27 February 2010

# Love Bytes # NaBloPoMo

Love byte # 27 - Partners in Crime

The meaning of love changes manifold after marriage .. and todays post is all about the manifestations of love and what it means as two people journey through life together ..

Love is becoming partners for life ..
Love is building and setting up your first home together ..
Love is knowing every expression , every emotion and every facet of each other's life ..
Love is staying calm when she takes ages to get ready ..
Love is letting his snoring become your lullaby ..
Love is when he cleans up the mess without being asked to ..
Love is discovering you are the most important part of her blog ..
Love is shopping for each other ..
Love is visiting and respecting each other's folks ..
Love is being together for years and still smooching ..
Love is enjoying the simple pleasures of life ..
Love is making every day count and every day special ..
Love is finding contentment and happiness ..

Love is the journey not the destination ..hope you are enjoying the journey :)


  1. My fav post! :)
    Superb finish to a month-full of love
    Thanks Priya..I loved every post!

  2. Thanks sweetheart for reading each and every one of the posts and more importantly for continuing to motivate me with all your lovely comments :)


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