28 February 2010

# Love Bytes # NaBloPoMo

Love byte # 28 - What Lies Ahead

Its been one hell of a journey , this commitment to write a post everyday for a month and i am quite surprised that ive managed to successfully complete it , infact considering the fact that, 6 months back, i hardly believed i was cut out for blogging i am indeed quite proud of myself for having achieved the NaBloPoMo challenge and since today is the last day , i aptly title this post 'what lies ahead' ..
Because thats what Love is about too ..Love is about travelling on the same road , same path promising to be together no matter what the future holds for you .. Love is what lies ahead ..

I hope you've enjoyed reading these love bytes as much as i've enjoyed writing them .. and i hope you , my readers and followers shall continue to be with me on this journey ahead , sharing my joys and sorrows , the laughter and the tears , the achievements and the disappointments , the good and the bad and everything that life brings my way ..
Here's to toast to the future , to what lies ahead ..
Cheers :)


  1. Love truly is what lies ahead!
    (in my case ..for sure ;) hahahaa)

  2. All the best sweetheart ..you know im with ya :)

  3. And that is a huge support.. i heart you :)


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