09 February 2010

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Love Byte # 9 - Its Complicated

Love is not without its complications ..and more often than not we take each other for granted.. Infact admit it , havent you atleast once gotten a wee bit too comfortable or complacent ? And when you do, you deliberately overlook the complications that arise from your being too complacent ..You think you're too busy , too lazy or simply not ready to deal with it, you brush it off as inconsequential or something you can deal with later..Really ? who do you think you are fooling ?

Everyday as I sit down to write the 'love byte' for the day..I'm often bemused and bewildered..not in terms of the matter I need to write but in terms that so much of it is overlapping..for instance yesterday I wrote about how love is sometimes more than just words , its action.. and todays theme is all about how, when this action per se is missing, love is all words..its hollow ..

I live by the rule that " Love is simple , yet the easiest of all emotions to complicate " ..
Reason - love leads you to expectations .. from your partner , your friends , your family , anyone and everyone. Infact, the more you grow to love someone, the easier it is to begin expecting a certain kind of expression , behavior.. even the palpable awareness of the fact that no one is perfect or infallible doesnt yield to any less expectations ..
and thats exactly where the problem lies .. " Expectations "
and thats precisely where the solution lies too ..

Read the below questions and answer them in a simple Yes or No ..

Haven't you felt overwhelmed when you've got a gift from someone , you least expected ?
Haven't you felt elated when you received a call from someone you least expected ?
Haven't you felt all fuzzy when you got an unexpected hug from someone you love ?
Haven't you felt over-joyous when someone said something nice , you didnt expect ?
Haven't you felt all tingly , when you got a kiss from your partner , unexpectedly ?

I'm sure you've answered in the affirmative for all these ..and if you have , you've found the solution..The solution lies in having "realistic" expectations ..
b'coz ,
" Love might be complicated , yet its the easiest of all emotions to simplify :) "


  1. I need some more to read on the expectations bit..how do we tackle that bit..the having of 'realistic' expectations.
    How do you communicate that to the other half of you, without ruffling feathers?

  2. Needless to say, my mornings begin with your love bytes..and I spend some part of the day pondering over them. Food for thought forever welcome.
    In case I have'nt said this..You write beautifully

  3. heyiii i agree..so agree...and guess what our anniversary is pretty close to V day , even more reasons to celebrate...

    long time i dint see you around on my blog..kaha ho?

  4. @ Jess ..You always find a way to communicate gurl and dont worry abt ruffling feathers , even if you do there's abs no harm ..its a way to communicate too , its a way to get ppl off their complacent asses :P wudnt u agree ??
    And in case i haven't said this ..i looove your comments and feedback ..look fwd to it sometimes more than writing :P :D
    Muaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!

  5. @ Sulagna ..hey , then this week mst call for double celebrations .. cheers to you both !!

    And ive been busy yaar , coping up with writing a post everyday ..it was easy to start getting kinda difficult everyday :P :D


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