29 January 2010

Making Love Out of Nothing At All.

They spent the entire night at the auberge devouring each other..but the onset of dawn seemed to whet his appetite further..

"We're already late " she reproached .
He enticed her , she caved in...

On the flight back home, they sat holding hands , feeling all smug..
( ^ _ ^ )
He was celebrating his 3rd anniversary , she was getting married ..


The trick to doing something well is often doing something you're well at .. i mean good at ..
But more often than not ..the unfamiliar beckons ..
And so it is for me , being a writer to me means not only writing and sharing ideas or emotions i readily can , but also taking the courage to travel into unfamiliar , unchartered territory.. even if its just sometimes .. and hence the last two posts .. attempts at being a poetess and this post a 55 fiction ..a form of micro-fiction that refers to works of fiction limited to a maximum of 55 words ..
Hope you like it :)


  1. love it..keep it rolling!
    loving the smug happiness of it all <3

  2. Nice one, Priya. I came by from Cloudcutter's. Thanks for your anniversary wishes (3rd anniversary? wink wink)
    Take care.

  3. @ Jess ... hehehehe ..thanks ..ive been wanting to try and pen a 55 ..tho i know the theme is a wee bit jaded bt m elated u love it .. *hugs*

  4. @ Corinne ..You are welcome ..i thot it was a pretty nice gesture on CC's part and yeah 3rd is a rockin no. i celebrated my 3rd too ..
    and thanks fr reading ..i hope i can keep you comin back for more :))


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