17 February 2010

# Hubs # Love

Love byte # 17 - When the Party's Over.

I bid adieu to my friends last evening and today life is back to its same old routine ..

Hubby's back to his work , I am doing the usual household chores ..I have the tv on for company , there are songs playing on my lappy but the house still feels a little empty as if reverberating my feelings of loneliness .. but I guess life's like that , there are fun times and good times followed by boring and sad times and then again fun times ... and then again as I write that I know I have no reason to mope and plenty to celebrate because when the party's over Love is all about throwing a party for two ..So I'm giving cooking a break today and we're going to gorge on some slurrrrrpilicious pizza and watch " The Hangover " together ..
I hope you've seen it .. If not , run along and see it now ..


  1. yes, that's how u feel when guest and that 2 also best of frds go back after having a party time...... but that's how life goes on
    aur vaise bhi tum pizza kha ke mast raho.....yummy pizza, chocklates.....lage raho sis...

  2. hehehehehe ..how else do u think i maintain my weight :P :D

  3. When the party's over..You savour the memories made :)
    Exactly how I felt when you all came home..(and left in 8 hours) hehe..

  4. Awwwww.. hopefully we will visit CDG sometime again and this time stay for a whole day .. Happy ?

  5. Its called taking one day at a time and which user id is this ?
    Keeping secrets from moi ?


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