20 February 2010

# Love # Love Bytes

Love byte # 20 - Big Nothing

Love is taking time off and spending a weekend doing nothing together.. so the gruesome twosome ie. we are spending what is known as an ' idyllic ' weekend.. its all play and no work and I am so enjoying doing nothing that this is all that I have time to write today :P
Hope you're having a great weekend ..
Cheers :)


  1. I played today and will work all day tomorrow. Le sigh.

  2. Awwww ..do u regularly work on Sundays or is this like one of those days ??..And thanks for dropping in a comment and i hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow..

  3. Following you from the Friday Follow.


  4. Doing nothing is my super favourite 'thing-to-do' and Iam told I do it well too :P
    Isnt it so nice to get up in the morning..you really dont have to go anywhere today..so u can sleep in longer..eat food late..and be a lazy bum all through..now THAT ..is heavenly pour moi!

  5. i could do with a nice head massage though on my nothing days..mayb becoz i have to do nothing ..where art thou my masseuse ?


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