love " swap..
6 more days to join in people ..all the rules here but
In a nutshell ..
  • you have to sign up by 6th Feb and I'll pair you up by 7th ..
  • you have to send a Valentine's day card to your partner plus three things you love ( it could be a movie, book,baked goodies , jewelry , artwork , absolutely anything that you associate love with )
  • handmade or store bought , it should be wrapped in love .

So feel free to share the button , spread the love and join in ..
and don't forget to be back for all the fun thats starting tomorrow ..


  1. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i am so glad you left a note because i was able to find YOUR blog! what a loving, fun, exciting space!

    it's february now so HAPPY FEBRUARY!

  2. Priya how exciting we have a lot of things in common! OMG Fact #30 3,6,9 favorite numbers hurray! Happy February!

  3. @ Faiza ..Thanks for dropping in and leaving me such a wonderful note too dear :)
    yes cheers to February and Love !!

    @ Claud ..unbelievable isn't it ..
    I laughed at no. 8 and 23 too :D


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