16 February 2010

# Friendship # Love

Love byte # 16 - Lets get Silly

Love is having a partner you can be goofy and silly with , having a friend you can be yourself with .. and I've had the best of both worlds this week .. I've had the most awesome'st weekend in a long time with my hubby and two good friends who've become great friends by the end of the trip ..
As I bid good bye to them today I cant believe how quickly the last few days flew by ..here I was all looking forward to their trip and here I am bidding adieu , but I'm not sad , I'm more than looking forward to some even more fun trips and meetings ...

This one's for you guys , Thank you for making our Valentine's day so special..


  1. muaaah :) I had a great time too...u guys rock and are definitely the best couple that I know of...thank you for having us :)

  2. Awwwww ..thnks so much Surabhi and the pleasure was all ours :)

  3. Someday :)
    Me shall trip with you. Miss you much.

  4. Someday ..I hope so too ..i wish you had come to Shimla tho :( ..we wud have had a blast !!


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