01 February 2010

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Love Byte # 1 - Gambler's Choice

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Love always is a gamble but then as I learnt back in school ..greater the risk , greater the reward and so when I faced the eternal dilemna of should I, should I not.. I chose to take the plunge ..
Looking back now, it seems so innocent , all I wanted to do was proclaim my love to this one guy , all I wanted to do was tell him I had the *hots* for him .. and I did and he rejected me ..
I was hurt but I wasn't willing to give up , not yet ...Maybe it was the gambler in me that spurred me on , maybe it was the best move or possibly the worst one I was going to make but I knew if I won, it would be happiness and love..If I lose..well I dint give it much thought.. all I knew and cared about was that *he* was worth taking a chance..
And that chance , that gamble gave me everything in life I hoped for and wanted ..

So take that chance today , whether its the love of your life , a new job, a dream house, anything you set your heart on.. If its worth the gamble, the reward is ever deserving :)


  1. grt job priya look fwd to a daily dose of lv bytes
    may u take more such gambles and may they pay off better than this one

  2. Thnks a ton Mommy .. i hope i can pen down a love byte daily :)) Muaaaaaah !!

  3. My luck to you ..looking forward to a daily love byte..
    muaahh..way to go darings :-)

  4. Thnks Jassu ..ill try my best :)) hopefully with all u guys supporting ill b able to make it thru :) Muaaaaah !!

  5. So now it's a proven fact that u r a GREAT GAMBLER... and whatever u gamble at u succeed, so keep on gambling....

  6. Thnks Bhai ...im glad i can say now it was one of the best moves i ever made :D


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