21 February 2010

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Love byte # 21 - Valentine's day

So I finally managed to do something today after the hectic Saturday I spent doing nothing :P , I went and watched the much awaited star studded movie Valentine's day and I kinda liked it ..yeah its kind of lengthy and predictable in parts but I still liked it .. I think Jennifer Garner looked amazing and so did my all time favorite actress Julia Roberts , I even adored the talented young boy Edison ... What I could have definitely done without was Bradley Cooper being gay and the Indian wedding so horribly portrayed and not to mention Taylor Swift who did everything but act , but despite all , it still has its moments..

And one of my favorite moment was when Edgar (Hector Elizondo) says to Jason (Topher Grace).. " If you're in a relationship , you should accept the whole of the other person , not just the parts you like.. " The statement sort of reflects what I mentioned in love byte # 2 , that what really matters is how perfect your partner is for you and not how imperfect he or she is .. and love is celebrating this very fact , the fact that no matter how imperfect you may be , you're still perfect for each other , celebrate it every day of your relationship :)


  1. my friends and I plan to watch this movie too. Hearing you said that it's nice made me more eager to watch it!

  2. I am sure you'll enjoy watching it :)

  3. I'm following you from Friday Follow!

  4. Watched it and liked it. However, yes, it was predictable and all. :( BUT, I'm so beyong relieved they didn't kiss...otherwise I would not really like Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane anymore. ;) haha!!! The movie theater sort of quiet when it was obvious that these two were together. LOL

    have a good day.

  5. @ Heather ..thanks so much and ill drop in soon ..

    @ Selma ..i couldnt agree more .. that would have been such a major turn off :P :D


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