04 February 2010

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Love Byte # 4 - A Delicate Balance

I had an odd fascination for the game of see-saw back in school .. It amazed me how such a harmless swing had the power to scare me out of my wits ..I mean its fun as long as you're able to swing up and down freely but then the minute you have someone heavier or lighter than you , it becomes a game of the tormentor and the tormented .. One still derives sadistic pleasure in being the tormentor but then its a lop sided game and soon its no longer fun ..

Oddly enough , same is the case with Love ..It doesn't matter if you're courting , dating or married to each other , Love is a delicate and daily balancing act where both partners have to put in an equal amount of effort in the relationship to keep it from teetering out of balance ..so while some days it can apply to simply balancing your life with your partner , other days it can apply to your family and the acquired family , and yet other days it can be balancing your friends or work or even your children.. Its always a different balancing act each day , what matters is how you maintain the equilibrium ..how you share life's burden and load , how you move forward without leaving the other behind ..

A healthy and balanced relationship is after all about taking equal turns at being the tormentor and the tormented. Wouldn't you agree ?


  1. Absolutely...I would agree 100%. Love is an everyday thing, that's how it should be, coz its that balance you make everyday that makes you 'feel' in love everyday..and that's what makes a relationship real.
    Good one Priya :-)

  2. Indeed it does , its important to prioritise , balance and ignore ..as and when required ...
    Thanks fr all your support and feedback :))
    Love ya ..Muaaaaaaaaah !!

  3. keeping ones mind nd thoughts balanced is even more important.everthing else follows.Well written priya.Look forward to ur love bytes

  4. And i look forward to your comments Mommy :)
    Im happy ur enjoyin readin .. and more happy coz for once u agree wid wat i think :P :D
    Muaaaaaaaaah !!

  5. bilkul sahi said sis... it is upto us how we maintain equilibrium so that life goes on smooth without leaving anyone behind....

  6. Eggjhactly .. its always easier to lose balance than maintain your stance !!


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