02 February 2010

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Love Byte # 2 - Perfect Opposites

More often than not, we feel disappointed in our relationships ..
More often than not, we complain about not having a perfect relationship or not having the right kind of or perfect partner..
but then what defines Perfect and who defines Perfect ?
Is Love supposed to be perfect ?

I believe Love isn't perfect because Love isn't a fairytale or story book... Love is real and its about being a perfect someone not about finding a perfect someone...
its about being the best you can be with all the imperfections you have,
its about he being systematic when she's all disorganized,
its about she cleaning up when he's made a mess..
its about he making her tea when she's stil in the bed,
its about she blowin up the budget while he keeps a calm head,
its about knowing it wont always be easy,
its about willing to put in that hard work daily,
And above all ,
its about creating a perfect relationship that works perfectly for the two of you ..


  1. Perfect!
    There's no other word for it..

  2. You have taught me this sweetie and I will always be grateful to you for making this work for me :) :) Love you!! You are the best!!

  3. @ Jess.. Thnks Babis ...Muaaaaaaaahs to you !!

    @ Nandu ..Ive not taught you sweets , jst shared my own experiences ..either ways m glad its working out ... makes me xtremely happy :D
    Lotsa Love * hugs * and kisses :)

  4. perfectly said but how difficult it is to accept your partners imperfections and expect him to be tolerant of your own.reading what comes straight from ur heart and experience makes me both proud and happy

  5. Thnks Mommy ..love your comments and feedback ...it's like getting my homework checked everyday :P :D :D

  6. that's good sis... that u r doing ur homework perfectly well:) :)

  7. Indeed Bro .. what makes me happy is that you did your homework too ...catching up on reading and commenting on a whole week's blogging ..
    M proud of u ..Good job :P :D :D !!


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