03 February 2010

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Love Byte # 3 - Married Life

Sooner or later in life , you meet your better half and when you do , you realize why he alone is the one for you , you realize why all your previous relationships were such a disaster .. you realize that when its not meant to be , its always a fight and when its destined , all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit just right ..

For me , Marriage was the next level in our relationship , I knew it would strengthen and solidify our bond of love ..but then again if you're one of those who's thinking why people get married at all , then read on ..its one of my favorite quotes on marriage, from a movie Shall we Dance starring Richard Gere and this famous quote is what his wife Susan Sarandon says to him ..

"Why is that people get married ?
because we need a witness to our lives ..
There's a billion people on the planet
what does any one life really mean ?
But in a marriage , you're promising to care about everything ..
The good things , the bad things , the terrible things , the mundane things ,
All of it ... all the time , every day .
You're saying-Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it..
Your life will not go unwitnessed - because i will be your witness."

I guess it simply means that Marriage brings a whole new meaning to the word Love. Its a promise you make to each other because its no longer about You or Me , its joined together and metamorphosized into " WE " .


  1. awesome awesome...thats why I am firm believer in the institution of marriage :)

  2. ..and God willing ..one day.. most/all of us shall be too..believers in the institution of marriage!
    Beautifully written Priya :-)
    warmed the heart..i heart you.

  3. @ Surabhi ..thnks soooooo much dear :) i guess v think alike ..Yayyy !!

    @ Jess .. Thnks dear ..im sure ull connect more once ur married till then ive plenty of food for thought for u :))
    Thnks fr readin and likin as always ... Muaaaaaaaaaah !!!

  4. thank God for each other
    you re truly blessed and that really cheers my heart

  5. Yes Mom , hum hai to kya gham hai :))

  6. But tell me onething sis...is it necessary to marry for getting urself noticed or witnessed???

  7. I cant change ur opinion abt Marriage bhai ..You may choose not to , but then having someone to share your life with means doubling your joys and happiness and dividing all sorrows ..
    Hopefully sooner or later ..u'll change ur mind ..hopefully !!!

  8. Hi - I'm so glad you dropped by my blog. I've been 'catching up' on yours. I loved the movie and the quote is fantastic. I'm so glad you found your Mr Right - no matter what the skeptics say, I do believe there's someone for everyone!
    Wishing you both much love and happiness. Blogrolling you to keep up with your posts.

  9. Thanks so much Corinne and yes i agree there's someone fr everyone ..guess vr what ppl call hopeless romantics at heart bt i dont mind :)
    Thanks fr Blogrolling too ..


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