14 February 2010

# Love # Love Bytes

Love byte # 14 - A Perfect Getaway

Love is recharging your batteries together ..and so here I am finally in Carmel after a 5 hour drive recharging and rejuvenating myself ..
Its been quite an eventful day so far but the highlight of my day most definitely was the visit to Lover's Point ..rightly in sync with Valentine's day ..
I'd love to describe the breathtaking beauty of this place but that will have to wait coz I am more excited about tomorrow when the day begins with taking the 17 mile drive at dawn and unfortunately that calls for sleeping early ..
So while I'm gonna hit the sack, I hope you've had an awesome Valentine and celebrations continue well into the night ..
Cheers and good nite..


  1. The pictures on face were amazing Priya..and this one particular one just captures my heart.
    I love your love for eachother.
    Wish you both years of togetherness :)

  2. Thnks Jess ..and i have to agree ..i love this pic too ..its my abs favorite :)


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