15 February 2010

# Love # Love Bytes

Love byte # 15 - A Little Trip to Heaven

I am finally home and its been another really long but truly memorable and exciting day .. a day that included a trip to the Monterey bay aquarium , Big Sur , 17 mile drive and the drive along the Pacific coast line back home .. I'll leave you with some photos for now but will soon ( hopefully :P ) pen down a detailed travelogue of my adventure trip to Heaven and back .. yup you read it right , I am calling this , A little trip to Heaven coz there is so much beauty to behold in the freshly washed sands , the silvery mist of early morning and the shades of sunlight that texture the endless coastline .. I couldnt have imagined a more idyllic Valentine's weekend ..i guess I could say now somedays Love is idyllic :)


  1. Out of adjectives for comments.
    Breathtaking..seriously! Me love.

  2. Oh i absolutely agree ...it was an extremely scenic and beautiful place ..i wish i can visit again !!


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