08 February 2010

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Love Byte # 8 - Partners in Action

I read a beautiful quote the other day by Nicholas Sparks,
The quote reads ,
"Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime.
Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day."

So I guess , Love is when actions speak louder than words ..

Love is ..saving all your pocket money to buy your boyfriend his favorite color shirt ..
Love is ..travelling for 8 hours to meet each other for 2 hours
Love is ..taking a stand for the one you love ..
Love is ..accepting his family and all their traditions ..
Love is ..keeping " Karwachauth " together , a fast meant only for the fairer sex
Love is ..that morning cup of chai you take turns at making, so your partner can sleep in a few minutes more .
Love is ..giving up the Friday nite boys party to be with his girl
Love is ..buying her an umbrella for her afternoon walk to the gym
Love is ..discovering you're the most important part of her blog ..

So I guess , Love is as simple and complicated as that ..


  1. Love is also..sharing wisdom.
    You do.
    I love you.

  2. Is the note in the picture..the real deal?
    what Sachin gave you?
    totally sweet ya!

  3. More than wisdom i share my xperiences but then from experiences comes wisdom so yeah mayb u r rite :P
    what m i writing :O
    neways yes the note is the real deal and so r d flowers ..so u can say someone is pretty awesm :)
    and thanks fr reading everyday .. * Love *

  4. Thanks a ton Yukti :) Nice of you to drop in and leave a comment :)


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