24 February 2010

# Love Bytes # NaBloPoMo

Love byte # 24 - Enduring Love

Love Quotes

Today's post is another great quote on love by Woody Allen ..

" To love is to suffer . To avoid suffering one must not love . But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer , not to love is to suffer . To suffer is to suffer . To be happy is to love . To be happy then is to suffer . But suffering makes one unhappy . Therefore to be unhappy one must love , or love to suffer , or suffer from too much happiness . I hope you're getting this down ."

So are you choosing to love before you suffer or surrendering to suffer after you love ?


  1. The latter please..have already chosen!
    Id rather love and suffer than suffer and not love, coz love might not give you everything..but it makes every little thing worthwhile :)
    n'est pas?

  2. Hi Priya, have really enjoyed having a read through your quotations for this month, and looking at your lovely WITWW pictures, of course. Caroline x

  3. Love is definitely risky, but worth the cost! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. It's hard to take the risk at times, but when you do and it's real it's so worth it.

  5. @ Jess ..you bet babes ..tho i hope you get married and suffer some more :P :D

    @ Caroline .. Thanks for stopping by and am glad you enjoyed the love bytes :) ..its been quite an effort i must say writing one everyday but ive enjoyed it ..

    @ Maren ..Thanks for stopping by too and yup love's a risk worth taking :)

    @ Snafugirl .. The greater the risk , the higher the return so i guess its all worthwhile :)

  6. What is it with you and me getting married!!!!!
    Gawd...every reply of your's has a hint towards matrimony pour moi..
    C'est insupportable!!

  7. I just want you to suffer some more and that will only come when the one who causes that suffering lives with you :P :P


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